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  1. 792 downloads
    foreigner-sqlserver (0.0.1) Add SQL Server support to foreigner
  2. 3,627 downloads
    foreign-fqdn-routing (0.0.2) Adds domain, subdomain and fqdn routing support to Rails
  3. 4,566 downloads
    foreign_keys (2.0.3) Foreign key support plugin for Rails, with schema dumper integration
  4. 1,038 downloads
    foreign_key_saver (2.0.0) Adds a add_foreign_key_constraint schema method, and extends the schema dump code to output these...
  5. 1,401 downloads
    foreign_key_validation (1.0.1) Protect the foreign keys in your Rails models by checking the user_id of self against the user_id...
  6. 4,837 downloads
    foreign_model (0.2.1) Works for ActiveRecord and Mongoid
  7. 1,154 downloads
    foreign_office (0.1.1) Description of ForeignOffice.
  8. 2,721 downloads
    forem (0.0.1) The best Rails 3 forum engine in the world.
  9. 3,779,732 downloads
    foreman (0.75.0) Process manager for applications with multiple components
  10. 442 downloads
    foreman_abrt (0.0.3) Foreman plugin that allows you to see bug reports submitted by Automatic Bug Reporting Tool.
  11. 30,118 downloads
    foreman_api (0.1.11) Helps you to use Foreman's API calls from your app
  12. 11,640 downloads
    foreman_bootdisk (4.0.0) Plugin for Foreman that creates iPXE-based boot disks to provision hosts without the need for PXE...
  13. 18,651 downloads
    foreman-capistrano (0.53.4) Process manager for applications with multiple components + capistrano support out of the box
  14. 1,635 downloads
    foreman_chef (0.0.4) Foreman extensions that are required for better Chef integration.
  15. 5,269 downloads
    foremancli (1.0) This is the CLI for Foreman, which is a provisioning tool and node classifier for sysadmins.
  16. 295 downloads
    foreman_cockpit_plugin (0.0.2) Opens a tab with Cockpit management UI for the selected host
  17. 2,094 downloads
    foreman_column_view (0.2.0) Displays an additional column in the Foreman Hosts view and/or additional entries in the Host s...
  18. 135 downloads
    foreman-console (0.0.1.a) When working on various branches in the same project, you may want to relaunch (kill and run agai...
  19. 2,120 downloads
    foreman_content (0.4) Add Foreman support for software repositories and puppet environments management.
  20. 89 downloads
    foreman_custom_banner (0.0.1) Plugin for Foreman that adds a custom banner
  21. 932 downloads
    foreman_custom_parameters (0.0.2) Foreman plugin to improve storage of custom information in parameters
  22. 3,247 downloads
    foreman_debian (0.0.12) Wrapper around foreman and Procfile concept. It implements basic exporting, installing and uninst...
  23. 3,176 downloads
    foreman_default_hostgroup (2.0.1) Adds the option to specify a default hostgroup for new hosts created from facts/reports
  24. 1,661 downloads
    foreman_dhcp_browser (0.0.6) Plugin for Foreman to browse and add/edit/delete DHCP leases independent of Foreman's host creation
  25. 4,844 downloads
    foreman_discovery (1.3.0) MaaS Discovery Plugin engine for Foreman
  26. 878 downloads
    foreman_docker (0.0.3) Provision and manage Docker containers and images from Foreman.
  27. 200 downloads
    foreman_enc_hostgrouponly (1.0.1) get hostgroup param only
  28. 822 downloads
    foreman_epel_release (0.0.2) Redirect to the latest available epel-release package for your OS release
  29. 967 downloads
    foreman-export-custom (0.0.1) Foreman custom template exporter
  30. 1,977 downloads
    foreman-export-daemontools (0.1.0) An exporter for David Dollar's Foreman[] that outputs service d...