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  1. 121 downloads
    hobo-will_paginate (3.0.4.hobo) will_paginate provides a simple API for performing paginated queries with Active Record, DataMapp...
  2. 599 downloads
    hobo_will_paginate-bootstrap (1.0.0) This gem integrates the Twitter Bootstrap pagination component with the will_paginate pagination ...
  3. 1,172 downloads
    hoccer-api (1.0.4) Simple hoccer api clients
  4. 708 downloads
    hockey (0.0.1) Graphing key metrics to hit hockey stick growth
  5. 1,514 downloads
    hockeyapp (0.0.15) This simple wrapper enables you to acces the hockeyapp REST API through simple ruby calls. You ar...
  6. 1,123 downloads
    hockeyapp-config (0.1) Small HockeyApp configuration used by Propeller
  7. 3,060 downloads
    hockeybrake (0.0.8) An extension for the amazing airbrake gem which routes crash reports to HockeyApp
  8. 124 downloads
    hockeylog (0.0.1) Aggregate multiple hockeyapp notes into a single changelog.
  9. 496 downloads
    hockeypuck (0.0.1) Smart multithreading download manager for fetching data from cli, and from ruby code
  10. 134 downloads
    hocon (0.0.1) == A port of the Java {Typesafe Config}[] library to Ruby
  11. 8,243 downloads
    hocus_pocus (0.3.0) A magical Engine that casts a spell on your Rails 3.1 app
  12. 464,758 downloads
    hodel_3000_compliant_logger (0.1.1) Alternate logger for Rails that emits syslog-style output. For use with pl_analyze gem.
  13. 341 downloads
    hodor (0.0.1) Hodor
  14. 2,572,996 downloads
    hoe (3.11.0) Hoe is a rake/rubygems helper for project Rakefiles. It helps you manage, maintain, and release y...
  15. 16,387 downloads
    hoe-bundler (1.2.0) Generate a Gemfile based on a Hoe spec's declared dependencies.
  16. 17,125 downloads
    hoe-debugging (1.1.1) A Hoe plugin to help you debug your C extensions. This plugin provides <tt>test:gdb</tt> and <tt>...
  17. 7,241 downloads
    hoe-deveiate (0.5.0) A collection of Rake tasks and utility functions I use to maintain my Open Source projects. It's ...
  18. 5,446 downloads
    hoe-doofus (1.0.0) A Hoe plugin that helps me (and you, maybe?) keep from messing up gem releases. It shows a config...
  19. 1,600 downloads
    hoe-gemcutter (1.0.0) Adds gemcutter release automation to Hoe.
  20. 3,937 downloads
    hoe-geminabox (0.3.0) A small [hoe] plugin that allows you to push your gems to [geminabox]. [hoe]:
  21. 136 downloads
    hoe-gemnasium (0.0.1.pre.1) A [Hoe]( plugin for interacting with Gemnasium. It's ...
  22. 15,740 downloads
    hoe-gemspec (1.0.0) Generate a prerelease gemspec based on a Hoe spec.
  23. 3,195 downloads
    hoe-gemspec2 (1.1.0) Adds support for generation of gemspec files to Hoe.
  24. 43,691 downloads
    hoe-git (1.6.0) A set of Hoe plugins for tighter Git integration. Provides tasks to automate release tagging and ...
  25. 1,211 downloads
    hoe-heroku (0.1.0) A [Hoe] plugin that helps you get your stuff on Heroku. [hoe]:
  26. 5,567 downloads
    hoe-hg (1.0.5) A Hoe plugin for Mercurial integration. Provides tasks to automate release tagging and pushing an...
  27. 3,997 downloads
    hoe-highline (0.2.1) A Hoe plugin for building interactive Rake tasks. Hoe-highline, as you might have guessed from t...
  28. 1,653 downloads
    hoe-ignore (1.0.0) FIX (describe your package)
  29. 2,610 downloads
    hoe-manifest (0.1.0) Hoe plugin - adds more manifest options.
  30. 5,208 downloads
    hoe-manualgen (0.3.0) A manual-generation plugin for Hoe. This is a plugin for Hoe[