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  1. 15,491 downloads
    git_tracker (1.6.3) Some simple tricks that make working with Pivotal Tracker even better... and easier... um...
  2. 5,631 downloads
    git_tracking (0.1.3) Usage: after installing the gem, in your project directory, run: git_tracking
  3. 831 downloads
    git-trello (0.0.1) This gem should be used by post-receive hook in any Git repository to comment on and move Trello ...
  4. 956 downloads
    git_trello_post_commit (0.2.0) This gem can be used in a post-commit hook in any Git repository to comment on and move Trello ca...
  5. 1,838 downloads
    git-trend (0.1.1) cli based; show Trending repository on github
  6. 798 downloads
    git-trifle (0.0.1) Trifle is a yet another layer around ruby git libs that intends to stick as little as possible to...
  7. 399 downloads
    git-trim-whitespace (0.1) A native whitespace trimmer tool for git checkins
  8. 4,729 downloads
    git-trip (0.0.5) Visualize git commit SHAs. It's nerd acid!
  9. 22,643 downloads
    gitty (0.4.5) Unobtrusively extend git
  10. 6,035 downloads
    gittycent (0.1.0) A GitHub wrapper in Ruby.
  11. 977 downloads
    gittyup (1.0.3) New users to git and Heroku sometimes have trouble with the syntax of th...
  12. 1,710 downloads
    git-ui (0.0.1) Hacky attempt at a workable UI for git, modeled slightly on darcs.
  13. 5,005 downloads
    gitup (0.0.3) Easily push and pull from remote repositories without running into conflicts.
  14. 56,465 downloads
    git-up (0.5.12) git command to fetch and rebase all branches
  15. 2,051 downloads
    git-up-decklin ( git command to fetch and rebase all branches
  16. 1,248 downloads
    git-up-portertech (0.5.0) git command to fetch and rebase all branches
  17. 11,351 downloads
    git_utils (2.0.0) A gem that provides simple git & gem utility scripts.
  18. 8,352 downloads
    git-utils (0.6.4) Add some Git utilities
  19. 428 downloads
    gitver (0.0.3) Does versioning, releasing and testing of rubygems with git
  20. 2,995 downloads
    gitvers (0.0.11) Utility to manage version with git tags
  21. 502 downloads
    gitversion (1.0.0) Derives SemVer information from a repository following GitFlow or GitHubFlow.
  22. 3,342 downloads
    git_version (0.0.3) Simple rails engine to show the git commit version number installed by pointing your browser to R...
  23. 3,087 downloads
    git-version (0.0.3) Add current git commit hash as a rails endpoint bound to /version
  24. 4,490 downloads
    git-version-bump (0.9.1) Manage your app version entirely via git tags
  25. 2,418 downloads
    git_versioner (0.1.1) Control application version through Git
  26. 4,485 downloads
    git-visualiser (0.0.11) A Sinatra app for loading D3-based visualisations of a local Git repository
  27. 408 downloads
    gitwakatime (0.0.1) A Tool that will compile git data with wakatime data to establish time per commit
  28. 849 downloads
    gitwalker (0.0.1) Lists all git repositories in a master directory with the status of the repository
  29. 2,959 downloads
    git-webby (0.2.0) Git::Webby is a implementation of the several features: - Smart HTTP which works like as git-http...
  30. 1,699 downloads
    git-webhook (0.0.1) A github compatible post-receive web hook for git written in Ruby