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  1. 3,156 downloads
    grate-handle (0.1.1) Grate Handle is a small gem which simplifies the with GoGrid's API from ruby code. Also ships wi...
  2. 4,270 downloads
    grater (0.1.5) This gem provides the grate CSS grid system for your Rails 3 application.
  3. 95,327 downloads
    graticule (2.5.0) Graticule is a geocoding API that provides a common interface to all the popular services, includ...
  4. 4,491 downloads
    gratitude (0.1.0) A simple Ruby wrapper for the Gittip API.
  5. 5,038 downloads
    gratr (0.4.3) GRATR is a framework for graph data structures and algorithms. This library is a fork of RGL. Th...
  6. 52,322 downloads
    gratr19 ( GRATR is a framework for graph data structures and algorithms. This library is a fork of RGL. Th...
  7. 6,493 downloads
    gr_autolink (1.0.13) This is an adaptation of the extraction of the `auto_link` method from rails that is the rails_au...
  8. 5,487 downloads
    gravatar (1.0) gravatar is a class to represent GRAVATAR[] avatars. also features some hooks ...
  9. 318 downloads
    gr_avatar (0.0.2) The most easiest way to get Gravatar URL.
  10. 2,768 downloads
    gravatar-api (0.2.0) A library for easy, object oriented Gravatar API access.
  11. 869 downloads
    gravatar_for (0.1.2) gravatar_for is a simple, but capable Gravatar view helper.
  12. 86,133 downloads
    gravatarify (3.1.1) Ruby (and Rails) Gravatar helpers with unique options like Proc's for default images, support for...
  13. 250,101 downloads
    gravatar_image_tag (1.2.0) A configurable and documented Rails view helper for adding gravatars into your Rails application.
  14. 1,136 downloads
    gravatarnize (1.0.2) Gravatar and nothing else.
  15. 3,949 downloads
    gravatar_profile (1.2.0) gravatar_profile is a Ruby Wrapper for getting GRAVATAR[] avatars and profile ...
  16. 1,104 downloads
    gravatar-turczyn (0.0.1) Add a gravatar-image instance method
  17. 41,696 downloads
    gravatar-ultimate (2.0.0) The Ultimate Gravatar Gem! This gem is used to interface with the entire Gravatar API: it's not ...
  18. 8,800 downloads
    gravaty (3.5.7) This gem automagically prepares complete URIs for Gravatar, for both avatars and profiles, with a...
  19. 5,419 downloads
    grave (1.9.1) Grave is the easiest way to manipulate Gravatar in a ruby environment. Finally, you will be able ...
  20. 1,547 downloads
    gravelpup-rails3_acts_as_paranoid (0.0.5) Active Record (>=3.0) plugin which allows you to hide and restore records without actually deleti...
  21. 8,778 downloads
    gravis-acts_as_archive (0.2.11) Don't delete your records, move them to a different table
  22. 148 downloads
    gravis-clearance (0.3.7) Simple, complete Rails authentication scheme.
  23. 681 downloads
    gravis-floobs (0.1.5) A full featured Ruby implementation of the Floobs API.
  24. 1,531 downloads
    gravis-searchlogic (2.4.20) Searchlogic makes using ActiveRecord named scopes easier and less repetitive.
  25. 11,764 downloads
    gravis-typhoeus (0.1.36) Like a modern code version of the mythical beast with 100 serpent heads, Typhoeus runs HTTP reque...
  26. 6,256 downloads
    gravitext-devtools (1.3.0) A collection of development support tools.
  27. 9,759 downloads
    gravitext-util (1.7.0-java) A collection of core java utilities, many with jruby adaptions.
  28. 8,300 downloads
    gravitext-xmlprod (1.7.0-java) XML utilities, includes a fast XML streaming producer and an extensible XML tree representation i...
  29. 5,227 downloads
    gravitheque (0.5.0) Tools for brewers.
  30. 2,405 downloads
    gravity (0.2) A simple gravatar plugin for Rails.