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  1. 15,737 downloads
    heroku_deployment (0.0.13) Tools to automate deployment to Heroku. Heroku is already automatic, but if you like to compile a...
  2. 1,108 downloads
    heroku_development_email_enabling (0.0.1) heroku_development_email_enabling
  3. 10,079 downloads
    heroku_dj_auto_scale (0.0.9) Allows auto-scaling of delayed job workers in Heroku
  4. 2,306 downloads
    heroku-domainr (0.1.1) This gem adds Heroku domains management to the heroku application.
  5. 4,911 downloads
    heroku_env (0.2.0) This gem provides heroku environment variables in your local development environment.
  6. 4,455 downloads
    heroku-environment (0.0.1) Push and pull Heroku environments for local use
  7. 5,406 downloads
    heroku_external_db (1.0.3) heroku_external_db lets you specify multiple databases using Heroku-style DATABASE_URL paramete...
  8. 7,394 downloads
    heroku_feature_deployments (0.7.4) Gem to deploy the current git branch to a new app on heroku
  9. 722 downloads
    heroku_formation_validator (0.0.2) Heroku config/addons validator for multiple apps. It checks addons / config varibales etc
  10. 40,122 downloads
    heroku-forward (0.4.0) Beat Heroku's 60s boot timeout with a forward proxy.
  11. 1,811 downloads
    herokugarden (0.4.2) Client library and command-line tool to manage and deploy Rails apps on Heroku Garden.
  12. 14,897 downloads
    heroku_hatchet (1.3.4) Hatchet is a an integration testing library for developing Heroku buildpacks.
  13. 10,621 downloads
    heroku_header (0.0.3) A piece of Rack middleware that inserts the Heroku header on a particular subdomain and caches it.
  14. 5,501 downloads
    heroku-headless (0.2.1) Push from your git repo to a heroku app without any external configuration.
  15. 7,424 downloads
    heroku-helper (0.3.0) Heroku deployment helper
  16. 7,982 downloads
    herokuise (0.9) automate getting a site on heroku and git
  17. 200 downloads
    heroku_lifx (0.0.2) LIFX bulb as a Heroku status light
  18. 1,035 downloads
    heroku_log_parser (0.0.1) Heroku Log Parser
  19. 586 downloads
    heroku-log-parser (0.2) Easily parse Heroku's syslog-based application log-stream
  20. 607 downloads
    herokulogs (0.0.1) A tool to get a clear view on log tails of heroku apps
  21. 2,534 downloads
    heroku_migrator (0.0.3) Migrate your deprecated Heroku database quickly
  22. 277 downloads
    heroku-mongo (0.0.1.alpha) Sync up heroku data wiht local mongodb
  23. 24,373 downloads
    heroku-mongo-backup (0.4.32) Rake task for backing up mongo database on heroku and push it to S3 or FTP. Library can be used a...
  24. 844 downloads
    heroku-mongo-backup-pm (0.1) Rake task for backing up mongo database on heroku and push it to S3 or FTP. Library can be used a...
  25. 1,299 downloads
    heroku_mongoid (0.0.1) Easy Mongoid settings on Heroku
  26. 3,622 downloads
    heroku_mongo_watcher (0.3.0) Also notifies you when certain thresholds are hit. I have found this much more accurate than New...
  27. 3,005 downloads
    heroku-multi (0.1.1) Niceities for managing multiple heroku accounts. It uploads SSH keys and replaces credentials
  28. 48,395 downloads
    heroku-nav (0.2.2) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  29. 1,066 downloads
    herokuni (0.1) Ruby Wrapper for Heroku API and stuff.
  30. 4,283 downloads
    heroku_notification (0.0.1) A client gem for interacting with the REST-based Heroku Notifications API