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  1. 392 downloads
    going (1.1.0) Go for Ruby
  2. 23,092 downloads
    going_postal (0.1.4) Post/zip code formatting and validation for the UK, US, CA and more.
  3. 1,742 downloads
    goinstant-auth (1.0.3) Lets your users log-in to your GoInstant app
  4. 1,138 downloads
    goiu_shorten (0.0.1) Provides easy interaction with the IU GoIU URL shortening service.
  5. 3,896 downloads
    gojee-sunspot (2.0.5) Sunspot is a library providing a powerful, all-ruby API for the Solr search engine. Sunspot m...
  6. 3,859 downloads
    gojee-sunspot-rails (2.0.5) Sunspot::Rails is an extension to the Sunspot library for Solr search. Sunspot::Rails add...
  7. 3,704 downloads
    gojee-sunspot-solr (2.0.5) Sunspot::Solr provides a bundled Solr distribution for use with Sunspot. Typical deployme...
  8. 1,468 downloads
    gojira (0.1.1) gojira provides the ability to view tickets and move them through a Jira workflow
  9. 5,810 downloads
    gokart (0.1.0) Combination of tooks which will make developing webapps using go easier. The gokart gem by defau...
  10. 5,540 downloads
    gokdok (0.4.2) Allows you to automatically push your RDoc documentation to GitHub.
  11. 1,839 downloads
    gol (0.2.1) gol lets one start random games of Game of Life with chooseable params like grid size, speed, dur...
  12. 1,669 downloads
    golang-demo (0.0.1) for learn golang
  13. 12,132 downloads
    gold (0.4.6) This is the workflow we use when developing zena. The main idea is that developers work on featu...
  14. 1,593 downloads
    goldberg (0.0.1) CI server with support for pipelines
  15. 2,209 downloads
    goldberg_generator (0.2.2) Web application framework for Ruby on Rails with integrated security, content management, and sit...
  16. 1,195 downloads
    golddigger (0.0.0) This gem uses YQL to access the Yahoo! Finannce database to return the current price of gold. Th...
  17. 16,037 downloads
    golden_brindle (0.3.2) Unicorn HTTP server multiple application runner tool
  18. 167 downloads
    golden_child (0.0.1) Some helpers for golden master testing in Ruby.
  19. 2,948 downloads
    goldencobra (1.4.0) This is the Basic Module of Goldencobra. It Offers Devise, ActiveAdmin, an Article-Module, a Menu...
  20. 199 downloads
    golden-datetimepicker (0.0.1) Integrate datetime pickers with Rails asset pipeline
  21. 627 downloads
    golden-label (0.1.0) label.css is a stylesheet providing an easy way to label html elements. This gem integrates label...
  22. 1,518 downloads
    golden-menu (0.3.0) Golden Menu creates menus by building a hierarchiacal tree first and linking related resources later
  23. 3,415 downloads
    golden_retriever (0.0.2) Restful controllers will have their resources automatically loaded for them.
  24. 654 downloads
    goldensections (1.0) Easily make views based on the golden section
  25. 3,411 downloads
    golden-setting (0.7.0) Golden Setting persists settings in database and keep alive in cache.
  26. 231 downloads
    golden-theme (0.0.1) Provide theme helpers for Rails.
  27. 2,266 downloads
    goldentype (1.0.1) golden ratio typography for compass
  28. 1,884 downloads
    goldfish (0.0.1) rubygem for client of GoldFish ( and POI (
  29. 1,819 downloads
    goldie (0.0.2) Goldie is a command line todo list with lots of progress bars. Progress is its middle name.
  30. 2,832 downloads
    goldiloader (0.0.6) Automatically eager loads Rails associations as associations are traversed