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  1. 1,524 downloads
    hookify ( Git Hooks for Ruby
  2. 1,714 downloads
    hook_me_up (0.0.2) Lets you hook any method with :before and :after hooks
  3. 1,545 downloads
    hookout (0.1.1) Hookout allows you to expose your web hook applications to the web via Reverse HTTP.
  4. 12,422 downloads
    hookr (1.1.1) HookR is a publish/subscribe callback hook facility for Ruby.
  5. 280,632 downloads
    hooks (0.4.0) Declaratively define hooks, add callbacks and run them with the options you like.
  6. 50,309 downloads
    hookshot (0.3.2) Hookshot client library for ruby
  7. 321 downloads
    hookspec (1.0.0) write git hooks like spec
  8. 300 downloads
    hooktstudios-globalize3 (0.2.0.beta8) Rails I18n: de-facto standard library for ActiveRecord 3 model/data translation.
  9. 11,765 downloads
    hookup (1.2.4) Automatically bundle and migrate your Rails app when switching branches, merging upstream changes...
  10. 3,612 downloads
    hookworm-base (0.3.5) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  11. 1,897 downloads
    hookworm-handlers (0.2.2) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  12. 1,596 downloads
    hooky (1.0.0) Hooky lets you write Git repository hooks with Rake. If you already have a Rakefile, write your h...
  13. 320 downloads
    hooligan495-rcov ( rcov is a code coverage tool for Ruby. It is commonly used for viewing overall test unit coverage...
  14. 1,273 downloads
    hooloo (0.3.2) Based on the magic of APIs, we are now capable of connecting to Hulu and retrieving their data fo...
  15. 7,136 downloads
    hoopla_salesforce (0.0.5) Helpers for building projects
  16. 3,246 downloads
    hoopla-savon (0.7.9) Heavy metal Ruby SOAP client library
  17. 1,108 downloads
    Hoornet_string_extend (0.0.1) The library opens up the String class and adds a method writesize, which returns the size of the ...
  18. 75 downloads
    hoosegow (1.2.0) Hoosegow provides an RPC layer on top of Docker containers so that you can isolate unsafe parts o...
  19. 1,193 downloads
    hootenanny (0.1.0) A drop-in PubSubHubBub-compliant Rails Engine for easy hubbubing.
  20. 6,620 downloads
    hoover (0.0.6) Sets up a hash at the beginning of each request and flushes it to Loggly at the end of the reques...
  21. 21,833 downloads
    hooves (0.7) Rack handler for unicorn meant to be used with the `rails server` command
  22. 6,572 downloads
    hop (0.0.5) Shortcut aliases to open from the commandline, yay!
  23. 851 downloads
    hopcsv (0.4.3) A pure-C CSV parser for HOPSA. Based on Ccsv project. Works fast and efficient. Based on ccsv by ...
  24. 1,175 downloads
    hope (0.1.0-java) jruby wrapper for Esper (Stream Event Processing)
  25. 1,555 downloads
    hopeless-wufoo (0.2.0) simple wrapper for the wufoo api
  26. 2,262 downloads
    hopfield (1.3) Hopfield networks can be used for smart pattern recollections. It's recalling patterns by modelli...
  27. 531 downloads
    hopo-ruby (0.0.6) Easily connect to multiple Honest Policy APIs including the Rater, Leads, Vehicles and Carrier Qu...
  28. 132 downloads
    hopper (0.0.1.pre.alpha.1) A framework for task execution written around bunny
  29. 2,748 downloads
    hopscotch-rails ( Hopscotch is a framework for making product tours on web pages. This gem makes it easy to include...
  30. 3,506 downloads
    hopskip (0.2.1) Write your hopscotch introductions using YAML.