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  1. 535 downloads
    GemaMatriz (1.0.1) Construcción de una gema ruby para la creación de matrices dispersas y densas
  2. 521 downloads
    gemapp129 (0.0.1) Write a gem description
  3. 299 downloads
    gemathon (0.0.2) Find repositories belonging to organisation.
  4. 3,129 downloads
    gematria (0.0.6) A Ruby gem that calculates Gematria. The gem comes with built-in correspondence tables for Englis...
  5. 585 downloads
    gemaudit (0.1.0) stubs for someone else to take over, or I might go for it myself
  6. 820 downloads
    gem_average_speed (0.0.3) ["Hello World"]
  7. 3,180 downloads
    gemaweek (0.0.3) I wanted to write a basic Gem for consuming my own API. This is a terrible example of a gem. Don'...
  8. 1,837 downloads
    gem-ban (1.5.3) Different places have different requirements, this aims to help ease concerns
  9. 960 downloads
    gembank (0.0.1) Client for Gembank
  10. 1,803 downloads
    gembank_client (0.0.3) CL Client for
  11. 1,825 downloads
    gembeat (0.0.1) A gem for enabling you to publish your apps gems on deploy to a central server
  12. 6,783 downloads
    gem_bench (0.0.8) trim down app load times by keeping your worst players on the bench
  13. 1,368 downloads
    gem_best_practice (0.0.1) A Gem that shows best practice for Gem creation.
  14. 121 downloads
    gem-bgrep (0.6.2) Can't find some codes from your app? gem-bgrep let you grep from your Gemfile. Also checkout [ge...
  15. 956 downloads
    gembird-backend (0.0.1) Wrapper around sispmctl script
  16. 1,698 downloads
    gemboree (0.1.4) Rails based boilerplate for using boostrap, cancan, and will_paginate together.
  17. 3,145 downloads
    gembots ( Library for creating Gembots
  18. 11,130 downloads
    gembox (0.2.3) A sinatra based interface for browsing and admiring your gems.
  19. 2,382 downloads
    gem_box (0.1.1) Gem loading library to help with workflow when developing with multiple git repos
  20. 5,941 downloads
    gem-browse (1.0.0) gem edit: edit a library file you can require. gem open: edit a gem by name. gem clone: clone a g...
  21. 8,869 downloads
    gembuilder (1.2.2) Take a gem file that builds an extension and create a binary gem (useful for production servers w...
  22. 3,124 downloads
    gem_bundler (0.2) Bundles gems into jars.
  23. 1,743 downloads
    gem_butler (0.2.0) Allows a much easier way to select/deselect a subset of related gems to include in a project
  24. 551 downloads
    gem-cache (0.1.0) Cache your path to speed up require time
  25. 268 downloads
    gemcal (0.0.1.alpha) NEVER try to download it
  26. 2,877 downloads
    gemcd (1.0.0) GemCD helps you navigate your Gem directory by extending your gem commands with `cd`.
  27. 2,106 downloads
    gem-changelog (1.0.3) This gem plugin add changelog subcommand to te gem system.
  28. 1,489 downloads
    gem-check-sources (1.0.0) gem-check-sources keeps your local list of gem sources in sync and removes any gem servers that m...
  29. 252 downloads
    gem-checksum (0.0.1) gem checksum [gem]
  30. 509 downloads
    gem_command (0.0.1) micro wrapper for programmatically executing gem commands