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  1. 43,644 downloads
    google-translate (1.1.0) Simple client for Google Translate API.
  2. 2,949 downloads
    google_translate_scraper (1.0.0) "This gem scraps GoogleTranslate and returns the translation for the given search phrase. If mult...
  3. 581 downloads
    google_translation (0.0.1) Simple API client as an interface for Google Translation API
  4. 490 downloads
    google_translator (0.0.1) This is a gem which provides the facility to translate languages from one to another
  5. 1,421 downloads
    google-translator-cis (0.0.4) This is a gem which provides the facility to translate languages from one to another
  6. 622 downloads
    google-transliterate (0.0.1) Transliterates from a script into English phonetical
  7. 3,703 downloads
    googlets (0.0.6) Several Google snippets for Rails 3
  8. 1,369 downloads
    google_tts2 (0.1.0) Google TTS client which accepts large text input, parses and split into multiple requests. Saves ...
  9. 2,368 downloads
    google_tz (0.3.2) Get timezone information for a location from the [Google Timezone API](
  10. 1,511 downloads
    GoogleURL (0.1.1) GoogleURL is a library that allows the creation of shortlink using the service's
  11. 3,295 downloads
    googleurlshortener (0.0.3) Shorten a long URL, get click analylitcs about it, and re-expand it again using Google's URL shor...
  12. 21,237 downloads
    google_url_shortener (0.0.8) Google URL Shortener is a library to compress and expand URL's. It also provides an interf...
  13. 4,291 downloads
    google_url_shortner (1.1.1) Client Ruby pour accèder à l'API Google URL Shortener.
  14. 2,929 downloads
    google_url_signatures (0.5.1) Lets you create a signature for accessing the Google Places API and Maps V3 API
  15. 3,738 downloads
    google-v3-geocoder (1.0.0) Geokit::Geocoder subclass for interacting with Google's v3 API <
  16. 4,998 downloads
    google-video (0.7.0) A Ruby object-oriented interface to Google Video content.
  17. 165,978 downloads
    google_visualr (2.4.0) This Ruby gem, GoogleVisualr, is a wrapper around the Google Chart Tools that allows anyone to cr...
  18. 6,349 downloads
    google-voice (0.2.3) Google Voice does not have an API. This library gets around that limitation.
  19. 4,350 downloads
    googlevoice47 (0.1.11) Uses Mechanize to screen-scrape Google Voice since there is no public API
  20. 9,080 downloads
    googlevoiceapi (0.1.7) Uses Mechanize to screen-scrape Google Voice since there is no public API
  21. 4,132 downloads
    google-weather (0.3.0) stupid simple fetching of the weather using google's api
  22. 9,568 downloads
    google-webfonts (0.2.0) Google Webfonts helper for Rails or Sinatra applications.
  23. 7,273 downloads
    google-webfonts-rails (0.0.4) A easiest way to introduce Google WebFonts to Rails application.
  24. 2,246 downloads
    googling (0.2.9) Write a longer description. Optional.
  25. 2,022 downloads
    googlon-scroll (0.1.0) Generates random programming quizzes like the ones created by Google for Google Developer Day 2011
  26. 1,610 downloads
    googlus (0.0.1) Provides an easy access to Google URL Shortener API using Ruby code or command-line
  27. 1,871 downloads
    googol (0.3.0) Google + Youtube V3 API client.
  28. 1,071 downloads
    gookou_angular-ng-grid-rails ( Injects angular-ng-grid js into your asset pipeline.
  29. 2,135 downloads
    goon (0.0.3) Goon is a minion that performs Tasks
  30. 1,497 downloads
    goopr (1.2.0) An attempt to abstract the code needed to manage the prov. API