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  1. 1,530 downloads
    html_me (0.0.1) Uses Syntax to convert Ruby code to html, but embeds colors into span tags, for those times when...
  2. 1,575 downloads
    html-me (0.0.2) == DESCRIPTION: html-me converts text to html for posting in the web. It does this two ways. Fir...
  3. 833 downloads
    html_meta (0.0.1) Helps with constructing meta tags
  4. 7,658 downloads
    htmlmin (0.0.7) HTMLMin is a HTML-code minification tool implemented in Ruby. It works like a slot machine.
  5. 6,838 downloads
    html_min (0.1.4) Simple C extension that squeezes HTML files quickly by removing white space. This used to be a fi...
  6. 2,049 downloads
    html_mini (0.0.3) Simple, fast HTML minification for Rack applications
  7. 2,716 downloads
    html_minifier (0.0.4) Ruby wrapper for kangax js library html-minifier. If you want pure ruby use html_press
  8. 16,964 downloads
    html_mockup (0.9.0) HTML Mockup is a set of tools to create self-containing HTML mockups.
  9. 631 downloads
    html_mockup-autoprefixer (0.1.0) Rack middleware and processor for using autoprefixer in HtmlMockup.
  10. 10,537 downloads
    html_namespacing (0.3.1) Inserts "class=" attributes within snippets of HTML so CSS and JavaScript can use automatic scopes
  11. 1,167 downloads
    html_notes (0.1.0) An interface html to view annotations in source files
  12. 6,400 downloads
    html_package (0.0.7) Uses a special text/package+html content type to load packages of javascript files.
  13. 4,286 downloads
    html_page_title (0.1.2) Retrieve the page title for a given url using redirect_follower and hpricot ruby gems
  14. 70,956 downloads
    html-pipeline (1.11.0) GitHub HTML processing filters and utilities
  15. 633 downloads
    html-pipeline-asciidoc_filter (1.5.0) An AsciiDoc processing filter for html-pipeline powered by Asciidoctor
  16. 685 downloads
    html-pipeline-cite (0.0.1) An HTML::Pipeline filter for WikiMedia-style Cite references.
  17. 460 downloads
    html-pipeline-gitlab (0.0.5) Extension filters for html-pipeline used by GitLab
  18. 9,173 downloads
    html-pipeline-linuxfr (0.14.23) HTML processing filters and utilities, adapted from those of GitHub
  19. 2,986 downloads
    html-pipeline-no-charlock (0.0.6) GitHub HTML processing filters and utilities. This version remove dependencies on charlock_holmes...
  20. 500 downloads
    html_pipeline_rails (0.1.0) Render Markdown via HTML::Pipeline in Rails.
  21. 2,466 downloads
    html-pipeline-wiki-link (0.0.4) An HTML::Pipeline filter for WikiMedia-style wiki links.
  22. 22,049 downloads
    html_press (0.8.2) Ruby gem for compressing html
  23. 2,434 downloads
    html_pretty (0.2.1) html_pretty is yet another HTML prettifier. It purposefully does not do parsing or validation.
  24. 23,518 downloads
    html-proofer (1.4.0) Test your rendered HTML files to make sure they're accurate.
  25. 1,634 downloads
    html_radar (0.0.9) Scrapes, Remembers, Outputs Change in URL Content.
  26. 3,851 downloads
    html-rails (0.0.8) HTML template adapter for the Rails asset pipeline.
  27. 2,744 downloads
    html_reader (0.0.1) This gem was created to generate a worksheet with some informations about Procon and off course, ...
  28. 363 downloads
    htmlrender (0.0.0) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  29. 822 downloads
    html_routes (1.0) Generate a syntax highligthed HTML file from your Rails routes.
  30. 1,323 downloads
    html_safe_attribute (1.0.1) Declare html_safe attributes in your Rails models