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  1. 7,259 downloads
    gitshapage (0.0.6) Creates a page located in the public directory with the git SHA of the release after a Capistrano...
  2. 288 downloads
    git_shizzle (0.2.6) git_shizzle lets you quickly operate on the file lists printed by `git status`. Imagine a number ...
  3. 1,606 downloads
    git-shizzle (0.2.5) git-shizzle lets you quickly operate on the file lists printed by `git status`. Imagine a number ...
  4. 435 downloads
    gitshot (0.0.1) gitshot is using post-commit hook to take your picture after every commit.
  5. 204 downloads
    git-shove (0.0.1) Easily create remote repos from local ones.
  6. 326 downloads
    git-show-branches-all (0.0.1) A sample gem. It doesn't do a whole lot, but it's still useful.
  7. 3,187 downloads
    git-si (0.3.1) Git Svn Interface: a simple git extention to use git locally with a remote svn repo.
  8. 3,974 downloads
    git-sleep (0.1.1) Uses Jawbone to figure out if you are awake enough to code
  9. 33,706 downloads
    git-smart (0.1.10) Installs some additional 'smart' git commands, like `git smart-pull`.
  10. 443 downloads
    git_snatch (0.0.1) Grab content from a file with a github commit sha
  11. 855 downloads
    git_sniffer (0.0.1) git is a widely used version control system. with this gem, we can analysis the git repository to...
  12. 3,234 downloads
    git_spelunk (0.3.1) git-spelunk is a terminal based exploration tool for git blame and history, based on the notion o...
  13. 1,499 downloads
    gitspotter (0.0.3) Visualize git log/graph in html
  14. 806 downloads
    Gitspotter (0.0.1) Visualize git log/graph in html
  15. 10,613 downloads
    git-ssh-wrapper (0.2.0) Generate a permissive GIT_SSH wrapper script using a private key string or file for use with git ...
  16. 4,052 downloads
    gitstagram (0.0.5) Take a snapshot after each commit.
  17. 570 downloads
    git-stat (1.1.0) Git Statistics Utility for your projects
  18. 7,411 downloads
    git_statistics (0.7.0) git_statistics is a gem that provides detailed git statistics
  19. 2,534 downloads
    gitstats (0.0.2) Show git statistics using blame. More metrics are coming.
  20. 10,516 downloads
    git_stats (1.0.14) Git history statistics generator
  21. 2,518 downloads
    gitstats-ruby (1.0.1) Generates statistics of git repositories like but with a more ext...
  22. 2,468 downloads
    git_store (0.3.3) GitStore implements a versioned data store based on the revision management system Git. You can s...
  23. 3,865 downloads
    git_story (0.2.2) This gem help you check which commits in your git repository belonges to unaccepted PivotalT...
  24. 4,809 downloads
    git-story (0.1.1) A Ruby script for git that finds what branch a commit came from.
  25. 5,468 downloads
    git-storyid (0.3.2) Helps include pivotal story id and description in commit
  26. 590 downloads
    gitstrider (0.0.3) GitStrider provides a contribution report for a git enabled project. This report can be used as a...
  27. 3,426 downloads
    gitstuff-preview (0.0.3) gitstuff-preview runs a local web server to preview Gitstuff templates
  28. 7,142 downloads
    git-style-binaries (0.2.1) Ridiculously easy git-style binaries
  29. 6,356 downloads
    gitsu (2.0.4) User management and pairing for Git
  30. 1,867 downloads
    git-svn-mirror (0.1) A command-line tool that automates the task of creating a GIT mirror for a SVN repo, and keeping ...