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  1. 547 downloads
    heycarsten-gcoder (0.3.3) A library for geocoding stuff through the Google Maps Geocoding API with a persisted cache via To...
  2. 411 downloads
    heycarsten-postalcoder (0.2.0) A library for geocoding postal codes via the Google Maps Geocoding API with a persisted cache thr...
  3. 847 downloads
    hey_i_am_over_here (0.0.1) Announce your server presence over Bonjour (DNSSD).
  4. 954 downloads
    hey_listen (0.0.6) Allow Users to receive Real Time Notifications when something relevant happens.
  5. 1,030 downloads
    heyruby (0.1.0) Hey Ruby‽ Good programmers are like scientists. When they want to answer a question They form a h...
  6. 272 downloads
    heythisisnate-max_mind (0.1.1) Ruby library for interacting with the MaxMind GeoIP Web Services
  7. 417 downloads
    heythisisnate-paperclip ( File attachments as attributes for ActiveRecord
  8. 13,479 downloads
    heywatch (1.2.8) Client Library for encoding Videos with HeyWatch, a Video Encoding Web Service.
  9. 5,453 downloads
    heyzap-authlogic-oauth (1.0.10) An authlogic extension for authenticating via OAuth. This can be helpful for adding support for ...
  10. 3,783 downloads
    heyzap-authlogic-oid (1.0.6) Extension of the Authlogic library to add OpenID support.
  11. 1,575 downloads
    heyzap-contacts (1.2.2) Ridiculously easy contact list information from various providers including Yahoo, Gmail, and ...
  12. 2,316 downloads
    heyzap_publisher_api (0.0.11) Unofficial Heyzap Ruby wrapper API for game publishing on your site.
  13. 1,206 downloads
    hflat (0.1.0) Flattens a hash table in order to only have a hash table with key/values where each value is not ...
  14. 18,673 downloads
    hflr (1.5.4) HFLR -- Hierarchical Fixed Length Records Allows you to read and write files of fixed width reco...
  15. 2,380 downloads
    hflr2 (1.0.2) HFLR2 -- Hierarchical Fixed Length Records NOTE: This gem is a modification of the hflr gem. It ...
  16. 142 downloads
    hfu-hfu-segue (0.0.0) Sequel Geospatial Utility Extension
  17. 272 downloads
    hfu-segue (0.0.1) Sequel Geospatial Utility Extension
  18. 275 downloads
    hg-api (0.0.2) Ruby API client for Hosted Graphite.
  19. 562 downloads
    hg-blame-game (0.1.1) When one `hg blame` is not enough
  20. 282 downloads
    hgimenez-peegee (0.1.1) A set of utilities for doing PostgreSQL database related stuffs from ruby.
  21. 284 downloads
    hgimenez-truncate_html (0.1.1) Truncates html so you don't have to
  22. 1,214 downloads
    hgit (0.0.1) hgit provides a simple abstraction for the common use cases.Wrap common commands in git and hg
  23. 1,028 downloads
    hg-port (0.0.1) Script to automate forward porting in Mercurial
  24. 895 downloads
    hgrc_generator (0.0.7) Create a default hgrc file for the current repo with expected sections.
  25. 2,895 downloads
    hh (0.0.5) A Ruby interface to the HeadHanter.
  26. 912 downloads
    hhry-typhoeus (0.4.0) Like a modern code version of the mythical beast with 100 serpent heads, Typhoeus runs HTTP reque...
  27. 2,928 downloads
    hhvacation (0.0.2) This is a drop-in replacement for the apparently no longer maintained hhvacation program included...
  28. 2,078 downloads
    hi (1.2.2) hi, I'm here to debug your HTTP
  29. 795 downloads
    hiatus (0.1.0) This is useful for such things as maintenance mode, testing, and heavy migrations.
  30. 251 downloads
    hibachi (0.0.1) A Rails model layer for your Chef configuration. Control your Chef configs with Rails.