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  1. 21,101 downloads
    gluez (0.4.9) a server configuration toolkit
  2. 2,056 downloads
    glut (8.2.0) Glut bindings for OpenGL. To be used with the {opengl}[] gem.
  3. 185 downloads
    gluttonberg-blog (1.0.0) Create integrated blogs with powerful publishing flows and user management abilities.
  4. 10,330 downloads
    gluttonberg-core (3.0.2) Gluttonberg is an Open Source CMS developed by the team at Freerange Future. As designers and dev...
  5. 4,578 downloads
    glutton_lastfm (0.1.3) Simple API wrapper written using HTTParty in Ruby.
  6. 4,255 downloads
    glutton_ratelimit (0.2.0) A Ruby library for limiting the number of times a method can be invoked within a specified time p...
  7. 128 downloads
    glv-micronaut-unit (0.2.0) Adds test/unit compatibility to Micronaut.
  8. 3,392 downloads
    glymour (0.0.21) Implements supervised Bayesian structure learning, as well as extra tools to help train a Bayesia...
  9. 18,047 downloads
    glynn (1.0.11) Deploy a jekyll weblog through ftp
  10. 12,411 downloads
    glyph (0.5.2) Glyph is a framework for structured document authoring.
  11. 18,814 downloads
    glyph_imager (0.1.1) Generate images of glyphs for a specified character in a specified font
  12. 4,442 downloads
    glyr (1.0.0) Wrapper library for glyr.
  13. 1,138 downloads
    glysellin ( When your customer doesn't want e-commerce but actually you need products, orders and a payment g...
  14. 6,433 downloads
    gm (1.0.4) Building gems the clean way.
  15. 500 downloads
    gmagick (0.0.3) GraphicsMagick C extension
  16. 143,813 downloads
    gmail (0.4.0) A Rubyesque interface to Gmail, with all the tools you will need. Search, read and send multipart...
  17. 1,393 downloads
    gmail-afurmanov (0.1.0) A Rubyesque interface to Gmail, with all the tools you will need. Search, read and send multipart...
  18. 169 downloads
    gmail-api (0.0.1) Ruby wrapper for Gmail API
  19. 131 downloads
    gmail_attach_many (0.0.3) Easily attach many files to Gmail messages. If the files total more than 25 MB, they will be sort...
  20. 5,504 downloads
    gmail-britta (0.1.6) This gem helps create large (>50) gmail filter chains by writing xml compatible with gmail's "imp...
  21. 606 downloads
    gmail_cli (0.0.1) A simple toolbox for build utilities that talk to Gmail with OAuth2
  22. 20,068 downloads
    gmail_contacts (2.0) Simple Gmail contacts extraction using GData. gmail_contacts development was sponsored by AT&T I...
  23. 4,209 downloads
    gmail-contacts (0.0.6) A Ruby library for fetching Gmail account contacts
  24. 6,215 downloads
    gmail_contatos (0.1.3) Simples gem para sincronizar com Gmail Contatos
  25. 26,156 downloads
    gmailer (0.2.1) An class interface of the Google's webmail service
  26. 1,155 downloads
    gmail_extractor (0.0.1) Downloads emails from Google Mail to XML, CSV or HTML
  27. 1,849 downloads
    gmail-imap (1.0.1) Use with Net::IMAP to interact with Gmail's IMAP extensions.
  28. 666 downloads
    gmailish (0.0.1) Grabs unread emails for Gmail, marks them as read, applies a given label and archives them.
  29. 12,379 downloads
    gmail-mailer (0.4.5) Programatically send emails using a given gmail account. No username/passwords needed, just use y...
  30. 5,233 downloads
    gmail_oauth (0.1.3) A Rubyesque interface to Gmail with Oauth, with all the tools you will need. Search, read and sen...