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  1. 499 downloads
    http_errors (0.0.2) This gem makes simpler to manage, raise and catching standard HTTP errors.
  2. 1,612 downloads
    http-exceptions (0.0.3) An easy way to rescue exceptions that might be thrown by your Http library
  3. 437 downloads
    httpfiesta (0.0.2) Adds some extra utilities to make verifying your HTTParty responses more convienent and fun
  4. 3,292 downloads
    http_headers ( Simple, tested library to parses as HTTP header string into individual header fields. Wor...
  5. 121 downloads
    http_help (0.0.1) Find HTTP status codes from the command line
  6. 7,495 downloads
    httphere (1.1.2) httphere is a very small and simple ruby command-line HTTP file server.
  7. 2,698,220 downloads
    httpi (2.2.7) Common interface for Ruby's HTTP libraries
  8. 806 downloads
    httpi-adapter-openssl_gost (0.0.2) It uses OpenSSL `s_client` command to securely connect with server that requires usage of GOST al...
  9. 1,268 downloads
    httpify (0.1.2) Prefixes any httpified elements with http:// should they be missing this
  10. 26,316 downloads
    httpimagestore (1.8.1) Thumbnails images using httpthumbnailer and stored data on HTTP server (S3)
  11. 6,307 downloads
    httping (1.3.0) Command-line utility for measuring web site response time
  12. 4,504 downloads
    httpi-ntlm (0.9.6) HTTPI provides a common interface for Ruby HTTP libraries.
  13. 12,515 downloads
    httpit (0.4.9) HTTP sever for directory index with extra features
  14. 866 downloads
    httpkit (0.6.0) HTTPkit is a Ruby toolkit for building HTTP clients and servers, as well as compositions of them.
  15. 1,238 downloads
    http_link_header (0.1.0) Parses and generates HTTP Link headers as defined by IETF RFC 5988.
  16. 30,598 downloads
    httplog (0.2.7) Log outgoing HTTP requests made from your application. Helpful for tracking API calls ...
  17. 7,925 downloads
    http_log (0.2.2) Log HTTP requests to MongoDB for debugging and access them via the web
  18. 50,758 downloads
    http_logger (0.5.0) This gem keep an eye on every Net::HTTP library usage and dump all request and response data to t...
  19. 3,903 downloads
    http-log-parser (0.0.3) HTTP log file parser
  20. 2,351 downloads
    httplz (1.0.2) serve the files in the specified directory over http with a simple command
  21. 2,032 downloads
    http_machinegun (0.0.3) http client with thread
  22. 705 downloads
    http_magic (0.1.2) Provides a more Object Oriented interface to RESTful apis.
  23. 5,382 downloads
    http_mini (0.3.3) A truly minimalist Http Ruby client
  24. 3,579 downloads
    http_monkey (0.0.4) A fluent interface to do HTTP calls, free of fat dependencies and at same time, powered by middle...
  25. 813 downloads
    http_monkey-cookie (0.0.1) Rack middleware to support magic cookie on clients
  26. 6,117 downloads
    httpng (0.2.3) A local server for saving HTML elements as PNG files.
  27. 4,191 downloads
    http_objects (0.0.5) HTTP 1.1 by the spec, specially headers
  28. 1,771 downloads
    httpotato (1.0.2) Makes http fun & JSON parsing fast! Also, makes consuming restful web services dead easy. Forked ...
  29. 16,887 downloads
    http_parser (0.1.3) This gem provides a (hopefully) high quality http parser library that can build request infor...
  30. 3,068 downloads
    http-parser (1.0.5) A super fast http parser for ruby. Cross platform and multiple ruby implementation suppor...