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  1. 3,202 downloads
    guff (0.0.4) Provides a set of classes to describe and save java classes. The idea is to avoid writing all the...
  2. 714 downloads
    guff-compass (1.0.0) All the Sass framework you need.
  3. 574 downloads
    gugl (0.1) A wrapper to use google services programmatically, using your google crdedentials, starting with ...
  4. 707 downloads
    guh (0.0.5) The official Ruby wrapper for guh. guh is an open source home automation system.
  5. 110 downloads
    gui (0.0.1.pre1) A GUI gem for Ruby.
  6. 5,967 downloads
    guia_mais (0.3.3) Busca dados no site Guia Mais atrav├ęs do telefone
  7. 211,527 downloads
    guid (0.1.1) Guid is a Ruby library for portable GUID/UUID generation. At the moment it can be used on Windows...
  8. 835 downloads
    guidance (0.0.1) Guidance is a support tool for creating a fast and simple component based html style guide.
  9. 764 downloads
    guidance-rails (0.0.1) sadfasdf
  10. 1,178 downloads
    gui_debugger (0.0.4) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  11. 388 downloads
    guided_local_search (0.0.1) does guided local search to solve travelling salesman
  12. 992 downloads
    guided_path (0.3.0) Parser for making interactive exercises in a human readable DSL
  13. 4,813 downloads
    guided_randomness (0.1.4) Simple gem for Ruby which extends Array class, and gave possibility to pick element from it at ra...
  14. 4,684 downloads
    guide-em-up (0.3.1) Slide'em up is a tool for writing guides in markdown
  15. 11,314 downloads
    guideline (0.2.1) Guideline.gem checks that your code is protectingthe rule of coding guideline
  16. 1,257 downloads
    guidelines (0.0.1) To use guidelines in your application, simply add views in app/views/guidelines (nested paths are...
  17. 5,481 downloads
    guider (0.0.9) JSDuck-compatible guides generator
  18. 20,169 downloads
    guides (0.7.2) A tool for creating version controlled guides for open source projects, based on the Rails Guides...
  19. 5,076 downloads
    guidestar (0.2.3) Allows access to the Guidestar API
  20. 4,682 downloads
    guidestar-ruby (1.2.0) A ruby wrapper around the Guidestar API
  21. 7,447 downloads
    gui_geometry (0.3.1) 2D geometry specificly designed to support graphical user interfaces and bitmaps currently focsue...
  22. 16,049 downloads
    guignol (0.3.13) Create, start, stop, destroy instances from the command line based on a YAML description...
  23. 866 downloads
    GUI-graticule ( Graticule is a geocoding API that provides a common interface to all the popular services, includ...
  24. 23,668 downloads
    guilded (2.0.0) A set of tools that work with the Rails asset pipeline to help in authoring GUI components.
  25. 753 downloads
    guileless (0.1.1) Naive HTML preprocessor
  26. 520 downloads
    guilhermechapiewski-correios-api (0.1.2) API Ruby/REST para rastreamento de pacotes dos Correios.
  27. 393 downloads
    guillaume (0.0.2) Guillaume is a generative poetry creation tool using ngrams for predictive writing and a defined ...
  28. 512 downloads
    guillaumegentil-import_fu (0.1.3) Add quick mass data import from CSV or Array to Active Record model
  29. 345 downloads
    guillaumegentil-integrity-jabber (1.0.6) Easily let Integrity send jabber messages after each build
  30. 2,488 downloads
    guillaumegentil-rspactor (0.5.2) read summary!