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  1. 4,084 downloads
    html-griddler (0.3.1) Fork of Thoughtbot's SendGrid Parse API client Rails Engine for HTML Email Specific Applications
  2. 3,058 downloads
    htmlgun (1.0.2) Wrap mailfun lib to utilize html email
  3. 1,677 downloads
    html_helpers (1.1.3) Encode and decode HTML entities in your views and other classes
  4. 727 downloads
    html_injector (0.0.2) Simple gem to inject html blocks into already existent html files
  5. 1,373 downloads
    html_inspector (0.1.0) Pretty-print your objects into HTML
  6. 1,085 downloads
    htmlize (1.1) No description yet
  7. 1,522 downloads
    htmlkickstart (0.0.1) A collection of styles and javascript files to boost your Rails application layout.
  8. 13,747 downloads
    html_massage (0.3.0) Massages HTML how you want to: sanitize tags, remove headers and footers; output to html, markdow...
  9. 1,391 downloads
    html_matchers (0.0.1) HTML entity matchers for RSpec
  10. 1,406 downloads
    html_me (0.0.1) Uses Syntax to convert Ruby code to html, but embeds colors into span tags, for those times when...
  11. 1,437 downloads
    html-me (0.0.2) == DESCRIPTION: html-me converts text to html for posting in the web. It does this two ways. Fir...
  12. 699 downloads
    html_meta (0.0.1) Helps with constructing meta tags
  13. 6,836 downloads
    htmlmin (0.0.7) HTMLMin is a HTML-code minification tool implemented in Ruby. It works like a slot machine.
  14. 6,353 downloads
    html_min (0.1.4) Simple C extension that squeezes HTML files quickly by removing white space. This used to be a fi...
  15. 1,673 downloads
    html_mini (0.0.3) Simple, fast HTML minification for Rack applications
  16. 2,326 downloads
    html_minifier (0.0.4) Ruby wrapper for kangax js library html-minifier. If you want pure ruby use html_press
  17. 13,769 downloads
    html_mockup (0.8.4) HTML Mockup is a set of tools to create self-containing HTML mockups.
  18. 345 downloads
    html_mockup-autoprefixer (0.1.0) Rack middleware and processor for using autoprefixer in HtmlMockup.
  19. 9,714 downloads
    html_namespacing (0.3.1) Inserts "class=" attributes within snippets of HTML so CSS and JavaScript can use automatic scopes
  20. 1,035 downloads
    html_notes (0.1.0) An interface html to view annotations in source files
  21. 5,590 downloads
    html_package (0.0.7) Uses a special text/package+html content type to load packages of javascript files.
  22. 3,926 downloads
    html_page_title (0.1.2) Retrieve the page title for a given url using redirect_follower and hpricot ruby gems
  23. 30,319 downloads
    html-pipeline (1.8.0) GitHub HTML processing filters and utilities
  24. 361 downloads
    html-pipeline-asciidoc_filter (0.1.4) An AsciiDoc filter for html-pipeline based on Asciidoctor
  25. 551 downloads
    html-pipeline-cite (0.0.1) An HTML::Pipeline filter for WikiMedia-style Cite references.
  26. 5,838 downloads
    html-pipeline-linuxfr (0.14.21) HTML processing filters and utilities, adapted from those of GitHub
  27. 2,843 downloads
    html-pipeline-no-charlock (0.0.6) GitHub HTML processing filters and utilities. This version remove dependencies on charlock_holmes...
  28. 249 downloads
    html_pipeline_rails (0.1.0) Render Markdown via HTML::Pipeline in Rails.
  29. 1,987 downloads
    html-pipeline-wiki-link (0.0.4) An HTML::Pipeline filter for WikiMedia-style wiki links.
  30. 18,149 downloads
    html_press (0.8.2) Ruby gem for compressing html