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  1. 4,548 downloads
    gem2pkg (0.1.4) Creates Mac OSX installer packages for 10.5 and up from ruby gems
  2. 24,977 downloads
    gem2rpm (0.10.1) Generate source rpms and rpm spec files from a Ruby Gem. The spec file tries to follow the g...
  3. 1,270 downloads
    gema (0.0.b) It actually does nothing, just have a class method (Gema.version).
  4. 1,203 downloads
    gemafind (1.0) Search for artists in the German GEMA database (ILTIS)
  5. 696 downloads
    gemagent (0.0.2b) Easily consume FreeAgent's OAuth2 API using simple data structures. Designed to be easily embedde...
  6. 2,865 downloads
    gem-alias (0.0.3) This gem adds alias expansion feature to the 'gem' command. You can define subcommand aliases via...
  7. 1,365 downloads
    gem_all (0.0.1) This is a test gem. Iam trying to create a gem
  8. 883 downloads
    GemaMatriz (1.0.1) Construcción de una gema ruby para la creación de matrices dispersas y densas
  9. 681 downloads
    gemapp129 (0.0.1) Write a gem description
  10. 645 downloads
    gemathon (0.0.2) Find repositories belonging to organisation.
  11. 4,048 downloads
    gematria (0.0.6) A Ruby gem that calculates Gematria. The gem comes with built-in correspondence tables for Englis...
  12. 755 downloads
    gemaudit (0.1.0) stubs for someone else to take over, or I might go for it myself
  13. 1,296 downloads
    gem_average_speed (0.0.3) ["Hello World"]
  14. 3,664 downloads
    gemaweek (0.0.3) I wanted to write a basic Gem for consuming my own API. This is a terrible example of a gem. Don'...
  15. 2,148 downloads
    gem-ban (1.5.3) Different places have different requirements, this aims to help ease concerns
  16. 1,123 downloads
    gembank (0.0.1) Client for Gembank
  17. 2,108 downloads
    gembank_client (0.0.3) CL Client for
  18. 2,484 downloads
    gembeat (0.0.1) A gem for enabling you to publish your apps gems on deploy to a central server
  19. 80 downloads
    gem-beit (0.6.0) Edit a gem for a given name from Gemfile. Also checkout [gem-eit][]. [gem-eit]: https://github....
  20. 12,444 downloads
    gem_bench (0.0.8) trim down app load times by keeping your worst players on the bench
  21. 1,543 downloads
    gem_best_practice (0.0.1) A Gem that shows best practice for Gem creation.
  22. 314 downloads
    gem-bgrep (0.6.2) Can't find some codes from your app? gem-bgrep let you grep from your Gemfile. Also checkout [ge...
  23. 1,136 downloads
    gembird-backend (0.0.1) Wrapper around sispmctl script
  24. 3,200 downloads
    gem_bootstrap (0.2.8) Bootstrap the creation of ruby gem so that you don't have to start from scratch. ...
  25. 2,222 downloads
    gemboree (0.1.4) Rails based boilerplate for using boostrap, cancan, and will_paginate together.
  26. 4,367 downloads
    gembots ( Library for creating Gembots
  27. 12,196 downloads
    gembox (0.2.3) A sinatra based interface for browsing and admiring your gems.
  28. 2,871 downloads
    gem_box (0.1.1) Gem loading library to help with workflow when developing with multiple git repos
  29. 7,015 downloads
    gem-browse (1.0.0) gem edit: edit a library file you can require. gem open: edit a gem by name. gem clone: clone a g...
  30. 9,768 downloads
    gembuilder (1.2.2) Take a gem file that builds an extension and create a binary gem (useful for production servers w...