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  1. 11,419 downloads
    gci-class-extensions (1.2.4) A gem used by our internal team for common class extensions, like not_blank? and not_nil? counter...
  2. 2,674 downloads
    gcloud (0.0.7) My Google Cloud gem ('gcloud') with various utilities. It deploys gcutil, gsutil, and mor...
  3. 67,787 downloads
    gcm (0.0.7) gcm is a service that helps developers send data from servers to their Android applications on An...
  4. 4,252 downloads
    gcmapper (0.4.0) Easily generate Great Circle maps between 2 or more airports. The gem provides an API for constru...
  5. 269 downloads
    gcm-client (1.0.1) A Ruby client library for communicating with the GCM Proxy server.
  6. 1,034 downloads
    gcm_for_chrome (0.2.0) Google Cloud Message for Chrome gem
  7. 2,761 downloads
    gcm_helper (0.1.2) A Google's GCM Service Server-side Helper
  8. 9,006 downloads
    gcm_on_rails (0.1.3) gcm_on_rails is a Ruby on Rails gem that allows you to easily incorporate Google's ...
  9. 2,437 downloads
    gcm_rails_mongo_mapper (0.0.3) gcm_rails_mongo_mapper is a Ruby on Rails gem based on dondeng's gcm_on_rails gem (https://github...
  10. 523 downloads
    gcode (0.0.1) A basic Gcode parser and modifier.
  11. 17,920 downloads
    gcoder (1.1.0) Uses Google Maps Geocoding API (V3) to geocode stuff and optionally caches the results somewhere.
  12. 289 downloads
    g-coder (0.1) GCoder is designed to make scripting GCode filters easy, and to work with Opal to enable web-base...
  13. 2,489 downloads
    gcountry (0.0.2) This is country selection gem
  14. 5,173 downloads
    gcstats (1.0.4) Simple and clean statistics of your Geocaching activity
  15. 17,875 downloads
    gctools (0.2.3) gc debugger, logger and profiler for rgengc in ruby 2.1
  16. 3,227 downloads
    gc_tracer (0.3.3) gc_tracer gem adds GC::Tracer module.
  17. 1,316 downloads
    gcx_api (0.0.2) Ruby library for the GCX API
  18. 33,642 downloads
    gd2 (1.1.1) Ruby interface to gd 2 library.
  19. 11,187 downloads
    gd2-ffij (0.1.2) gd2-ffij is a refactoring of the Ruby/GD2 library implemented with FFI
  20. 2,909 downloads
    gda (1.0.1) An SQL parser. Wraps libgda in a loving embrace to give you a ruby level SQL parser.
  21. 6,274 downloads
    gdal (0.0.5) GDAL/OGR bindings for ruby
  22. 7,506 downloads
    gdal-helper ( A helper library for the ruby bindings to gdal (
  23. 11,087 downloads
    gdash (0.0.5) A simple dashboard for creating and displaying Graphite graphs
  24. 177,496 downloads
    gdata (1.1.2) This gem provides a set of wrappers designed to make it easy to work with the Google Data APIs.
  25. 29,452 downloads
    GData (0.0.4) == FEATURES/PROBLEMS: To start out the API set isn't covered. The aim is to support the GData AP...
  26. 10,136 downloads
    gdata19 ( Clone of Gdata gem designed to work for Ruby version 1.9
  27. 119,067 downloads
    gdata_19 (1.1.5) Ruby 1.9.x compatible Google GData gem makes it easy to work with the Google Data APIs
  28. 9,093 downloads
    gdata-19 (1.1.2) A Ruby gem designed to assist Ruby developers in working with Google Data APIs
  29. 1,553 downloads
    gdata2 (0.1) gdata2 is a ruby wrapper for the google data apis
  30. 61,479 downloads
    gdata4ruby (0.1.5) A full featured wrapper for interacting with the base Google Data API, including authentication a...