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  1. 900 downloads
    gawky (0.0.3) Pull request console wrapper
  2. 2,279 downloads
    gazay-kyotocabinet-ruby (1.29) Kyoto Cabinet is a library of routines for managing a database. The database is a simple data fi...
  3. 2,634 downloads
    gaze (0.2) Serves up a folder of Markdown or Textile formatted files via Sinatra.
  4. 818 downloads
    gazelle (0.0.2) Wrapper around Gazelle API
  5. 2,601 downloads
    gazelle_styleguide (0.0.8) Gazelle's coding style guidelines and checks
  6. 5,919 downloads
    gazette (0.2.1) Simple Ruby wrapper gem to interact with the Instapaper API. Supports authenticate and add API m...
  7. 6,303 downloads
    gazouillis (0.1.3) Twitter stream client.
  8. 623 downloads
    gazr (0.0.1) Flexible, Simple alternative to Guard. Watchr for Ruby 1.9.3 and beyond.
  9. 63,273 downloads
    gbarcode (0.98.16-mswin32) A barcode library that wraps GNU Barcode using SWIG. Most popular encoding schemes are supported ...
  10. 1,362 downloads
    gbarcode-98-20 (0.98.21) A C extension that wraps the GNU Barcode project. For more Ruby-ish syntax, you should use the Rb...
  11. 814 downloads
    gbarcode-linux (0.98.20) GNU barcode wrapper
  12. 1,368 downloads
    gbdev-acts_as_callback_logger (0.4.2) Rails gem/plugin to log callback events (after_create, after_update, after_destroy) for certain ...
  13. 349 downloads
    gbdev-acts_as_dropdown (2.0.3) A Rails plugin that adds the ability to easily create an options list out of an ActiveRecord object
  14. 699 downloads
    gbdev-calendar_date_select (1.11.20080827) CalendarDateSelect is semi-light-weight and easy to use! It takes full advantage of the prototype...
  15. 1,015 downloads
    gbdev-common_project_tasks (0.3.1) Rails gem/plugin to load common project tasks.
  16. 371 downloads
    gbdev-krjs (0.5.4) RJS is a great Ruby DSL to write javascript. However, it's so tempting to write RJS directly in t...
  17. 1,353 downloads
    gbdev-pdf_filler (0.3.3) PDF Filler makes it easy to file your PDFs.
  18. 1,028 downloads
    gbdev-pretty_flash (0.1.7) A Rails plugin/gem that provides css friendly success/notice/warning/error flash messages.
  19. 341 downloads
    gbdev-scoped_search (0.3.0) Scoped search makes it easy to search your ActiveRecord-based models. It will create a named scop...
  20. 359 downloads
    gbdev-validates_as_date_time (0.5.2) Rails gem/plugin that implements an ActiveRecord validation helper called validates_as_date_time ...
  21. 189 downloads
    gbdev-validates_as_email (0.5.1) Rails gem/plugin that implements an ActiveRecord validation helper called validates_as_email whic...
  22. 348 downloads
    gbdev-validates_as_phone_number (0.7.5) Rails gem that implements an ActiveRecord validation helper called validates_as_phone_number whic...
  23. 179 downloads
    gbdev-validates_as_postal_code (0.5.1) Rails gem that implements an ActiveRecord validation helper called validates_as_postal_code which...
  24. 523 downloads
    gbence-g3a_i18n (0.2.2) Number localization extensions to the original (Ruby/Rails) I18n project.
  25. 311 downloads
    gb-firestarter (0.0.1) Firestarter is the way to get great apps up and running in a heartbeat. It's what we use at Group...
  26. 9,400 downloads
    gbip (0.8.3) gbip is a small library to interact with the API. The API is based o...
  27. 8,102 downloads
    gb_mapfish_appserver (1.0.0) Mapfish Appserver is a framework for web mapping applications using OGC standards and the Mapfish...
  28. 2,425 downloads
    gb_mapfish_print (0.2.1) Gem package of mapfish-print Java module
  29. 6,524 downloads
    gboom (0.0.8) the fun way to create gists from your command line
  30. 1,045 downloads
    GBRb (0.2.0) Nintendo Game Boy Emulator