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  1. 3,078 downloads
    graphkit-vtk (0.3.1) An extension allowing graphkits to be rendered using the Visualization Toolkit. Uses the RubyPyth...
  2. 1,459 downloads
    graphm (0.1) A simple graph manipulation libraryproviding search, rendering (to dot format, etc.)
  3. 1,447 downloads
    graphmatch (1.0.1) An implementation of the Ford-Fulkerson max-flow algorithm.Supports maximum flow as well as minim...
  4. 3,457 downloads
    graph_mediator (0.2.3) Mediates state changes between a set of interdependent ActiveRecord objects.
  5. 901 downloads
    graphml2json (0.0.2) Convert graphml to json
  6. 10,124 downloads
    graph.njae (0.4.0) A simple graph library
  7. 2,943 downloads
    graphpaper (0.0.2) A lightweight fixed-grid Compass framework for Ruby curmudgeons.
  8. 6,467 downloads
    graphr (0.2.1) Graph-related Ruby classes, including a fairly extensive directed graph class, and an interface ...
  9. 795 downloads
    graph-rails (0.0.1) Graph generator for rails.
  10. 2,320 downloads
    graph-rank (0.0.3) GraphRank is an impementation of TextRank and PageRank in Ruby.
  11. 7,688 downloads
    graphs (0.1.9-x86-linux) Provide functions to (un)parse GDF/JSON files and generate graphs
  12. 8,320 downloads
    graphshaper (0.3.0) Generate realistic graphs
  13. 2,998 downloads
    graphtunes (0.0.2) for visualization of music playlist data
  14. 3,046 downloads
    graphunk (0.5.5) This gem defines graph classes which are useful in various mathematical applications.
  15. 3,590 downloads
    graphviz (0.1.0) Graphviz is a graph visualisation system. This gem is a lightweight interface for generating gr...
  16. 672 downloads
    graphviz_aasm (0.0.3) This gem patches AASM to be able to generate graphs using GraphViz.
  17. 319 downloads
    graphviz-diagram (0.0.3) A simple utility for create class diagram using Graphviz.
  18. 15,411 downloads
    GraphvizR (0.5.1) Graphviz wrapper for Ruby. This can be used as a common library, a rails plugin and a command lin...
  19. 729 downloads
    graphy (1.0.0.beta.2) Easy to use tool for generating CPU and memory graphs for your server.
  20. 9,631 downloads
    grapi (0.5.1) Ruby client for unofficial Google Reader API
  21. 699 downloads
    grappling (0.1.0) Hacky webhook applications for PagerDuty!
  22. 553 downloads
    grass (0.0.2) Yet another ruby framework
  23. 9,418 downloads
    grasshopper (0.4.5) A tiny mocking framework focused on the Arrage-Act-Assert test pattern. Grasshopper is heavily mo...
  24. 10,277 downloads
    graster (0.0.7) G Raster!
  25. 39,939 downloads
    grat (0.5.1) Basic interface for making webpages with Haml and Erb. Supports nested templates.
  26. 3,094 downloads
    grate-handle (0.1.1) Grate Handle is a small gem which simplifies the with GoGrid's API from ruby code. Also ships wi...
  27. 4,117 downloads
    grater (0.1.5) This gem provides the grate CSS grid system for your Rails 3 application.
  28. 93,208 downloads
    graticule (2.4.0) Graticule is a geocoding API that provides a common interface to all the popular services, includ...
  29. 4,184 downloads
    gratitude (0.1.0) A simple Ruby wrapper for the Gittip API.
  30. 4,959 downloads
    gratr (0.4.3) GRATR is a framework for graph data structures and algorithms. This library is a fork of RGL. Th...