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  1. 125,073 downloads
    google_visualr (2.3.0) This Ruby gem, GoogleVisualr, is a wrapper around the Google Chart Tools that allows anyone to cr...
  2. 5,799 downloads
    google-voice (0.2.3) Google Voice does not have an API. This library gets around that limitation.
  3. 3,812 downloads
    googlevoice47 (0.1.11) Uses Mechanize to screen-scrape Google Voice since there is no public API
  4. 8,130 downloads
    googlevoiceapi (0.1.7) Uses Mechanize to screen-scrape Google Voice since there is no public API
  5. 3,825 downloads
    google-weather (0.3.0) stupid simple fetching of the weather using google's api
  6. 7,838 downloads
    google-webfonts (0.2.0) Google Webfonts helper for Rails or Sinatra applications.
  7. 4,301 downloads
    google-webfonts-rails (0.0.4) A easiest way to introduce Google WebFonts to Rails application.
  8. 1,604 downloads
    googlon-scroll (0.1.0) Generates random programming quizzes like the ones created by Google for Google Developer Day 2011
  9. 1,450 downloads
    googlus (0.0.1) Provides an easy access to Google URL Shortener API using Ruby code or command-line
  10. 741 downloads
    googol (0.3.0) Google + Youtube V3 API client.
  11. 712 downloads
    gookou_angular-ng-grid-rails ( Injects angular-ng-grid js into your asset pipeline.
  12. 1,872 downloads
    goon (0.0.3) Goon is a minion that performs Tasks
  13. 1,364 downloads
    goopr (1.2.0) An attempt to abstract the code needed to manage the prov. API
  14. 701 downloads
    gooru (0.0.2) The gooru gem allows your Ruby app to talk to the Gooru API
  15. 6,734 downloads
    goose (0.8.0) A flexible, simple Rails plugin that simplifies navigation and breadcrumbs.
  16. 2,222 downloads
    goospell (0.0.3) Spell checker that uses the undocumented Google Spell API
  17. 480 downloads
    goot (0.1.0) A command-line interface to Google Tasks das ist goot.
  18. 1,374 downloads
    goozee (0.0.0) Description
  19. 2,693 downloads
    gopay (0.2.1) GoPay is a library making it easy to access GoPay paygate from Ruby. It offer...
  20. 1,467 downloads
    gopher (0.5.1) gopher server and dsl
  21. 5,179 downloads
    gopher2000 (0.4.0) Gopher2000 is a ruby-based Gopher server. It is built for speedy, enjoyable development of all so...
  22. 1,376 downloads
    go-picasa-go (0.0.1) Go Picasa go is intended as library written in ruby to manipulate Picasa albums and photos in a e...
  23. 1,371 downloads
    goplan (0.0.4) Ruby wrapper for the GoPlan API
  24. 4,952 downloads
    goplay-publisher-sdk (0.912) A fluent SDK for retrieving Publisher information from the GoPlay graph.
  25. 2,283 downloads
    gopollgo (0.1.8) A Ruby wrapper to the GoPollGo API for creating polls.
  26. 1,800 downloads
    gopt (0.0.1) gopt is a simple wrapper of getoptlong of an object-oriented scripting language Ruby.
  27. 1,370 downloads
    goqr (0.0.2) QR codes for ruby/rails using API
  28. 1,731 downloads
    goran (0.6) Named after Goran Invanisevic, the tennis legend who won the Wimbledon after losing the final...
  29. 5,522 downloads
    go-rank (0.0.5) A class of ranks in the board game Go
  30. 2,638 downloads
    gorb (0.1) gorb is a go (board game) library written in pure Ruby.