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  1. 1,457 downloads
    has_breadcrumb (0.1.0) has_breadcrumbs is a simple plugin that adds a `breadcrumb` object into controllers and views.
  2. 5,951 downloads
    has_breadcrumbs (0.2.1) has_breadcrumbs is a simple plugin that adds a `breadcrumb` object into controllers and views.
  3. 4,079 downloads
    has_browser (0.0.3) has_browser makes it possible to create simple, parameterized browser interfaces to your models.
  4. 1,458 downloads
    has_cache (0.1.4) Using `has_cache` in your classes provides a `cached` method that allows automatic cachin...
  5. 1,866 downloads
    has_cache_key (0.0.2) Allows you to define multiple cache keys on the module, and automatically expires them.
  6. 10,821 downloads
    has_comments (0.3.0) has_comments
  7. 647 downloads
    has_configuration (0.2.2) Loads configuration setting from a yml file and adds a configuation method to class and instances
  8. 39,745 downloads
    has_constant (0.8.5) Allows certain fields to be limited to a set of values
  9. 2,256 downloads
    has_content (0.0.4) Simple wrapper for adding content via a polymorphic join for any active record. Version 0.0.4.
  10. 989 downloads
    has_crud_for (0.0.1) HasCrudFor is a small meta-programming snippet that adds find_*, build_*, create_*, update_* and ...
  11. 5,698 downloads
    has_custom_fields (0.1.1) Uses a vertical schema to add custom fields.
  12. 3,208 downloads
    has_default (0.6.0) Specify a default instance to be returned for an ActiveRecord model
  13. 4,384 downloads
    has_defaults (0.4.1) Default values for ActiveRecord models.
  14. 2,756 downloads
    has_delegates (0.5.4) Rails plugin/gem providing enhanced sub-model delegation to models.
  15. 719 downloads
    has_dictionary (0.0.1) ActiveRecord association with a class-based tableless enumerators
  16. 2,379 downloads
    has_distance (1.2.0) Used to find nearby records via latitude/longitude
  17. 8,051 downloads
    has_draft (1.3.0) Allows for your ActiveRecord models to have drafts which are stored in a separate duplicate table.
  18. 3,622 downloads
    has_duration (0.0.6) Extends ActiveRecord to let you store time durations like '1.month' or '10.years'. It does it by ...
  19. 1,353 downloads
    has_dynamic_attribute (0.1.0) build dynamic attributes at instance level, saved in database with json format
  20. 2,684 downloads
    has_dynamic_fields (0.0.3) Lets your models act dynamic in a clean EAV style
  21. 1,128 downloads
    has_easy (0.9.0) Easy access and creation of "has many" relationships for ActiveRecord models. It uses a "vertical...
  22. 8,564 downloads
    has_eav (1.2.0) Put EAV behaviour on your ActiveRecord models
  23. 1,798 downloads
    has_editable_password (0.2.3) HasEditablePassword extends has_secure_password with updating capabilities. On password update, t...
  24. 131 downloads
    has_elo (0.0.1) A gem that gives ActiveRecord models an elo score object
  25. 13,636 downloads
    has_emails (0.3.1) Demonstrates a reference implementation for sending emails with logging and asynchronous support ...
  26. 33,701 downloads
    has_enum (0.10.1) Gem for and Rails3 to easily handle enumeration attributes in ActiveRecord's models
  27. 14,360 downloads
    has_enumeration (1.0.2) Extends ActiveRecord with the has_enumeration method allowing a symbolic enumeration to be stored...
  28. 2,068 downloads
    has_extra_data (0.2) Adds an add_extra_data method to ActiveRecord that invisibly includes an extra data table. Means ...
  29. 4,099 downloads
    has_face (0.1.0) An Active Model validator that uses the API to ensures an image contains a face
  30. 1,091 downloads
    has_features (0.1.0) Based on acts_as_list, but allows nil elements to be not a part of the featuerd list.