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  1. 138,482 downloads
    hirb-unicode (0.0.5) Unicode support for hirb
  2. 1,072,423 downloads
    hiredis (0.5.2) Ruby wrapper for hiredis (protocol serialization/deserialization and blocking I/O)
  3. 22,357 downloads
    hirefire (0.1.4) HireFire automatically "hires" and "fires" (aka "scales") Delayed Job and Resque workers on Herok...
  4. 77,407 downloads
    hirefireapp (0.2.0) - The Heroku Dyno Manager - Autoscaling your web and worker dynos saving you time and...
  5. 58,910 downloads
    hirefire-resource (0.3.3) HireFire enables you to auto-scale your dynos, schedule capacity during specific times of the wee...
  6. 9,229 downloads
    hireling (0.2.1) Simple scheduled process structure for Rails apps.
  7. 887 downloads
    hiringthing_api (1.0.0) Allows easy access to the HiringThing API
  8. 1,819 downloads
    hiringtrends (0.1.0) Most popular programming languagues and technologies from Hacker News monthly whoishiring posts
  9. 13,332 downloads
    hiroshimarb (0.3.0) provide `hiroshimarb` command. hiroshimarb is Hiroshima.rb. Hiroshima.rb is local community of Ru...
  10. 534 downloads
    hirsute (0.1.0) Hirsute is a Ruby-based domain specific language for creating fake data based on a variet...
  11. 3,504 downloads
    hisrc-rails (2.0.0) Make owners of the MacBook Pro with Retina Display happy and provide high-res images within your ...
  12. 1,854 downloads
    histocane (0.0.2) Simple histograms using cane
  13. 1,478 downloads
    histograffle (0.1.0) Count the occurrence of each of several things. Pure and banal Ruby.
  14. 9,133 downloads
    histogram ( gives objects the ability to 'histogram' in several useful ways
  15. 309 downloads
    histomatic (0.0.1.beta.1) Quick 'n dirty histograms.
  16. 1,377 downloads
    historian (0.0.1) Historian uses git commit hooks to inject itself into Git's commit workflow. Historian checks you...
  17. 2,950 downloads
    historic (0.2.0) A gem for tracking changes of a model in a history table.
  18. 4,056 downloads
    historical (0.2.2) Rewrite of the original historical-plugin using MongoDB
  19. 2,150 downloads
    historical_society (0.1.1) Currently offers soft deletion, and a default scope that excludes 'deleted' records
  20. 1,384 downloads
    historiqueux (1.0.1) Inject some routes in your app that provides screens that help visualize any ressource versions, ...
  21. 3,591 downloads
    history (0.3.0) History is a HISTORY file parser. It can parse common HISTORY file layouts and provide the conten...
  22. 3,240 downloads
    historyable (0.4.0) A simple and solid concern to track ActiveRecord models attributes changes.
  23. 810 downloads
    history_book (0.1.0) This library provides an interface for event sourcing over a pluggable back end data store. Curre...
  24. 4,209 downloads
    history_commander (0.0.3) History Commander is a ruby daemon that provides bash users with a global shared command line hi...
  25. 2,886 downloads
    history_file (0.2.1) A File like class that supports versioning by date and has a fallback to older files
  26. 28,300 downloads
    historyjs-rails (1.0.1) Provides History.js for use with Rails 3
  27. 2,585 downloads
    hisyo (0.2.0) Create simple Sinatra project template
  28. 444 downloads
    hit (0.0.0) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  29. 800 downloads
    hitbtc (0.1.3) "Wrapper for hitbtc Exchange API"
  30. 26,939 downloads
    hitch (1.0.2) Git author attribution helper for pair programmers.