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  1. 5,699 downloads
    g_sectioned_shower (1.1.0) A Guilded ( component that creates adaptable show (de...
  2. 178 downloads
    gserver (0.0.1) GServer implements a generic server
  3. 673 downloads
    gset (0.1.4) Gemset management
  4. 720 downloads
    gs_graph (2.6.5) A full-stack GameStamper Graph API wrapper in Ruby.
  5. 3,827 downloads
    gsiener-analytical (2.10.2) Gem for managing multiple analytics services in your rails app.
  6. 111,600 downloads
    gsl (1.15.3) Ruby/GSL is a Ruby interface to the GNU Scientific Library, for numerical computing with Ruby
  7. 4,872 downloads
    gsl4r (0.0.3) Wrappers around the GNU Scientific Library using Foreign Function Interface. This allows all rub...
  8. 1,760 downloads
    gsl_extras (0.4.0) A set of extensions and improvements to the Ruby GSL interface. Modifies some GSL objects to allo...
  9. 859 downloads
    gsl-nmatrix ( Ruby/GSL is a Ruby interface to the GNU Scientific Library, for numerical computing with Ruby
  10. 662 downloads
    gsm (0.0.1) Easily update all of your git projects's submodules to their latest tags.
  11. 5,604 downloads
    gsm_encoder (0.1.6) GSMEncoder encodes and decodes Ruby Strings to and from the SMS default alphabet. It also support...
  12. 12,656 downloads
    gsmetrics (0.1.7) Simple Way to open a Session with Google Docs and push data into a Google Spreadsheet Worksheet. ...
  13. 2,460 downloads
    gsm_tools (0.0.2) Adds various methods to check GSM 03.38 character encoding compatibility.
  14. 4,238 downloads
    gsolr (0.12.4) This is a generic solr client, capable of talking to Solr, as well as Riak
  15. 1,463 downloads
    gsolr_ext (0.12.3) A query/response extension lib for the Generic Solr Gem (fork of RSolr)
  16. 10,021 downloads
    gson (0.6.1-java) Ruby wrapper for GSON.
  17. 700 downloads
    gson-class-generator (1.0.1) Ruby script generating JSON model objects in Java when using GSON
  18. 3,480 downloads
    gsoni-ar_mailer (2.1.11) Even delivering email to the local machine may take too long when you have to send hundreds of me...
  19. 1,198 downloads
    gsoni-ar_mailer_rails3 (2.1.12) ArMailer wrapper for Rails 3 with mail priority
  20. 5,985 downloads
    gs_phone (0.0.4) Application to mange and configure a group of Grandstream Voip phones
  21. 1,719 downloads
    gspush (0.0.2) Push command to Google Spreadsheet
  22. 2,218 downloads
    gsquire (0.0.4) Back in the Age of Heroes, GSquire would carry thy armor and sword, would get thy lordship dr...
  23. 895 downloads
    gsr (0.0.1) Ruby wrapper for the Wharton GSR Reservation System
  24. 544 downloads
    gss (0.0.7) Grabs top google results from a given site with a given string.
  25. 537,214 downloads
    gssapi (1.2.0) A FFI wrapper around the system GSSAPI library. Please make sure and read the Yard docs o...
  26. 655 downloads
    gstack (0.0.1) Gstack
  27. 1,880 downloads
    gstarter (0.0.3) Global system
  28. 490 downloads
    gsterndale-warrant (0.3.0) Simple authorization and attribute obfuscation scheme.
  29. 6,218 downloads
    gst-kitchen (0.9.0) gst-kitchen is a gem to publish podcasts like a nerd with auphonic!
  30. 1,457 downloads
    gstock (1.0.0) A simple API wrapper for google finance stock quotes.