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  1. 1,570 downloads
    hamgen (0.1) A Rails 3.0 generator (like for the whole project) that pre-generates a bunch of shit...
  2. 12,256,632 downloads
    haml (4.0.5) Haml (HTML Abstraction Markup Language) is a layer on top of HTML or XML that's designed to expre...
  3. 3,946 downloads
    haml2erb (0.2.1) Haml to ERB Converter
  4. 1,983 downloads
    haml2handlebars (0.0.2) Converts Haml templates to Handlebars templates using the official Haml::Engine
  5. 35,010 downloads
    haml2slim (0.4.7) Convert Haml templates to Slim templates.
  6. 86,039 downloads
    haml_assets (0.2.2) Use Haml with Rails helpers in the asset pipeline
  7. 71,587 downloads
    hamlbars (2.1.1) Hamlbars allows you to write handlebars templates using the familiar Haml syntax.
  8. 4,522 downloads
    hamlboard (0.0.6) Just a quick way to convert html to haml and put it in your clipboard.
  9. 1,819 downloads
    haml-bootstrap-rails (0.3.11) Haml-bootstrap-rails provides Haml generators for Rails 3 with twitter bootstrap support. It also...
  10. 16,549 downloads
    haml-coderay (0.2.0) Adds a CodeRay syntax highlighting filter to Haml
  11. 4,877 downloads
    haml-coffee (0.1.0) ruby-haml-coffee is a Ruby wrapper around the JavaScript haml-coffee compiler.
  12. 425,785 downloads
    haml_coffee_assets (1.16.0) Compile Haml CoffeeScript templates in the Rails asset pipeline.
  13. 1,358 downloads
    haml-coffeescript (0.1.0) A small gem in order to use ':coffeescript' filter in Haml.
  14. 1,651 downloads
    haml-coffee-script (0.0.1) Write CoffeeScript inside Haml templates by using filter :coffee
  15. 1,060 downloads
    haml-coffee-source (1.11.4) JavaScript source code for the Haml Coffee compiler
  16. 21,202 downloads
    haml-contrib ( Addons for the Ruby implementation of the Haml template language.
  17. 577,111 downloads
    haml-edge (3.1.79) Haml (HTML Abstraction Markup Language) is a layer on top of XHTML or XML that's desi...
  18. 1,423 downloads
    haml_ejs (0.0.1) Haml+ejs is an extension to haml to make generating client-side templates as simple a...
  19. 2,623 downloads
    hamler (0.1.3) one-line haml/sass/scss compiler
  20. 10,031 downloads
    hamlet ( Hamlet is a template language whose goal is reduce HTML syntax to the essential parts.
  21. 658 downloads
    haml-flatrack (1.0.0) Haml for flatrack
  22. 9,187 downloads
    haml_formtastic_scaffold (1.0.5) Rails scaffolding with Haml and Formtastic rather than ERB, and various other improvements. Based...
  23. 1,661 downloads
    haml-hikidoc-filter (1.0.0) Haml filter that converts the HikiDoc syntax.
  24. 2,414 downloads
    haml-i18n (0.0.4) This gem automatically retrieves translations from the I18n backend without reqiring explicit cal...
  25. 16,859 downloads
    haml-i18n-extractor (0.5.9) Parse the texts out of the haml files into localization files
  26. 2,015 downloads
    hamlify (1.0.0) HTML to HAML conversion tool which wraps around standard html2haml and fixes issues with its output.
  27. 5,768 downloads
    haml_interceptor (0.4.1) haml_interceptor is a Rack middleware designed to intercept JS responses from a web application a...
  28. 1,245 downloads
    hamlize (0.0.3) Convert a directory of HAML into HTML.
  29. 2,021 downloads
    hamlizer (0.0.4) Convert your views from HTML/ERB to HAML
  30. 6,049 downloads
    hamljs (0.0.5) Compiles HAML templates for use in JST templating systems