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  1. 7,293 downloads
    hard-boiled (0.2.0) HardBoiled helps you reducing your complex models (including their associations) down to...
  2. 1,667 downloads
    hardbound (0.0.1) A web-framework built on top of Sinatra that lets you make online books.
  3. 958 downloads
    hard_citer (0.1.0) Hard Citer is a solution for outputting HTML bibliographies. When used in conjuction with a "cit...
  4. 743 downloads
    hardcode (0.1.3) stack-encode on steroids (using a rabbitmq worker queue)
  5. 277 downloads
    harddisk_actaulsize (0.0.1) To calculate the Actual harddisk
  6. 714 downloads
    hardhat (0.0.1) Elegant DSL for managing build dependencies and project builds.
  7. 17,786 downloads
    hardmock (1.3.8) A strict, ordered, expectation-oriented mock object library. DISCONTINUED AS OF JAN 2011, see Readme
  8. 626 downloads
    hardstatus (0.0.1) Hardstatus helpers for screen, because tmux just does not cut it for me.
  9. 1,415 downloads
    hardware_information (1.0.3) This small class will output Information about your hardware, i.e. the Processor type an...
  10. 744 downloads
    hardy (0.0.1) Convert an HTTP Archive (HAR) into a siege URLs file with Content-Type request support.
  11. 4,400 downloads
    hare (1.1.0) The one pain-point I have had with AMQP is the lack of a series of command line tools for smoke-t...
  12. 5,385 downloads
    haredo (2.0.6) A P2P framework over RabbitMQ
  13. 2,112 downloads
    hari (0.0.5) Hari is a tool to abstract complex relationships between Ruby objects onto Redis data str...
  14. 644 downloads
    hariton-thinking-sphinx ( A concise and easy-to-use Ruby library that connects ActiveRecord to the Sphinx search daemon, ma...
  15. 1,191 downloads
    hark (0.0.1) is a site that publishes movie quote sound bites and still images. ...
  16. 1,640 downloads
    harker (0.5.3) Harker means Rails deployments via RubyGems--because a package manager is a terrible thing to waste.
  17. 174 downloads
    harking-acts_as_graph (0.1) acts_as_graph is a Rails plugin that facilitates a Graph like interface to ActiveRecord.
  18. 328 downloads
    harlan-calendar_date_select (1.13.1) A prototype-based date-select widget
  19. 2,666 downloads
    harlem_bits (0.0.5) It's the Harlem Shake. In Ruby. In the terminal.
  20. 2,540 downloads
    harlequin (0.0.2) harlequin is a Ruby wrapper for linear and quadratic discriminant analysis in R for statistical c...
  21. 2,579 downloads
    harleytt-ansitags (0.1.5) Converts ANSI codes to HTML tags
  22. 5,685 downloads
    harleytt-capistrano-gitflow (1.4.8) Capistrano recipe for a deployment workflow based on git tags
  23. 7,447 downloads
    harleytt-gvoice-ruby (0.3.8) gvoice-ruby is currently a very preliminary project with limited functionality basically confin...
  24. 1,557 downloads
    harleytt-simplepay (0.2.2) This gem provides a Rails interface to the Amazon Simple Pay payment service.
  25. 2,853 downloads
    harmon-autowatchr (0.1.6) Fork of viking's autowatchr library to fix some issues and add some features. Provides some autot...
  26. 298 downloads
    harmonic (0.0.1) Provides a way of making code asynchronous without going to callback hell.
  27. 941 downloads
    harmonious_dictionary (0.0.1) 和谐宝典用于检查输入是否包含中文或英文敏感词,并可替换为特殊字符。速度比常规的正则匹配要快10倍以上。生活在天朝,和谐宝典必须人手必备。
  28. 5,608 downloads
    harmonize (0.0.5) Bring entire sets of models into harmony with external sources.
  29. 648 downloads
    harmonized_tariff (0.0.4) A utility for converting the Harmonized Tariff Schedule from to JSON, SQL, and XML.
  30. 15,491 downloads
    harmony (0.5.6) Javascript + DOM in your ruby, the simple way.