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  1. 677 downloads
    glenn2lorem (0.0.1) This gem generates lorem ipsum text
  2. 3,256 downloads
    glennfu-contacts ( A universal interface to grab contact list information from various providers including Yahoo, Gm...
  3. 3,594 downloads
    glennfu-faster_csv ( FasterCSV is intended as a replacement to Ruby's standard CSV library.
  4. 1,543 downloads
    glennr-cijoe (0.4.3) CI Joe is a simple Continuous Integration server.
  5. 3,113 downloads
    glennr-devise ( Flexible authentication solution for Rails with Warden. Now with added support for changing email...
  6. 1,607 downloads
    glennr-email_spec (0.3.5) Easily test email in rspec and cucumber
  7. 3,261 downloads
    glennr-flash-message-conductor (1.1.1) A simple pattern for managing flash messages in your Ruby on Rails application
  8. 1,517 downloads
    glennr-heroku_san (0.1.1) Manage multiple Heroku instances/apps for a single Rails app using Rake
  9. 635 downloads
    glennr_opensrs (0.3.3) Provides support to utilize the OpenSRS API with Ruby/Rails.
  10. 1,673 downloads
    glennr-pickler (0.1.3) Synchronize between Cucumber and Pivotal Tracker
  11. 1,787 downloads
    glennr-posterous (0.1.7) The Posterous gem provides reading & posting from/to using your email, password, si...
  12. 1,575 downloads
    glennr-recaptcha (0.2.4) This plugin adds helpers for the reCAPTCHA API
  13. 1,474 downloads
    glennr-seer (0.9.3) Seer is a lightweight, semantically rich wrapper for the Google Visualization API. It allows you...
  14. 6,724 downloads
    gless (2.1.0) This gem attempts to provide a more robust model for web application testing, on top of Watir-Web...
  15. 1,620 downloads
    glew (0.0.1) Ruby SWIG bindings for GLEW
  16. 6,750 downloads
    glfw3 (0.4.8) GLFW 3 bindings for Ruby 2.x
  17. 432,533 downloads
    gli (2.11.0) Build command-suite CLI apps that are awesome. Bootstrap your app, add commands, options and doc...
  18. 344 downloads
    gli_aziz_light (2.8.1) Build command-suite CLI apps that are awesome. Bootstrap your app, add commands, options and doc...
  19. 153,978 downloads
    glib2 (2.2.0) Ruby/GLib2 is a Ruby binding of GLib-2.x.
  20. 2,909 downloads
    glib-eventable (0.1.3) This is a helper gem for ruby-gnome2 applications that allows developers to easily connect signal...
  21. 3,135 downloads
    glicko2 (0.1.2) Implementation of Glicko2 ratings
  22. 4,740 downloads
    glide (0.0.5) allows you to get quotes from the glide api for the services required in one go and sum up the to...
  23. 3,115 downloads
    glider (0.1.8) Minimal opinionated wrapper around SimpleWorkflow
  24. 5,804 downloads
    glider-rails (0.1.5) Glider, AngularJS UI slider for rails asset pipeline
  25. 1,897 downloads
    gliffy (0.0.10) A simple Gliffy REST API wrapper.
  26. 4,453 downloads
    glimmer (0.1.3) JRuby DSL that enables easy and efficient authoring of user-interfaces using the robust platform-...
  27. 4,207 downloads
    glimpse (0.0.5) Provide a glimpse into your Rails application.
  28. 1,492 downloads
    glimpse-dalli (1.1.0) Provide a glimpse into the Memcache commands made through Dalli during your application's requests.
  29. 1,982 downloads
    glimpse-git (1.0.1) Provide a glimpse into the Git info of your Rails application.
  30. 1,978 downloads
    glimpse-mongo (1.1.0) Provide a glimpse into the Mongo commands made within your Rails application.