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  1. 27,589 downloads
    googlestaticmap (1.2.2) Easily retrieve single PNG, GIF, or JPG map images from Google with your own custom markers and p...
  2. 22,044 downloads
    google_static_maps_helper (1.3.5) This gem provides a simple interface to the Google Static Maps V2 API.
  3. 5,117 downloads
    google_storage (0.2.0) A Ruby client library for using the new Google Storage API v2 using OAuth2.0
  4. 8,566 downloads
    google-storage (0.1.0) Ruby bindings for the GoogleStorage API Google Storage lets you store, share, and m...
  5. 2,395 downloads
    google_suggest (0.0.3) A gem which allows us to retrieve suggest words from Google in your Ruby Code.
  6. 7,392 downloads
    google-tag-manager-rails (0.1.3) Use Google Tag Manager ( ) in your Rails application.
  7. 1,292 downloads
    google_tasks (0.0.1) This gem provides access to google tasks apis
  8. 9,295 downloads
    googletastic ( Googletastic: A New Way of Googling
  9. 231 downloads
    google-taxonomy (0.0.2) Working with the google taxonomy
  10. 1,202 downloads
    google_terminal (0.0.2) Googles from the terminal!
  11. 6,526 downloads
    google_text (0.0.4) GoogleText is a SMS client library for sending and receiving free SMS through Google Voice. Alas,...
  12. 5,436 downloads
    google_timezone (0.0.3) Get timezone info by known coordinates
  13. 3,630 downloads
    googletranslate (0.2) A simple, unofficial, ruby client API for using Google Translate.
  14. 5,328 downloads
    google_translate (0.0.3) A simple Ruby API for Google Translate
  15. 43,847 downloads
    google-translate (1.1.0) Simple client for Google Translate API.
  16. 2,967 downloads
    google_translate_scraper (1.0.0) "This gem scraps GoogleTranslate and returns the translation for the given search phrase. If mult...
  17. 587 downloads
    google_translation (0.0.1) Simple API client as an interface for Google Translation API
  18. 500 downloads
    google_translator (0.0.1) This is a gem which provides the facility to translate languages from one to another
  19. 1,445 downloads
    google-translator-cis (0.0.4) This is a gem which provides the facility to translate languages from one to another
  20. 631 downloads
    google-transliterate (0.0.1) Transliterates from a script into English phonetical
  21. 3,722 downloads
    googlets (0.0.6) Several Google snippets for Rails 3
  22. 1,404 downloads
    google_tts2 (0.1.0) Google TTS client which accepts large text input, parses and split into multiple requests. Saves ...
  23. 2,404 downloads
    google_tz (0.3.2) Get timezone information for a location from the [Google Timezone API](
  24. 1,520 downloads
    GoogleURL (0.1.1) GoogleURL is a library that allows the creation of shortlink using the service's
  25. 3,317 downloads
    googleurlshortener (0.0.3) Shorten a long URL, get click analylitcs about it, and re-expand it again using Google's URL shor...
  26. 21,536 downloads
    google_url_shortener (0.0.8) Google URL Shortener is a library to compress and expand URL's. It also provides an interf...
  27. 4,312 downloads
    google_url_shortner (1.1.1) Client Ruby pour accèder à l'API Google URL Shortener.
  28. 2,944 downloads
    google_url_signatures (0.5.1) Lets you create a signature for accessing the Google Places API and Maps V3 API
  29. 3,874 downloads
    google-v3-geocoder (1.0.0) Geokit::Geocoder subclass for interacting with Google's v3 API <
  30. 5,022 downloads
    google-video (0.7.0) A Ruby object-oriented interface to Google Video content.