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  1. 175 downloads
    heyamate_slug (0.0.0) Gem created in the tealeaf course
  2. 177 downloads
    heyamate_voteable (0.0.0) Gem created in the tealeaf course
  3. 181 downloads
    Heyamate_Voteable_Gem (0.0.0) Gem created in the tealeaf course
  4. 2,581 downloads
    heybill (0.0.7) A command line tool automating the process of fetching invoices/bills from online providers.
  5. 101 downloads
    heycarsten-bakery (0.0.1) A library that aims to simplify the process of turning fragments of LaTeX into images and other f...
  6. 509 downloads
    heycarsten-email-veracity (0.3.4) Email Veracity abstracts an email address into a series of objects which makes it easy to see if ...
  7. 404 downloads
    heycarsten-gcoder (0.3.3) A library for geocoding stuff through the Google Maps Geocoding API with a persisted cache via To...
  8. 301 downloads
    heycarsten-postalcoder (0.2.0) A library for geocoding postal codes via the Google Maps Geocoding API with a persisted cache thr...
  9. 824 downloads
    hey_i_am_over_here (0.0.1) Announce your server presence over Bonjour (DNSSD).
  10. 744 downloads
    hey_listen (0.0.6) Allow Users to receive Real Time Notifications when something relevant happens.
  11. 1,006 downloads
    heyruby (0.1.0) Hey Ruby‽ Good programmers are like scientists. When they want to answer a question They form a h...
  12. 208 downloads
    heythisisnate-max_mind (0.1.1) Ruby library for interacting with the MaxMind GeoIP Web Services
  13. 312 downloads
    heythisisnate-paperclip ( File attachments as attributes for ActiveRecord
  14. 13,134 downloads
    heywatch (1.2.8) Client Library for encoding Videos with HeyWatch, a Video Encoding Web Service.
  15. 5,394 downloads
    heyzap-authlogic-oauth (1.0.10) An authlogic extension for authenticating via OAuth. This can be helpful for adding support for ...
  16. 3,743 downloads
    heyzap-authlogic-oid (1.0.6) Extension of the Authlogic library to add OpenID support.
  17. 1,551 downloads
    heyzap-contacts (1.2.2) Ridiculously easy contact list information from various providers including Yahoo, Gmail, and ...
  18. 2,276 downloads
    heyzap_publisher_api (0.0.11) Unofficial Heyzap Ruby wrapper API for game publishing on your site.
  19. 1,185 downloads
    hflat (0.1.0) Flattens a hash table in order to only have a hash table with key/values where each value is not ...
  20. 18,100 downloads
    hflr (1.5.4) HFLR -- Hierarchical Fixed Length Records Allows you to read and write files of fixed width reco...
  21. 2,326 downloads
    hflr2 (1.0.2) HFLR2 -- Hierarchical Fixed Length Records NOTE: This gem is a modification of the hflr gem. It ...
  22. 100 downloads
    hfu-hfu-segue (0.0.0) Sequel Geospatial Utility Extension
  23. 201 downloads
    hfu-segue (0.0.1) Sequel Geospatial Utility Extension
  24. 536 downloads
    hg-blame-game (0.1.1) When one `hg blame` is not enough
  25. 210 downloads
    hgimenez-peegee (0.1.1) A set of utilities for doing PostgreSQL database related stuffs from ruby.
  26. 216 downloads
    hgimenez-truncate_html (0.1.1) Truncates html so you don't have to
  27. 1,192 downloads
    hgit (0.0.1) hgit provides a simple abstraction for the common use cases.Wrap common commands in git and hg
  28. 987 downloads
    hg-port (0.0.1) Script to automate forward porting in Mercurial
  29. 603 downloads
    hgrc_generator (0.0.7) Create a default hgrc file for the current repo with expected sections.
  30. 2,809 downloads
    hh (0.0.5) A Ruby interface to the HeadHanter.