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  1. 254 downloads
    hibachi (0.0.1) A Rails model layer for your Chef configuration. Control your Chef configs with Rails.
  2. 82 downloads
    hibiscus-ruby (0.1.0.pre) A Ruby client for the HBCI-compliant Hibiscus payment server.
  3. 872 downloads
    hibp (0.0.3) A simple tool to check a bunch of email addresses against the Have I Been Pwned? API.
  4. 10,824 downloads
    hiccup (0.5.8) Hiccup mixes a-la-cart recurrence features into your data structure. It doesn't dictate the data ...
  5. 1,568 downloads
    hickey (0.0.2) Hickey provides a simple way of preparing test data inside test for Rails project.
  6. 2,031 downloads
    hideable (0.3.1) Enables soft-deletion in ActiveRecord by marking records as hidden
  7. 781 downloads
    hide_asset_logs (1.0.0) Stop asset requests from being logged in your terminal.
  8. 1,232 downloads
    hide_attributes (0.1.4) Autohides sensitive attributes (such as passwords) when rendering XML or JSON from ActiveRecord m...
  9. 1,583 downloads
    hide_columns (0.1.0) Hides the content columns of ActiveRecord Model
  10. 756 downloads
    hide_heroku (0.0.1) Hides default Heroku (* URLs from search engines in order to avoid duplicate conte...
  11. 13,131 downloads
    hidemyass (0.2.0) Hide My Ass! fetches and connects to proxies at
  12. 2,212 downloads
    hide_my_ass (0.0.2) This is an unofficial RubyGem interface to, a proxy listing service. This was orig...
  13. 2,591 downloads
    hideous (0.0.5) Hide/Obfuscate ActiveRecord IDs in a url using a modified Knuth hash
  14. 3,014 downloads
    hidlib ( This library enables you to enumerate and communicate with Hid compatible USB devices in .NET.
  15. 398 downloads
    hidr (0.0.1) Hide your strings!
  16. 1,272,014 downloads
    hiera (1.3.4) A pluggable data store for hierarcical data
  17. 4,673 downloads
    hiera-aws (0.6.0) Hiera AWS Backend
  18. 720 downloads
    hiera-browser (1.2.3) Tries to guess what values hiera will return for any existing node in your infrastructure
  19. 978 downloads
    hiera-classifier (0.0.1) Query Hiera data from Puppet Classifier
  20. 896 downloads
    hiera-cloudformation (0.0.2) Queries CloudFormation stack outputs or resource metadata for Hiera data
  21. 1,091 downloads
    hiera-config (0.0.3) Simple Vagrant plugin allowing the hiera gem to be accessed from within a Vagrantfile.
  22. 1,713 downloads
    hiera-crypt (0.3) Encrypted file backend for Hiera
  23. 3,713 downloads
    hiera-dyml (0.0.4) Hiera YAML backend with support for deep merging of hashes
  24. 558 downloads
    hiera-ehttp (0.0.2) Hiera backend for looking up data over HTTP APIs with support for encrypted values
  25. 53,279 downloads
    hiera-eyaml (2.0.3) Hiera backend for decrypting encrypted yaml properties
  26. 8,759 downloads
    hiera-eyaml-gpg (0.4) GPG encryptor for use with hiera-eyaml
  27. 2,642 downloads
    hiera-eyaml-plaintext (0.6) Plaintext encryptor for use with hiera-eyaml
  28. 6,980 downloads
    hiera-file (1.1.0) A data backend for Hiera that can return the content of whole files
  29. 499 downloads
    hiera-fs (1.0) A data backend for Hiera that can return content of files, parsed templates and directorie's files.
  30. 26,013 downloads
    hiera-gpg (1.1.0) Hiera backend for storing secret data and decrypting with GPG