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  1. 20,951 downloads
    gollum_rails (1.6.3) include Gollum into Rails with ease
  2. 27,269 downloads
    gollum-site (0.1.12) Generate a static site for Gollum Wikis
  3. 1,877 downloads
    golly-utils (0.6.0) This contains a bunch of shared, utility code that has no external dependencies apart from Ruby s...
  4. 3,850 downloads
    golr (0.5.5) Offers methods to initialize and evolve a grid of cells, implementing the rules of Conway's Game ...
  5. 12,985 downloads
    gom (0.5.2) Core package of the General Object Mapper.
  6. 844 downloads
    goma (0.0.1.beta) An authentication solution for Rails 4
  7. 11,223 downloads
    go_maps (0.4.2) Ruby API to geographic operations
  8. 1,861 downloads
    gom-client (0.0.5) REST client for the gom HTTP API
  9. 8,427 downloads
    gom-core (0.2.8) this gem includes stuff which is of use for the server as well as for gom scripting clie...
  10. 12,954 downloads
    gom-couchdb-adapter (0.5.0) CouchDB storage adapter for the General Object Mapper. Current versions of CouchDB are supported.
  11. 3,392 downloads
    gom-elasticsearch-adapter (0.1.2) ElasticSearch adapter for the General Object Mapper. Current versions of ElasticSearch are suppor...
  12. 8,398 downloads
    gom-filesystem-adapter (0.5.0) Filesystem storage adapter for the General Object Mapper. Currently just read-only storage.
  13. 1,096 downloads
    gomig_mail_delivery (0.0.1) Google Apps migration API mail delivery method is an extension for the Mail gem. It provides...
  14. 3,325 downloads
    gomon (1.0.0) A set of ruby classing wrapping mongodb cli tools, making them pleasant to integrate to ruby scri...
  15. 9,658 downloads
    gom-script (0.2.2) gom-script script simplifies coding of clients and daemon which like to listen on state...
  16. 5,286 downloads
    gom-sensor-ports (0.2.4) Implements a gateway server to allow barebone basic sensor components to report state c...
  17. 696,056 downloads
    gon (5.1.2) If you need to send some data to your js files and you don't want to do this with long way trough...
  18. 10,422 downloads
    goncalossilva-kaltura_fu ( Rails gem for making Kaltura integrations easier.
  19. 3,562 downloads
    goncalossilva_kaltura-ruby ( Ruby gem for accessing the Kaltura API
  20. 2,170 downloads
    goncalossilva_redis-session-store ( A drop-in replacement for e.g. MemCacheStore to store Rails sessions (and Rails sessions only) in...
  21. 3,548 downloads
    goncalossilva-showoff (0.4.3) ShowOff is a Sinatra web app that reads simple configuration files for a presentation. It is...
  22. 2,609 downloads
    goncalossilva-subdomain_routes ( SubdomainRoutes add subdomain conditions to the Rails routing system. Routes may be restric...
  23. 3,039 downloads
    gondler (0.2.0) bundler for golang
  24. 26,986 downloads
    gondola (1.3.11) Gondola is Ruby command line utility and as well as a library which helps for integrate...
  25. 3,047 downloads
    gondorlibrary (0.1.1) Gondor Libraray provides a framework to work with agent based computing, from game AIs, to swarm ...
  26. 842 downloads
    gongora (0.0.1) I will help you to write easily beautiful words
  27. 4,657 downloads
    gongren (0.1.2) A gem that's currently tied to Rails to distribute jobs.
  28. 1,589 downloads
    gongren-rails (0.1.1) Gongren::Rails::Server is what you're after.
  29. 1,238 downloads
    GoNodes (0.0.1) If you need to create simple (in the mathematical sense), weighted graphs with random values ...
  30. 1,241 downloads
    gonow-activemerchant (1.15.0) Active Merchant is a simple payment abstraction library used in and sponsored by Shopify. It is w...