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  1. 5,199 downloads
    git-storyid (0.3.2) Helps include pivotal story id and description in commit
  2. 513 downloads
    gitstrider (0.0.3) GitStrider provides a contribution report for a git enabled project. This report can be used as a...
  3. 3,317 downloads
    gitstuff-preview (0.0.3) gitstuff-preview runs a local web server to preview Gitstuff templates
  4. 6,822 downloads
    git-style-binaries (0.2.1) Ridiculously easy git-style binaries
  5. 6,058 downloads
    gitsu (2.0.4) User management and pairing for Git
  6. 1,821 downloads
    git-svn-mirror (0.1) A command-line tool that automates the task of creating a GIT mirror for a SVN repo, and keeping ...
  7. 746 downloads
    git-swear-stats (0.1.0) Gather statistics on swearing in a repo.
  8. 23,086 downloads
    gitswitch (0.4.2) Easily switch your git name/e-mail user info -- Handy for work vs. personal and for pair programming
  9. 1,600 downloads
    git_switch_branch (0.1.2) Easy git branch switching
  10. 1,509 downloads
    git-switcher (0.0.2) Git command that implements a visual CLI and REPL for easily switching between git tags and branches
  11. 2,410 downloads
    gitsync (0.2.1) Autosync watched directories in git
  12. 2,444 downloads
    git-sync (2.0.4) Fetches the latest repository from the server, rebases/merges the current branch against the chan...
  13. 278 downloads
    git-tableflip (0.0.1-x86_64-darwin-13) Sometimes you just get frustrated with Git and you need to blow off a little steam.
  14. 924 downloads
    git-tagger (0.0.1) Nifty rake tasks to simplify your git tagging
  15. 576 downloads
    git_team_stats (0.0.1) git_team_stats is a gem that compiles contribution statistics for projects that span mulitple repos
  16. 1,769 downloads
    gitter (1.1.5) To be used within Rails applications. Helps you to define searches with filters and facet...
  17. 4,005 downloads
    gittest (0.1.4) Gittest uses your autotest mappings to run tests based on the files you've created or changed, ac...
  18. 14,421 downloads
    git_test (0.0.13) git_test runs your tests and stores them in git. Use git_test to track tests over multiple branch...
  19. 3,079 downloads
    git-ticket (0.2.0) Checkout, create, delete or list ticket branches
  20. 2,879 downloads
    git_time_extractor (0.2.3) Compute the estimated time spent by developers working on code within a GIT repository. Useful fo...
  21. 2,421 downloads
    git-to-master (2.0.4) Fetches the latest repository from the server, rebases/merges the current branch against the chan...
  22. 2,461 downloads
    git_tools (0.3.4) Git tools for installing hooks, cleaning up branches and more.
  23. 32,819 downloads
    git-topic ( gem command around reviewed topic branches. Supports workflow of the form: # alexa...
  24. 16,453 downloads
    git-trac (0.1.1) git-trac takes the repetition out of working with trac and git-svn. Easily download a patch, app...
  25. 15,226 downloads
    git_tracker (1.6.3) Some simple tricks that make working with Pivotal Tracker even better... and easier... um...
  26. 5,561 downloads
    git_tracking (0.1.3) Usage: after installing the gem, in your project directory, run: git_tracking
  27. 804 downloads
    git-trello (0.0.1) This gem should be used by post-receive hook in any Git repository to comment on and move Trello ...
  28. 910 downloads
    git_trello_post_commit (0.2.0) This gem can be used in a post-commit hook in any Git repository to comment on and move Trello ca...
  29. 1,473 downloads
    git-trend (0.1.0) cli based; show Trending repository on github
  30. 780 downloads
    git-trifle (0.0.1) Trifle is a yet another layer around ruby git libs that intends to stick as little as possible to...