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  1. 49,147 downloads
    hoe-git (1.6.0) A set of Hoe plugins for tighter Git integration. Provides tasks to automate release tagging and ...
  2. 1,454 downloads
    hoe-heroku (0.1.0) A [Hoe] plugin that helps you get your stuff on Heroku. [hoe]:
  3. 5,991 downloads
    hoe-hg (1.0.5) A Hoe plugin for Mercurial integration. Provides tasks to automate release tagging and pushing an...
  4. 4,762 downloads
    hoe-highline (0.2.1) A Hoe plugin for building interactive Rake tasks. Hoe-highline, as you might have guessed from t...
  5. 2,022 downloads
    hoe-ignore (1.0.0) FIX (describe your package)
  6. 3,057 downloads
    hoe-manifest (0.1.0) Hoe plugin - adds more manifest options.
  7. 5,760 downloads
    hoe-manualgen (0.3.0) A manual-generation plugin for Hoe. This is a plugin for Hoe[
  8. 12,137 downloads
    hoe-mercurial (1.4.1) This is a fork of the [hoe-hg]( plugin. I forked it because I u...
  9. 1,435 downloads
    hoe-reek (1.0.0) Tasks to integrate the reek code smell engine into your hoe projects.
  10. 1,429 downloads
    hoe-roodi (1.0.0) hoe-roodi is a Hoe plugin to integrate the roodi code smell tool into your hoe projects.
  11. 4,993 downloads
    hoe-rubygems (1.0.0) A Hoe plugin with additional RubyGems tasks. Provides support for generating gemspec files and in...
  12. 37,330 downloads
    hoe-seattlerb (1.3.3) Hoe plugins providing tasks used by seattle.rb including minitest, perforce, and email providing ...
  13. 17,530 downloads
    hoe-telicopter (1.0.0) Hoe plugin providing tasks used by hotelicopter, currently just the email plugin from the seattle...
  14. 25,418 downloads
    hoe-travis (1.2) hoe-travis is a Hoe plugin that allows your gem to gain maximum benefit from
  15. 2,802 downloads
    hoe-version (1.2.0) Hoe plugin to provide rake tasks to bump version. Supported by
  16. 15,504 downloads
    hoe-yard (0.1.2) A Hoe plugin for generating YARD documentation. Using the Hoe YARD plugin, projects can begin ge...
  17. 248 downloads
    hog (0.0.2) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  18. 90,916 downloads
    hogan_assets (1.6.0) Use compiled hogan.js (mustache) JavaScript templates with sprockets and the Rails asset pipeline.
  19. 17,011 downloads
    hoi (0.0.6) API for Hoiio
  20. 3,179 downloads
    hoick (1.0.0) Hoick is a command-line HTTP client. It's intended mainly as a tool for testing RESTful APIs, bu...
  21. 1,458 downloads
    hoiio (1.1.0) This is an SDK for Hoiio API, a set of telephony API that integrate telephony services - phone ca...
  22. 324 downloads
    hoist (0.0.0) Ruby client library for Hoist
  23. 9,271 downloads
    Hokkaido (0.1.5) Automates as much as possible in assistance with porting of gems to RubyMotion
  24. 1,438 downloads
    hokuto ( A lightweight application server for simple ruby web applications.
  25. 8,061 downloads
    hola (0.1.3) A simple hello world gem
  26. 989 downloads
    hola123789 (0.0.4) A simple hello world gem
  27. 1,442 downloads
    hola2 (0.0.1) A simple hello world gem
  28. 1,062 downloads
    hola347 (0.0.0) A simple hello world gem
  29. 261 downloads
    hola541 (5.4.2) A simple hello world gem
  30. 2,142 downloads
    holaaaa (0.0.1) A simple hello world gem