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  1. 469 downloads
    golden-label (0.1.0) label.css is a stylesheet providing an easy way to label html elements. This gem integrates label...
  2. 1,048 downloads
    golden-menu (0.3.0) Golden Menu creates menus by building a hierarchiacal tree first and linking related resources later
  3. 3,128 downloads
    golden_retriever (0.0.2) Restful controllers will have their resources automatically loaded for them.
  4. 493 downloads
    goldensections (1.0) Easily make views based on the golden section
  5. 2,258 downloads
    golden-setting (0.6.0) Golden Setting persists settings in database and keep alive in cache.
  6. 1,976 downloads
    goldentype (1.0.1) golden ratio typography for compass
  7. 1,737 downloads
    goldfish (0.0.1) rubygem for client of GoldFish ( and POI (
  8. 1,531 downloads
    goldie (0.0.2) Goldie is a command line todo list with lots of progress bars. Progress is its middle name.
  9. 5,564 downloads
    goldmine (1.0.0) Extract a wealth of information from Arrays & Hashes
  10. 6,047 downloads
    gold-record (0.2.2) Unobtrusive binary UUID support for ActiveRecord. Supports migrations, reflections, assocations a...
  11. 5,722 downloads
    goldshark_gem (0.2.7) A gem to interact with iGodigital GoldShark API
  12. 2,907 downloads
    goldstar-activemerchant ( Framework and tools for dealing with credit card transactions.
  13. 1,284 downloads
    goldstar-ansi ( Use ANSI codes in printed output, including colors and controlling the cursor, clearing the line,...
  14. 3,189 downloads
    goldstar-is_paranoid ( ActiveRecord 2.3 compatible gem "allowing you to hide and restore records without actually deleti...
  15. 2,818 downloads
    goldstar-metric_fu ( Code metrics from Flog, Flay, RCov, Saikuro, Churn, Reek, Roodi, Rails' stats task and Rails Best...
  16. 2,692 downloads
    goldstar-sunspot_rails ( Rails integration for the Sunspot Solr search library
  17. 2,924 downloads
    golem (0.0.2) Simple library to look up articles, related videos and related images on
  18. 2,440 downloads
    golem_statemachine (0.9.5) Adds finite state machine behaviour to Ruby classes. Meant as an alternative to acts_as_state_mac...
  19. 75,089 downloads
    golf (0.7.9) Golf lets you write your interface in terms of reusable, simple components.
  20. 2,107 downloads
    golf-coffee (1.1) coffee-script filter for golf
  21. 6,649 downloads
    golfscrape (0.0.7) Use this gem to get PGA Tour data for tournaments, world rankings, and the leaderboard
  22. 522 downloads
    golf_switch (1.0.0) Ruby Wrapper of golf switch API
  23. 8,542 downloads
    golia (1.3.2) Golia is an website performance analyzer. Check speed and dead links.
  24. 113,146 downloads
    goliath (1.0.3) Async framework for writing API servers
  25. 306 downloads
    goliath-app (0.1.0.beta1) Some high-level routing dispatcher for Goliath.
  26. 3,899 downloads
    goliath-chimp (0.0.3) Goliath Chimp A collection of reusable Rack classes and other goodies for use in Goliath APIs.
  27. 533 downloads
    goliath_rack_sprockets (0.1.0) Sprockets middleware for goliath
  28. 4,011 downloads
    goliath-reverse-proxy (0.2.1) Turns Goliath into a reverse proxy server. Useful when paired with other middleware, such...
  29. 4,049 downloads
    goling (0.2.1) Goling is a linguistic compiler allowing you to compile and execute plain english.
  30. 94,563 downloads
    gollum (3.0.0) A simple, Git-powered wiki with a sweet API and local frontend.