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  1. 268 downloads
    gmap-fontawesome (1.0.0) Font-awesome svg path is for google maps, whith rake task to download and compile the last versio...
  2. 4,445 downloads
    gmapper (0.2.1) A (mostly) version agnostic, dependency free Ruby library for the Google Maps API. Currently onl...
  3. 1,008 downloads
    gmap-rails (3.3.2) gmap is a helpful little Javascript library by Sebastian Poręba. I'm just turning it into an as...
  4. 1,233 downloads
    gmaps (0.0.1) GMaps allows you to access Google Maps API in your Rails application.
  5. 363,687 downloads
    gmaps4rails (2.1.2) Enables easy Google map + overlays creation.
  6. 5,193 downloads
    gmaps-autocomplete-rails (0.1.4) Easily add autocomplete geo-functionality to your Rails app :)
  7. 5,144 downloads
    gmaps_directions (0.2.2) Sometimes you need to calculate the directions between two different points via Google M...
  8. 8,226 downloads
    gmaps_gem (0.0.7) A gem to for geocoding...
  9. 4,300 downloads
    gmaps_geocoding (0.1.4) A simple Ruby gem for Google Maps Geocoding API. This gem return a Ruby Hash object of t...
  10. 14,047 downloads
    gmapsjs (0.4.12) gmaps.js allows you to use the potential of Google Maps in a simple way. No more extensive docume...
  11. 1,077 downloads
    gmapsjs-rails (0.4.12) Provides the gmaps.js library with asset pipeline integration
  12. 927 downloads
    GMaps_Places (0.0.1) GMaps_Places Gem for rbGarage courses
  13. 1,657 downloads
    gmaps_proxy (0.2.0) Due to some rights issues, some countries does not appear with full information on Google Maps AP...
  14. 383 downloads
    gmaps-rails (0.0.2) gmaps-rails is a gem which includes GMaps.js and provides an easy way to use it in Rails. GMaps.j...
  15. 1,279 downloads
    gmaps_tz (0.0.4) Simple Ruby Client for Google Maps Time Zone API
  16. 1,710 downloads
    gmaps_v3 (0.0.1) API to simple do requests on Google Maps API V3
  17. 9,093 downloads
    gmath3D (1.0.0) This library defines 3D geometric elements(point, line, plane etc..). It can get two(or more) ele...
  18. 334 downloads
    gmccreight-WikiCreole (0.1.5) A Creole-to-XHTML converter written in pure Ruby
  19. 1,977 downloads
    gmcmillan-xmpp4r (0.6.2) XMPP4R is an XMPP/Jabber library for Ruby.
  20. 8,741 downloads
    gmd (1.3.1) gmd is a small command-line utility to easily generate fancy HTML from Markdown.
  21. 1,309 downloads
    gmdprev (1.0.3) Convert Github flavored Markdown into HTML.
  22. 7,669 downloads
    gme (0.1.1-x86-linux) libgme interface for Ruby
  23. 42,802 downloads
    gmetric (0.1.3) Pure Ruby interface for generating Ganglia gmetric packets
  24. 5,998 downloads
    gmo (0.2.4) Ruby client library for the GMO Payment Platform.
  25. 1,613 downloads
    g-module (0.0.2) a ruby module filled with Google query helper functions and a commandling interface for queries, ...
  26. 12,499 downloads
    gmoney (0.4.4) A gem for interacting with the Google Finance API
  27. 37,747 downloads
    gmp (0.7.19) gmp - providing Ruby bindings to the GMP and MPFR libraries.
  28. 1,681 downloads
    gmp_ecm (0.3.1) gmp_ecm - Elliptic Curve Method Factorization on GMP::Z integers
  29. 7,213 downloads
    gmpoint (0.1.3) Help to point on Goolge Map Description
  30. 3,990 downloads
    gmusic (0.2.2) gmusic provides APIs to search songs from There are three query conditions sup...