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  1. 11,879 downloads
    grifter (0.4.2) convention based approach to interfacing with an HTTP JSON API.
  2. 6,399 downloads
    grill (0.5.0) Implant Gemfile into your script
  3. 11,552 downloads
    grim (1.0.0) Grim is a simple gem for extracting a page from a pdf and converting it to an image as well as ex...
  4. 1,309 downloads
    grime (0.0.3) Crud controller for your JSON API!
  5. 292 downloads
    grimen-awesome_email (0.1.3) Rails ActionMailer with HTML layouts, inline CSS and entity substitution.
  6. 551 downloads
    grimen-bootstrapper (0.1.3) A Rails plugin to assist in bootstrapping and seeding your database.
  7. 2,195 downloads
    grimen-delayed_job_mailer (0.1.3) Send emails asynchronously using delayed_job.
  8. 2,089 downloads
    grimen-dry_scaffold (0.3.5) A DRYer scaffold generator for Rails. Generates dry semantic and standards compliant views, and d...
  9. 421 downloads
    grimen-gemgen (0.1.3) Ruby gem skeleton generator.
  10. 1,280 downloads
    grimen-packr (3.1.2) Ruby version of Dean Edwards' JavaScript compressor
  11. 700 downloads
    grimen-page_glimpse (0.1.4) A little Ruby wrapper for the PageGlimpse API ( for generating webpage sna...
  12. 149 downloads
    grimen-rainbow (0.1.0) An efficient MD5 hash lookup based on one of the biggest rainbow lookup tables available.
  13. 148 downloads
    grimen-shelly (0.1.1) Remotely stored shell scripts runned locally - shell scripts á la rubygems sort of.
  14. 142 downloads
    grimen-tracks_visits (0.1.0) Rails: Track unique and total visits/viewings of an ActiveRecord resource based on user/account o...
  15. 152 downloads
    grimen-validatious_on_rails (0.1.0) Rails plugin that maps model validations to class names on form elements to integrate with Valida...
  16. 289 downloads
    grimen-validatious-on-rails (0.1.1) Rails plugin that maps model validations to class names on form elements to integrate with Valida...
  17. 1,220 downloads
    grimlock (0.0.0) grimlock is a experiment in implementing security tools in ruby
  18. 255 downloads
    grimorium (0.0.0) Desc: Under development
  19. 1,283 downloads
    grimsock-ci_reporter ( CI::Reporter is an add-on to Test::Unit, RSpec and Cucumber that allows you to generate XML repor...
  20. 1,760 downloads
    grimsock-webrat ( Webrat lets you quickly write expressive and robust acceptance tests for a Ruby web application. ...
  21. 14,128 downloads
    grin (1.2.2) Grin is a simple Ruby wrapper for the Fotogger API v1 specification. It currently supports findin...
  22. 3,497 downloads
    grinc (0.1.2) grinc runs an include file preprocessor on one or more files, writing the result to an output fil...
  23. 431 downloads
    gringotts (0.6.5) Gringotts is a plug-n-play two-factor authentication (2FA) phone verification rails engine. It se...
  24. 35,114 downloads
    grip (0.7.3) GridFS attachments for MongoMapper
  25. 847 downloads
    grippy-doozer (0.1.5) This GEM provides a small, barebones framework for creating MVC Rack applications.
  26. 677,374 downloads
    grit (2.5.0) Grit is a Ruby library for extracting information from a git repository in an object oriented man...
  27. 25,695 downloads
    gritano (2.0.2) Gritano is a tool to configure git servers over ssh
  28. 3,247 downloads
    gritano-core (2.0.2) Gritano::Core is a library that defines all Gritano's Models. It can be used to develop tools tha...
  29. 37,267 downloads
    grit_ext (0.8.1) the grit's utf-8 support
  30. 5,647 downloads
    grit-ext (0.0.11) Collection of extensions for grit