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  1. 9,039 downloads
    gritter_notices (0.4.0) Provide `notice` method to user model to save notices and to shows them later in views with Gritt...
  2. 949 downloads
    gritty (0.1) This library makes GraphViz graphs out of Ruby objects, for very simple Ruby objects. It uses Ry...
  3. 23,526 downloads
    grizzled-rails-logger (0.1.6) A custom Rails 3 logger
  4. 4,579 downloads
    grizzled-ruby (0.1.4) Grizzled Ruby is a general purpose library of Ruby modules, classes and tools.
  5. 1,355 downloads
    grizzly (1.6.0-java) A fast web server for JRuby on Rails.
  6. 11,524 downloads
    grizzly-weibo (0.4.0) Grizzly makes communicating with Weibo API V2 a breeze by wrapping calls to its api in a neat rub...
  7. 4,258 downloads
    grn (0.2.0) Implementa os conceitos da linguagem de padrões GRN.
  8. 855 downloads
    grn2drn (1.0.3) Grn2drn is a command to convert a *.grn dump file to a JSONs file for Droonga.
  9. 1,649 downloads
    grnline (0.0.4) Grnline is created by Ruby. This uses [grnwrap]( as a referenc...
  10. 1,717 downloads
    grn_mini (0.5.0) Groonga(Rroonga) for using easily. You can add the data in the column without specifying. You can...
  11. 3,406 downloads
    grntest (1.0.5) Grntest is a testing framework for groonga. You can write a test for groonga by writing groonga c...
  12. 380 downloads
    gro (0.0.1) Go's concurrency model "implemented" for Ruby
  13. 2,350 downloads
    groat-smtpd (0.1.1) Groat SMTPD is a flexible extensible RFC-compliant implementation of the Simple Mail Transfer Pro...
  14. 792 downloads
    grobi (0.1.0) Ruby wrapper on google-api-ruby-client and other service
  15. 82,282 downloads
    grocer (0.5.0) Grocer interfaces with the Apple Push Notific...
  16. 634 downloads
    grocer-error_callback (0.0.1) Provide error callbacks to Grocer pushes
  17. 677 downloads
    grocer-pushpackager (0.0.1) Builds push packages for OS X Mavericks web notifications
  18. 304 downloads
    grocery_delivery (0.0.1) Write a gem description
  19. 1,525 downloads
    grockit-resque (1.5.0) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  20. 1,626 downloads
    groem (0.0.4) Eventmachine-based Ruby Growl (GNTP) client
  21. 731 downloads
    groesser3-gcal4ruby (0.5.51) GCal4Ruby is a Ruby Gem that can be used to interact with the current version of the Google Calen...
  22. 805 downloads
    groff_parser (0.4.0) Tiny library to parse groff files, with some handy metods to manage directories with a lot of files
  23. 10,545 downloads
    grog (0.0.6) A wrapper script for git-log
  24. 760 downloads
    grognard (0.0.3) A lightweight authorization library, just like cancan
  25. 9,910 downloads
    grok (0.0.5) A more featureful replacement for SEC (Simple Event Correlator) in Ruby.
  26. 1,595 downloads
    grok-itunes (0.1.2) * A regex based parser that processes the ITunes Music Library.xml file and generates a sqlite3 d...
  27. 3,051 downloads
    GrokITunes (0.1.1) * A regex based parser that processes the ITunes Music Library.xml file and generates a sqlite3 ...
  28. 15,078 downloads
    groonga (1.0.0) DEPRECATED!!! Use 'rroonga' instead. Ruby/groonga is a extension library to use groonga's DB-API ...
  29. 14,102 downloads
    groonga-client (0.0.8) Groonga-client gem supports HTTP or [GQTP (Groonga Query Transfer Protocol)](
  30. 15,416 downloads
    groonga-command (1.0.7) Groonga-command is a library that represents [Groonga]('s command. You can wr...