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  1. 6,156 downloads
    http_spew (0.4.1) Do not use HTTP Spew for connecting to servers outside of your LAN. Do not use HTTP Spew without ...
  2. 5,578 downloads
    httpsql (0.2.2) Expose model columns and ARel methods through query parameters in grape end points
  3. 2,201 downloads
    http_statsd (0.0.2) HTTP proxy for statsd with basic auth
  4. 1,956 downloads
    httpstatus (0.1.0) httpstatus shows meaning of given HTTP status code
  5. 263 downloads
    http_status (0.0.1) Simple gem to access HTTP statuses
  6. 16,893 downloads
    http_status_exceptions (0.3.0) Clean up your controller code by raising exceptions that generate responses with different HTTP s...
  7. 5,292 downloads
    http_streaming_client (0.9.6) Ruby HTTP client with streaming support for GZIP compressed streams and chunked transfer encoding...
  8. 22,372 downloads
    http_stub (0.13.3) fakeweb for a HTTP server, informing it to stub / fake responses.
  9. 5,615 downloads
    http-testing (0.1.5) HttpTesting allows testing HTTP requests.
  10. 19,588 downloads
    httpthumbnailer (1.2.0) Provides HTTP API for thumbnailing images
  11. 6,566 downloads
    httpthumbnailer-client (1.2.0) Thumbnails images using httpthumbniler server
  12. 10,188 downloads
    http_tools (0.4.5) A fast-as-possible pure Ruby HTTP parser plus associated lower level utilities to aid working wit...
  13. 2,496 downloads
    http_tracker (0.1.1) A simple and modular rack middleware to track http requests
  14. 5,900 downloads
    http_url_validation_improved (1.3.1) a Rails gem that allows you to validate a URL entered in a form. It validates if the URL exists ...
  15. 1,833 downloads
    http_utilities (1.0.9) Wrapper for common Http Libraries (Net:HTTP/Open URI/Curl)
  16. 3,301 downloads
    http_validator (0.1.4) Validate http request content length vs actual for elements such as img, link, etc..
  17. 4,081 downloads
    http_vanilli (0.0.4) HttpVanilli gives you lip-synced http connections with pluggable band members for testing.
  18. 2,340 downloads
    http-wiretap (0.1.1) An HTTP Recorder
  19. 1,374 downloads
    http_wrapper (2.1.1) Simple wrapper around standard Net::HTTP library with multipart/form-data file upload ability
  20. 270 downloads
    httsoiree ( Makes http fun! Also, makes consuming restful web services dead easy.
  21. 1,618 downloads
    htttee (0.6.0) Stream any CLI output as an HTTP chunked response.
  22. 29,630 downloads
    htty (1.5.0) htty is a console application for interacting with web servers. It's a fun way to explore web API...
  23. 1,440 downloads
    htty-rack (0.0.5) A CLI for rack applications based on htty.
  24. 8,266 downloads
    huami (1.0.3) Manage your password in rememberable way.
  25. 1,762 downloads
    huawei_3g_unlock (1.0.1) A ruby implementation of Huawei 3G modem unlock/flash code generator. Tested on E1550 Models, I a...
  26. 135,582 downloads
    hub (1.12.2) `hub` is a command line utility which adds GitHub knowledge to `git`. It can used on its own...
  27. 728 downloads
    hubbah (0.0.3) Provides a web wrapper and rack middleware for hubspot form submissions
  28. 25,973 downloads
    hubbard (0.0.18) Hubbard is a command line tool for managing git repositories.
  29. 5,098 downloads
    hubble (0.1.2) A simple ruby client for posting exceptions to Haystack
  30. 7,969 downloads
    hubbub (0.0.11) hubbub was developed by: rich