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  1. 36,784 downloads
    google_places (0.20.0) This gem provides a Ruby wrapper around the Google Places API for use in your own project. Please...
  2. 4,026 downloads
    google_places_autocomplete (0.0.2) Use this gem to access the Google Places Autocomplete API from your Ruby application
  3. 2,973 downloads
    google-play (0.0.7) A simple gem for grabbing Google Play data
  4. 1,702 downloads
    googleplay_dev_scraper (1.0.3) Scraping and download CSV data from Google Play developer console and Google Wallet.
  5. 377 downloads
    google-player (0.0.2) Ruby gem for fetching app info and reviews from Google Play.
  6. 1,272 downloads
    google_play_scraper (0.0.3) Uses Nokogiri to scrape app search results on the Google Play app search results page. Returns r...
  7. 5,632 downloads
    google_play_search (0.0.9) google play market search gem
  8. 1,082 downloads
    googleplus (0.0.1) Google+ API Wrapper
  9. 24,877 downloads
    google_plus (0.2.2) Google+ Ruby Gem
  10. 1,071 downloads
    GooglePlus (0.0.2) Ruby wrapper for GooglePlus API heavily inspired by the twitter gem.
  11. 1,007 downloads
    google_plus_archiver (0.0.2) google_plus_archiver is a simple command-line tool to archive Google+ profiles and public streams.
  12. 3,413 downloads
    google_plus_helper (0.0.3) Google+ Social Plugins Helpers for Rails
  13. 3,191 downloads
    google_pr (1.0.2) Check Google Pagerank
  14. 1,217 downloads
    google_prediction (0.0.1) This gem provides a wrapper around the Google Prediction API.
  15. 7,867 downloads
    google-prediction (0.1.5) Generates an auth token from a google account Trains using the auth token and data uploaded to Go...
  16. 14,376 downloads
    google-qr (0.2.2) Generate URL string for Google QR code and render HTML img string
  17. 1,512 downloads
    google_query (0.0.1) == SYNOPSIS: require 'rubygems' require 'google_query' # See how you get spanked by the pound G...
  18. 503 downloads
    googler (0.0.1) A simple gem that provides a client to Google Web Search API (
  19. 4,675 downloads
    googlereader (0.0.4) Wrapper for the undocumented and potentially unstable Google Reader API
  20. 9,713 downloads
    google_reader (1.2.0) Access Google Reader in a quick and simple way, using plain Ruby.
  21. 4,442 downloads
    GoogleReaderApi (0.5.0) a google reader api (unofficial) written in ruby
  22. 1,663 downloads
    GoogleReaderApiUniq (0.3.8) a google reader api (unofficial) written in ruby
  23. 2,805 downloads
    google_refine (0.4) Ruby library and command line executables for uploading tab files into Google Refine (v2.0 and v2...
  24. 2,112 downloads
    google-refine (0.1.1) Client library for interacting with Google Refine instances. Easily work with CSVs from the comma...
  25. 1,008 downloads
    google_refine_api (0.0.2) Upload files to refine programmtically.
  26. 4,327 downloads
    google_rest (1.0.4) Wrapper around google rest api
  27. 894 downloads
    google-sa-auth (0.0.5) Simple gem for generating authorization tokens for google service accounts
  28. 14,588 downloads
    google_safe_browsing (0.6.1) Rails 3 plugin using Google's Safe Browsing API for url lookup against Malware and Phishing black...
  29. 4,123 downloads
    google-safe-browsing-lookup (0.1.3) Google Safe Browsing v2 Lookup is a lighter alternative to the full API. The service allows users...
  30. 950 downloads
    google-safe-browsing-plugin (0.1.2) A Ruby implementation of the Google Safe Browsing v2. Rails is the dependency mainly because of t...