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  1. 1,854 downloads
    hamlify (1.0.0) HTML to HAML conversion tool which wraps around standard html2haml and fixes issues with its output.
  2. 5,073 downloads
    haml_interceptor (0.4.1) haml_interceptor is a Rack middleware designed to intercept JS responses from a web application a...
  3. 1,090 downloads
    hamlize (0.0.3) Convert a directory of HAML into HTML.
  4. 1,390 downloads
    hamlizer (0.0.3) Convert your views from HTML/ERB to HAML
  5. 5,354 downloads
    hamljs (0.0.5) Compiles HAML templates for use in JST templating systems
  6. 1,840 downloads
    haml-kramdown (0.0.1) HAML filter for Kramdown
  7. 2,761 downloads
    haml-lint (0.5.0) Opinionated tool for writing clean and consistent HAML
  8. 8,265 downloads
    haml-magic-translations (4.0.1) This plugin provides "magical translations" in your .haml files. What does it mean? It's mean tha...
  9. 8,800 downloads
    haml-more (0.5.1) Adds more functionality to Haml and Sass (part of BigBand).
  10. 3,786 downloads
    haml_rails (0.1.0) HAML scaffold template engine
  11. 2,557,781 downloads
    haml-rails (0.5.3) Haml-rails provides Haml generators for Rails 3. It also enables Haml as the templating engine fo...
  12. 8,863 downloads
    haml-rails-with-i18n (0.1.3) Haml-rails with i18n views
  13. 3,836 downloads
    haml-sass-converters (0.2.2) Provides convenient converters for HAML/SASS as plugin for RubyMine IDE.
  14. 1,402 downloads
    haml-sass-converters-rubymine-plugin (0.1.0) Provides convenient converters for HAML/SASS as plugin for RubyMine IDE.
  15. 6,580 downloads
    haml_scaffold (1.1.0) Rails scaffolding with Haml rather than ERB, and various other improvements.
  16. 1,273 downloads
    hamls_comment (0.0.1) This gem will put a comment into every rendered haml template that tells you the location of tha...
  17. 3,415 downloads
    haml-server (0.3) Server for HAML files
  18. 5,258 downloads
    haml-sprockets (0.0.7) Use the JST processor and have haml code read in and appended to application.js
  19. 1,195 downloads
    haml_to_js (0.1.1) haml_to_js is a ruby library and command line that converts haml to javascript. Why an other ham...
  20. 2,917 downloads
    haml_to_star (0.3.2) haml_to_star is a ruby library that purpose is to allow you to transform haml to any language. T...
  21. 1,617 downloads
    haml_tumblr (2.0.0) library for making Tumblr themes nicer to write in Haml
  22. 939 downloads
    haml-underscore-template (0.1.1) Compile and evaluate underscore templates from Ruby.
  23. 3,930 downloads
    hammelin (0.0.5) Hammelin wraps around JFugue and lets your play with notes, making Ruby sing
  24. 205 downloads
    hammer (0.0.1.pre) CLI tool to help building binaries using Heroku's anvil
  25. 5,244 downloads
    hammer_builder (0.3.2) Fast extensible ruby html5 builder
  26. 5,202 downloads
    hammer_cli (0.1.0) Hammer cli provides universal extendable CLI interface for ruby apps
  27. 5,284 downloads
    hammer_cli_foreman (0.1.0) Foreman commands for Hammer CLI
  28. 461 downloads
    hammer_cli_foreman_tasks (0.0.2) Contains the code for showing of the tasks (results and progress) in the Hammer CLI.
  29. 615 downloads
    hammer_cli_katello (0.0.3) Hammer-CLI-Katello is a plugin for Hammer to provide connectivity to a Katello server.
  30. 1,974 downloads
    hammer_cli_katello_bridge (0.0.7) Katello commands for Hammer CLI. This plugin use Katello CLI to run the commands.