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  1. 10,515 downloads
    forkoff (1.2.0) description: forkoff kicks the ass
  2. 2,244 downloads
    forkomatic (0.0.2) Easily create parallel processes to do work, continuously maintain a number of processes or perfo...
  3. 2,667 downloads
    forkpool (0.0.5) Manage a fork pool
  4. 165 downloads
    fork_rails_project (0.0.1) Generates copies of existing app directories with automatic renaming/namespacing of contained files
  5. 3,006 downloads
    forkreadme (0.0.3) Generate useful READMEs for GitHub forks
  6. 2,156 downloads
    fork_ribs (0.0.7) It gives your application a stripe/ribbon which you can use for various purposes such as 'fork me...
  7. 1,676 downloads
    fork_run (0.0.1) FIX (describe your package)
  8. 1,628 downloads
    form (0.0.0) A simple form builder for Ruby objects.
  9. 3,892 downloads
    forma (0.1.10) rich forms for ruby
  10. 3,952 downloads
    formal (1.0.1) Helpful form builder used by Rocketeers
  11. 1,850 downloads
    formality (0.0.2) ActiveModel-compliant form objects for rails app. Forms have data and behavior. Let them be the ...
  12. 3,404 downloads
    formalize (0.0.4) This is a very basic (and untested!) RubyGem to simplify web form creation, validation and proces...
  13. 15,336 downloads
    formalize-rails (0.1.3) This gem provides the assets for the formalize form styling, for easy usage with the Rails 3.1 as...
  14. 471 downloads
    formal-vote (0.0.1) A voting library providing methods for a user to vote for, against, or abstain on a model
  15. 2,228 downloads
    formal_wear (1.0.0) FormalWear helps you create Form Objects with required and optional attributes and gets all fancy...
  16. 1,599 downloads
    form_angular (0.0.5) AngularJS Rails Forms
  17. 2,885 downloads
    form_assistant (1.2.0) Custom form builder that attempts to make your forms friendly
  18. 3,657 downloads
    format (0.1.0) A formatter for the UNIX, Java, and Allman indentation/bracketing styles.
  19. 8,180,131 downloads
    formatador (0.2.5) STDOUT text formatting
  20. 2,026 downloads
    format_alias (0.0.6) Provides virtual attributes to get or set certain model values (like dates) in human rea...
  21. 4,370 downloads
    format_array (1.2) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  22. 8,385 downloads
    format_data_converter (0.9.3) Detects input data(JSON,XML,CSV,Hash,Activerecord) and transforms it in a format chosen by the us...
  23. 6,911 downloads
    format_for_extensions (0.1.5) Tired of repeating 'validates_format_of' with the same regex expression across your models only t...
  24. 265 downloads
    formaticon (0.1.2) Helpers for generating configurations
  25. 1,323 downloads
    formation (0.0.1) first-class ruby forms
  26. 2,462 downloads
    formative (0.0.2) Formative is an extraction of the custom form builder I used in my last couple of Rails projects....
  27. 42,595 downloads
    formatize (1.1.0) Gem containing the textilize, textilize_without_paragraph, and markdown helper methods removed fr...
  28. 1,349 downloads
    format_logs (0.1.0) Adds some simple formatting to the standard Rails BufferedLogger class. This solution aims to be...
  29. 3,816 downloads
    formatr (1.10.1) FormatR provides perl-like formats for ruby. These are used to create output with a similar form...
  30. 1,506 downloads
    formatted_attributes (0.1.0) Sometimes you need to expose a helper method that will convert its value before saving it to the ...