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  1. 538 downloads
    godfat-friendly_format (0.7.0) make user input be valid xhtml and format it with gsub("\n", "<br/>") etc. you can partiall...
  2. 140 downloads
    godfat-ludy (0.1.13) Aims to extend Ruby standard library, providing some useful tools that's not existed in the stand...
  3. 421 downloads
    godfat-pagify (0.6.2) Pagination tools for Array(or custom class), DataMapper and ActiveRecord
  4. 143 downloads
    godfat-rubycas-server ( Provides single sign-on authentication for web applications using the CAS protocol.
  5. 142 downloads
    godfat-source-tools (0.5.0) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  6. 142 downloads
    godfat-thumbo (0.5.0) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  7. 15,347 downloads
    godhead (0.0.10) Configure God monitored processes according to their concerns the servers (path and so forth), si...
  8. 1,637 downloads
    godlike (1.0.0) Announcers can be motivating
  9. 347 downloads
    godmode (0.0.1) A rails generator framework
  10. 12,167 downloads
    godo (1.0.8) go (to project) do (stuffs) godo provides a smart way of opening a project folder in multiple te...
  11. 5,605 downloads
    godot (0.3.0) If you're going to be bored waiting for something, why not our good friend?
  12. 1,228 downloads
    god-sns-contact (0.0.1) A God::Contacts class for Amazon's Simple Notification Service (SNS)
  13. 351 downloads
    godville_kit (0.1.0) A gem kit to instantiate your hero's state from Godville
  14. 5,883 downloads
    go_easy_btn (0.0.8) Hook up easy button via USB serial port and trigger shell commands
  15. 13,403 downloads
    GoEC2 (1.1.5) Simple and opinionated helper for creating and managing Rubygem projects on GitHub
  16. 2,401 downloads
    goest (0.1.0) A gem that illustrates how to build a gem.Formated for RDocs
  17. 16,616 downloads
    gofer (0.6.0) Gofer provides a flexible and reliable model for performing tasks on remote server using Net::SSH
  18. 8,373 downloads
    go_figure (0.0.10) This provides a ruby DSL to create a configuration file for the go server (thoughtworks-studios.c...
  19. 598 downloads
    gog (0.0.3pre) A git changelog utility
  20. 778 downloads
    gogcom (0.0.24) Provides a simple, easy-to-use interface for website.
  21. 280 downloads
    gog_engine (0.0.1pre) Rails engine providing web interface for displaying gog logs
  22. 1,845 downloads
    gogetter (0.1.1) Go get something over HTTP
  23. 2,835 downloads
    goggle-box (0.1.1) A small ruby library for implementing with the TVRage API.
  24. 1,681 downloads
    goggles (0.1.4) comparing responsive screenshots under watir-webdriver
  25. 2,043 downloads
    gogo (2) Pseudo-shell hack with Rails environment preloaded for faster boot times and thus faster testing ...
  26. 5,879 downloads
    gogoodreads (0.0.7) Allows you to progammatically pull book reviews from Goodreads using its API.
  27. 5,792 downloads
    go_gtp (0.0.4) This library runs GNU Go in a separate process and allows you to communicate with it using the Go...
  28. 562 downloads
    gogyou (0.2.2) The gogyou is a library that provides auxiliary features of binary data operation for ruby. The ...
  29. 147 downloads
    gohanlonllc-couchrest ( CouchRest provides a simple interface on top of CouchDB's RESTful HTTP API, as well as including ...
  30. 138 downloads
    gohanlonllc-god (0.7.9) God is an easy to configure, easy to extend monitoring framework written in Ruby.