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  1. 282 downloads
    geek (0.0.1) Write a description
  2. 3,642 downloads
    geekier_factory (0.1.5) Generate API objects from swagger definition files
  3. 5,708 downloads
    geeklets (0.0.7) A collection of useful scripts for use with GeekTool
  4. 1,366 downloads
    geeklets2 (0.0.1) A collection of Geektool scripts wrapped in a gem.
  5. 3,875 downloads
    geekmail (0.1.2) This is meant to be used with Geektool to display the number of emails in your inbox that you nee...
  6. 372 downloads
    geeknote (0.0.1) geeknote ruby clone
  7. 4,202 downloads
    geek_painter (0.2.0) A very simple DSL to generate a colored shell prompt string to use in *nix OS terminals. it might...
  8. 5,477 downloads
    geek_typist (0.2.1) a typist tool for geeks in the console
  9. 5,121 downloads
    geeo_code (0.0.4) This gem is has a simple, singular purpose to wrap itself warmly around google's geocoding a...
  10. 2,887 downloads
    geera (1.3.0) Geera is a command line tool for dealing with Jira tickets.
  11. 5,741 downloads
    geert (0.1.0) Find foreign keys in ActiveRecord and create a migration to add them
  12. 1,010 downloads
    geetestlib (0.0.2) A simple verify gem of geetest
  13. 522 downloads
    geetestVerify (0.0.1) A simple verify gem of geetest
  14. 597 downloads
    gegene (1.1.0) Framework for genetic algorithm fast development
  15. 292 downloads
    geilidoc (0.0.1) A living document support for rails project
  16. 819 downloads
    geilitool (0.1.1) A ruby library for advanced extention
  17. 1,066 downloads
    geist (0.1.0) Geist is a Git-backed key-value store that stores Ruby objects into a Git repository.
  18. 220,406 downloads
    gelf (1.4.0) Library to send GELF messages to Graylog2 logging server. Supports plain-text, GELF messages and ...
  19. 18,149 downloads
    gelfd (0.2.0) Standalone implementation of the Graylog Extended Log Format
  20. 1,365 downloads
    gem (0.0.1.alpha) Just enough not-Rubygems to index a collection of gems for download... and maybe more.
  21. 549 downloads
    gem_1 (0.0.4) first gem to me
  22. 2,615 downloads
    gem2arch (0.0.7) A version of gem2arch by crabtw that creates an ArchLinux PKGBUILD from a ruby gem
  23. 3,147 downloads
    gem2deb (0.0.2) Convert ruby gems to debian packages
  24. 3,930 downloads
    gem2pkg (0.1.4) Creates Mac OSX installer packages for 10.5 and up from ruby gems
  25. 19,225 downloads
    gem2rpm (0.9.2) Generate source rpms and rpm spec files from a Ruby Gem. The spec file tries to follow the g...
  26. 1,217 downloads
    gema (0.0.b) It actually does nothing, just have a class method (Gema.version).
  27. 1,050 downloads
    gemafind (1.0) Search for artists in the German GEMA database (ILTIS)
  28. 637 downloads
    gemagent (0.0.2b) Easily consume FreeAgent's OAuth2 API using simple data structures. Designed to be easily embedde...
  29. 2,394 downloads
    gem-alias (0.0.3) This gem adds alias expansion feature to the 'gem' command. You can define subcommand aliases via...
  30. 1,206 downloads
    gem_all (0.0.1) This is a test gem. Iam trying to create a gem