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  1. 12,486 downloads
    gas (1.0.2) Gas is a utility to keep track of your git authors. Add them to gas and switch at any time. Great...
  2. 783 downloads
    gas2 (0.1.8) Gas is a utility to keep track of your git authors. Add them to gas and switch at any time. Great...
  3. 201 downloads
    gas-blender (0.0.1) Gas blending tools for SCUBA divers. A thought experiment.
  4. 1,013 downloads
    gasciiart (0.0.1) Use this gem to create a git repo that can play it's file frames as a git animation
  5. 11,021 downloads
    gash (0.1.4) Gash = Git + Hash
  6. 2,059 downloads
    gasoline (0.0.3) Gasoline makes Campfire even brighter
  7. 1,144 downloads
    gaspar (0.1.2) Gaspar is an in-process recurring job manager. It is intended to be used in place of cron when yo...
  8. 838 downloads
    gas_stats (0.1.0) Keep track of your gas usage. Stores statistics for built in commands in gas
  9. 1,104 downloads
    gassy (1.0.0) This gem will gather weekly gas prices from the U.S. Energy Information Information site
  10. 1,621 downloads
    gast (0.0.9) memo application of using git
  11. 15,636 downloads
    gaston (0.6.0) Dead simple Ruby config store.
  12. 1,794 downloads
    gastropod (0.2.1) Simple library for generating slugs
  13. 7,442 downloads
    gat (0.2.14) GAT is a Ruby gem that tries to provide a script fast development framework. Based on a YML str...
  14. 3,044 downloads
    gatchaman (0.2.3) Gatchaman is a gem to replace src values in HTML documents with data URI scheme
  15. 7,776 downloads
    gatekeeper (0.1.4) Connects any Rack-compatible app to a Hot Ink single sign on server.
  16. 1,400 downloads
    gatekeeper-rails (0.1.0) gatekeeper-rails provides a simple and beaultiful DSL to do authorization checks in rails co...
  17. 971 downloads
    gatekeeper-wildcard_redirect_uri (0.0.2) Allow gatekeeper to wildcard redirect_uri's
  18. 664 downloads
    gate_police (0.0.1) Permission for rails library
  19. 888 downloads
    gates_of_heaven (0.0.2) Check password strength ala ActiveModel Validators
  20. 3,958 downloads
    gates_of_moria (0.0.7) A simple quiz to test Ruby knowledge
  21. 6,556 downloads
    gateway (0.3.0) Opinionated Generic IO Connection Manager
  22. 1,978 downloads
    gateway-cassandra-cql (0.1.1) Gateway adapter for cassandra-cql. Very experiemental.
  23. 6,113 downloads
    gateway-http (0.3.0) Gateway wrapper client for Net::HTTP
  24. 3,276 downloads
    gateway-memcache (0.2.0) Gateway wrapper for memcache-client
  25. 1,598 downloads
    gateway_signup (0.1.4) Small library for reading a config and returning the fields required to register a specific gatew...
  26. 6,733 downloads
    gather (0.0.8) A gem that provides modules to make working with properties a bit easier.
  27. 4,077 downloads
    gatherer (0.0.6) Gatherer is a gem to scrape Magic: The Gathering cards.
  28. 2,516 downloads
    gatherer_set_parser (0.0.4) Parses the MTG Gatherer website for a collection of cards from the provid...
  29. 17,827 downloads
    gatling (1.1.3) Add visual comparison matchers for rspec
  30. 10,935 downloads
    gatling_gun (0.0.3) A library for working with SendGrid's Newsletter API. The code is intended for managing and sendi...