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  1. 3,026 downloads
    graphtunes (0.0.2) for visualization of music playlist data
  2. 3,234 downloads
    graphunk (0.5.5) This gem defines graph classes which are useful in various mathematical applications.
  3. 3,805 downloads
    graphviz (0.1.0) Graphviz is a graph visualisation system. This gem is a lightweight interface for generating gr...
  4. 724 downloads
    graphviz_aasm (0.0.3) This gem patches AASM to be able to generate graphs using GraphViz.
  5. 416 downloads
    graphviz-diagram (0.0.3) A simple utility for create class diagram using Graphviz.
  6. 15,570 downloads
    GraphvizR (0.5.1) Graphviz wrapper for Ruby. This can be used as a common library, a rails plugin and a command lin...
  7. 740 downloads
    graphy (1.0.0.beta.2) Easy to use tool for generating CPU and memory graphs for your server.
  8. 9,717 downloads
    grapi (0.5.1) Ruby client for unofficial Google Reader API
  9. 735 downloads
    grappling (0.1.0) Hacky webhook applications for PagerDuty!
  10. 591 downloads
    grass (0.0.2) Yet another ruby framework
  11. 9,565 downloads
    grasshopper (0.4.5) A tiny mocking framework focused on the Arrage-Act-Assert test pattern. Grasshopper is heavily mo...
  12. 10,370 downloads
    graster (0.0.7) G Raster!
  13. 40,294 downloads
    grat (0.5.1) Basic interface for making webpages with Haml and Erb. Supports nested templates.
  14. 3,126 downloads
    grate-handle (0.1.1) Grate Handle is a small gem which simplifies the with GoGrid's API from ruby code. Also ships wi...
  15. 4,199 downloads
    grater (0.1.5) This gem provides the grate CSS grid system for your Rails 3 application.
  16. 94,216 downloads
    graticule (2.4.0) Graticule is a geocoding API that provides a common interface to all the popular services, includ...
  17. 4,348 downloads
    gratitude (0.1.0) A simple Ruby wrapper for the Gittip API.
  18. 4,998 downloads
    gratr (0.4.3) GRATR is a framework for graph data structures and algorithms. This library is a fork of RGL. Th...
  19. 51,625 downloads
    gratr19 ( GRATR is a framework for graph data structures and algorithms. This library is a fork of RGL. Th...
  20. 6,414 downloads
    gr_autolink (1.0.13) This is an adaptation of the extraction of the `auto_link` method from rails that is the rails_au...
  21. 5,445 downloads
    gravatar (1.0) gravatar is a class to represent GRAVATAR[] avatars. also features some hooks ...
  22. 298 downloads
    gr_avatar (0.0.2) The most easiest way to get Gravatar URL.
  23. 2,683 downloads
    gravatar-api (0.2.0) A library for easy, object oriented Gravatar API access.
  24. 820 downloads
    gravatar_for (0.1.2) gravatar_for is a simple, but capable Gravatar view helper.
  25. 85,439 downloads
    gravatarify (3.1.1) Ruby (and Rails) Gravatar helpers with unique options like Proc's for default images, support for...
  26. 246,253 downloads
    gravatar_image_tag (1.2.0) A configurable and documented Rails view helper for adding gravatars into your Rails application.
  27. 1,096 downloads
    gravatarnize (1.0.2) Gravatar and nothing else.
  28. 3,920 downloads
    gravatar_profile (1.2.0) gravatar_profile is a Ruby Wrapper for getting GRAVATAR[] avatars and profile ...
  29. 1,076 downloads
    gravatar-turczyn (0.0.1) Add a gravatar-image instance method
  30. 40,579 downloads
    gravatar-ultimate (2.0.0) The Ultimate Gravatar Gem! This gem is used to interface with the entire Gravatar API: it's not ...