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  1. 641 downloads
    gmailish (0.0.1) Grabs unread emails for Gmail, marks them as read, applies a given label and archives them.
  2. 12,185 downloads
    gmail-mailer (0.4.5) Programatically send emails using a given gmail account. No username/passwords needed, just use y...
  3. 5,151 downloads
    gmail_oauth (0.1.3) A Rubyesque interface to Gmail with Oauth, with all the tools you will need. Search, read and sen...
  4. 10,252 downloads
    gmail-oauth (0.0.1) Implements Gmail OAuth access methods for Net::IMAP and Net::SMTP
  5. 3,116 downloads
    gmail-scraper (0.2) Scrap Gmail's emails from its HTML Version.
  6. 21,305 downloads
    gmail_sender (1.1.1) A simple gem to send email through gmail
  7. 4,441 downloads
    gmail_test (0.0.7) description
  8. 821 downloads
    gmail_todo (0.0.3) Do you use your inbox as a todo list? Quickly fire yourself a todo from your terminal!
  9. 679 downloads
    gmail-to-dropbox (0.0.1) sync all attachments of gmail/Dropbox unread emails to dropbox
  10. 458 downloads
    gmail-tool (0.0.3) A simple way to open a Gmail compose browser window
  11. 179,862 downloads
    gmail_xoauth (0.4.1) Get access to Gmail IMAP and STMP via OAuth, using the standard Ruby Net libraries
  12. 4,282 downloads
    gmallard_test_hw01 (0.0.4) A test gem destined for
  13. 6,037 downloads
    gman (3.0.1) A ruby gem to check if the owner of a given email address is working for THE MAN.
  14. 4,198 downloads
    gmap_coordinates_picker (0.1.0) It works without any dependency to any third party library
  15. 205 downloads
    gmap-fontawesome (1.0.0) Font-awesome svg path is for google maps, whith rake task to download and compile the last versio...
  16. 4,302 downloads
    gmapper (0.2.1) A (mostly) version agnostic, dependency free Ruby library for the Google Maps API. Currently onl...
  17. 955 downloads
    gmap-rails (3.3.2) gmap is a helpful little Javascript library by Sebastian Poręba. I'm just turning it into an as...
  18. 1,174 downloads
    gmaps (0.0.1) GMaps allows you to access Google Maps API in your Rails application.
  19. 332,248 downloads
    gmaps4rails (2.1.2) Enables easy Google map + overlays creation.
  20. 4,443 downloads
    gmaps-autocomplete-rails ( Easily add autocomplete geo-functionality to your Rails app :)
  21. 4,942 downloads
    gmaps_directions (0.2.2) Sometimes you need to calculate the directions between two different points via Google M...
  22. 7,898 downloads
    gmaps_gem (0.0.7) A gem to for geocoding...
  23. 3,869 downloads
    gmaps_geocoding (0.1.4) A simple Ruby gem for Google Maps Geocoding API. This gem return a Ruby Hash object of t...
  24. 12,550 downloads
    gmapsjs (0.4.12) gmaps.js allows you to use the potential of Google Maps in a simple way. No more extensive docume...
  25. 868 downloads
    gmapsjs-rails (0.4.12) Provides the gmaps.js library with asset pipeline integration
  26. 872 downloads
    GMaps_Places (0.0.1) GMaps_Places Gem for rbGarage courses
  27. 1,599 downloads
    gmaps_proxy (0.2.0) Due to some rights issues, some countries does not appear with full information on Google Maps AP...
  28. 248 downloads
    gmaps-rails (0.0.2) gmaps-rails is a gem which includes GMaps.js and provides an easy way to use it in Rails. GMaps.j...
  29. 1,054 downloads
    gmaps_tz (0.0.4) Simple Ruby Client for Google Maps Time Zone API
  30. 1,658 downloads
    gmaps_v3 (0.0.1) API to simple do requests on Google Maps API V3