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  1. 919 downloads
    goot (0.1.0) A command-line interface to Google Tasks das ist goot.
  2. 1,463 downloads
    goozee (0.0.0) Description
  3. 3,074 downloads
    gopay (0.2.1) GoPay is a library making it easy to access GoPay paygate from Ruby. It offer...
  4. 1,555 downloads
    gopher (0.5.1) gopher server and dsl
  5. 5,728 downloads
    gopher2000 (0.4.0) Gopher2000 is a ruby-based Gopher server. It is built for speedy, enjoyable development of all so...
  6. 1,474 downloads
    go-picasa-go (0.0.1) Go Picasa go is intended as library written in ruby to manipulate Picasa albums and photos in a e...
  7. 1,461 downloads
    goplan (0.0.4) Ruby wrapper for the GoPlan API
  8. 6,005 downloads
    goplay-publisher-sdk (0.912) A fluent SDK for retrieving Publisher information from the GoPlay graph.
  9. 2,554 downloads
    gopollgo (0.1.8) A Ruby wrapper to the GoPollGo API for creating polls.
  10. 2,113 downloads
    gopt (0.0.2) gopt is a simple wrapper of getoptlong of an object-oriented scripting language Ruby.
  11. 1,565 downloads
    goqr (0.0.2) QR codes for ruby/rails using API
  12. 1,920 downloads
    goran (0.6) Named after Goran Invanisevic, the tennis legend who won the Wimbledon after losing the final...
  13. 5,880 downloads
    go-rank (0.0.5) A class of ranks in the board game Go
  14. 2,822 downloads
    gorb (0.1) gorb is a go (board game) library written in pure Ruby.
  15. 3,988 downloads
    gorgeous (0.2.0) Convert between different data formats; prettify JSON, HTML and XML
  16. 1,458 downloads
    gorges_capistrano_ext (0.1.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  17. 14,268 downloads
    gorgon (0.7.0) Gorgon provides a method for distributing the workload of running a ruby test suites. It relies o...
  18. 3,056 downloads
    gorgyrella (0.0.2) FIXME (describe your package)
  19. 611 downloads
    gorilla (0.0.1.beta) A unit conversion and parsing library.
  20. 12,866 downloads
    gorilla-capistrano-recipes (0.2.2) This gem allows for a clean Capfile by setting up common capistrano stuff such as Git preferences...
  21. 345 downloads
    gorilla_test-rails (0.0.2) Includes script for gorilla test integration testing
  22. 117,232 downloads
    gorillib (0.6.0) Gorillib: infochimps lightweight subset of ruby convenience methods
  23. 333 downloads
    gorki (0.0.0) A client to Gorki key-value datastore
  24. 5,300 downloads
    gorm (0.0.7) A code-Generating Object Relational Mapper for use with Qt and SQLite.
  25. 118 downloads
    goroutine (0.0.1) A simple goroutine model for ruby.
  26. 68,937 downloads
    gorp (0.28.1) Enables the creation of scenarios that involve creating a rails project, starting and sto...
  27. 2,570 downloads
    gors (0.0.7) A web framework built on top of Rack, it has the simplicity of sinatra and the structure of rails
  28. 108 downloads
    gorsse (0.0.1) Have nice and fast SSE capabilities with any Ruby webserver.
  29. 287 downloads
    gorsuch-redis (3.0.0.rc1) A simple Ruby client trying to match Redis' API one-to-one while still providing a Rubystic i...
  30. 219 downloads
    gorthaur (1.0.0) Watch yourself coding