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  1. 589 downloads
    harvest_wheelman (0.0.1) Logs into Harvest and generates a PDF report the way my company likes it
  2. 1,106 downloads
    harvey (0.0.2) Widget and more for our apps.
  3. 1,598 downloads
    harvixture (0.8.0) Harvixture is a tool that can be used to extract data, in the form of fixtures, from a Rails proj...
  4. 3,653 downloads
    has (1.0.3) Has packages up common association patterns in Rails.
  5. 49,852 downloads
    has_accounts (2.0.0) HasAccounts is a full featured Rails 3 gem providing models for financial accounting.
  6. 4,777 downloads
    has_accounts_engine (2.0.1) HasAccountsEngine is a full featured Rails 3 gem accompanying has_accounts with controllers, view...
  7. 3,290 downloads
    has_active_logger (0.0.6) HasActiveLogger
  8. 6,153 downloads
    has-activity (0.3.1) A simple way to grab recent activity on a given model grouped by hour, day, week or month (time s...
  9. 7,692 downloads
    has_addresses (0.5.2) Demonstrates a reference implementation for handling countries, regions, and addresses in ActiveR...
  10. 12,794 downloads
    has_alter_ego (0.0.9) has_alter_ego makes it possible to keep seed and live data transparently in parallel. In cont...
  11. 3,601 downloads
    has_and_belongs_to_many_with_deferred_save (0.2.0) Make ActiveRecord defer/postpone saving the records you add to an habtm (has_and_belongs_to_many)...
  12. 429 downloads
    has_associations (0.0.2) ActiveRecord helpers for checking associations
  13. 3,307 downloads
    has_associative_facades (1.0.4) A Rails gem that creates getters and setters for associated object's attributes to aid in not bre...
  14. 1,024 downloads
    has_attachable (0.9.1) gem for managing async uploading to S3 and background processing with sidekiq
  15. 10,129 downloads
    has-attached (0.2.5) ActiveRecordSchema attachments with Paperclip
  16. 1,138 downloads
    has_attributes (0.0.5) Extend your classes with simple methods for creating elegant plain-ruby models
  17. 1,571 downloads
    has_attributes_from (0.1.2) Merge the attributes from another ActiveRecord class to an individual STI subclass.
  18. 3,490 downloads
    has_audit_trail (0.0.3) Simple audit trail for Rails models
  19. 1,113 downloads
    has_balance (0.0.11) Useful balance methods for Rails User model
  20. 16,957 downloads
    has_barcode (0.2.3) Nice class method wrapper for Barby
  21. 1,534 downloads
    has_bitfield (0.1.0) Enable bitfield properties in ActiveRecord models.
  22. 14,265 downloads
    has-bit-field (2.0.0) Provides an easy way to work with bit fields in active record
  23. 3,459 downloads
    has_bootstrap (0.1.1) Bootstrap for ActiveRecord models
  24. 1,557 downloads
    has_breadcrumb (0.1.0) has_breadcrumbs is a simple plugin that adds a `breadcrumb` object into controllers and views.
  25. 6,338 downloads
    has_breadcrumbs (0.2.1) has_breadcrumbs is a simple plugin that adds a `breadcrumb` object into controllers and views.
  26. 4,347 downloads
    has_browser (0.0.3) has_browser makes it possible to create simple, parameterized browser interfaces to your models.
  27. 2,152 downloads
    has_cache (0.1.4) Using `has_cache` in your classes provides a `cached` method that allows automatic cachin...
  28. 2,058 downloads
    has_cache_key (0.0.2) Allows you to define multiple cache keys on the module, and automatically expires them.
  29. 11,830 downloads
    has_comments (0.3.0) has_comments
  30. 911 downloads
    has_configuration (0.2.3) Loads configuration setting from a yml file and adds a configuation method to class and instances