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  1. 2,075 downloads
    heyzap_publisher_api (0.0.11) Unofficial Heyzap Ruby wrapper API for game publishing on your site.
  2. 1,079 downloads
    hflat (0.1.0) Flattens a hash table in order to only have a hash table with key/values where each value is not ...
  3. 16,164 downloads
    hflr (1.5.4) HFLR -- Hierarchical Fixed Length Records Allows you to read and write files of fixed width reco...
  4. 2,021 downloads
    hflr2 (1.0.2) HFLR2 -- Hierarchical Fixed Length Records NOTE: This gem is a modification of the hflr gem. It ...
  5. 423 downloads
    hg-blame-game (0.1.1) When one `hg blame` is not enough
  6. 1,087 downloads
    hgit (0.0.1) hgit provides a simple abstraction for the common use cases.Wrap common commands in git and hg
  7. 780 downloads
    hg-port (0.0.1) Script to automate forward porting in Mercurial
  8. 2,294 downloads
    hh (0.0.5) A Ruby interface to the HeadHanter.
  9. 788 downloads
    hhry-typhoeus (0.4.0) Like a modern code version of the mythical beast with 100 serpent heads, Typhoeus runs HTTP reque...
  10. 2,682 downloads
    hhvacation (0.0.2) This is a drop-in replacement for the apparently no longer maintained hhvacation program included...
  11. 1,349 downloads
    hi (1.2.2) hi, I'm here to debug your HTTP
  12. 320 downloads
    hiatus (0.1.0) This is useful for such things as maintenance mode, testing, and heavy migrations.
  13. 39 downloads
    hibiscus-ruby (0.1.0.pre) A Ruby client for the HBCI-compliant Hibiscus payment server.
  14. 442 downloads
    hibp (0.0.2) A simple tool to check a bunch of email addresses against the Have I Been Pwned? API.
  15. 8,548 downloads
    hiccup (0.5.7) Hiccup mixes a-la-cart recurrence features into your data structure. It doesn't dictate the data ...
  16. 1,441 downloads
    hickey (0.0.2) Hickey provides a simple way of preparing test data inside test for Rails project.
  17. 1,535 downloads
    hideable (0.3.1) Enables soft-deletion in ActiveRecord by marking records as hidden
  18. 652 downloads
    hide_asset_logs (1.0.0) Stop asset requests from being logged in your terminal.
  19. 1,098 downloads
    hide_attributes (0.1.4) Autohides sensitive attributes (such as passwords) when rendering XML or JSON from ActiveRecord m...
  20. 1,454 downloads
    hide_columns (0.1.0) Hides the content columns of ActiveRecord Model
  21. 451 downloads
    hide_heroku (0.0.1) Hides default Heroku (* URLs from search engines in order to avoid duplicate conte...
  22. 11,388 downloads
    hidemyass (0.2.0) Hide My Ass! fetches and connects to proxies at
  23. 1,969 downloads
    hide_my_ass (0.0.2) This is an unofficial RubyGem interface to, a proxy listing service. This was orig...
  24. 2,229 downloads
    hideous (0.0.5) Hide/Obfuscate ActiveRecord IDs in a url using a modified Knuth hash
  25. 2,755 downloads
    hidlib ( This library enables you to enumerate and communicate with Hid compatible USB devices in .NET.
  26. 261 downloads
    hidr (0.0.1) Hide your strings!
  27. 738,432 downloads
    hiera (1.3.2) A pluggable data store for hierarcical data
  28. 1,968 downloads
    hiera-aws (0.3.0) Hiera AWS Backend
  29. 847 downloads
    hiera-classifier (0.0.1) Query Hiera data from Puppet Classifier
  30. 453 downloads
    hiera-cloudformation (0.0.1) Queries CloudFormation stack outputs or resource metadata for Hiera data