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  1. 3,616 downloads
    hybridgroup-octokit (0.6.3) Simple wrapper for the GitHub API v2
  2. 2,799 downloads
    hybridgroup-pebblewatch (0.1.2) A Ruby library for communicating with your Pebble smartwatch.
  3. 915 downloads
    hybridgroup-proxy (1.3.6) A gem/plugin that allows rails applications to respond to multiple domains and proxied requests
  4. 1,020 downloads
    hybridgroup-ruby-sdl-ffi (0.4.2) Ruby-SDL-FFI is a low-level binding to SDL and related libraries using Ruby-FFI. It provides very...
  5. 2,312 downloads
    hybridgroup-serialport (1.2.1) Ruby/SerialPort is a Ruby library that provides a class for using RS-232 serial ports.
  6. 8,179 downloads
    hybridgroup-sphero (1.5.2) A ruby gem for controlling your Sphero ball. Sends commands over the TTY provided by the bluetoo...
  7. 1,126 downloads
    hybridgroup-whenever (0.39) Provides clean ruby syntax for defining messy cron jobs and running them Whenever.
  8. 6,098 downloads
    hybrid_memcache (0.1.3) the summary says it all.
  9. 5,911 downloads
    hyde (0.0.4) unit converter of hyde
  10. 10,135 downloads
    hyde-ftp (0.3.0) Hyde is an addon to the amazing Jekyll that makes deploying with FTP easier.
  11. 29,183 downloads
    hydeweb (0.2.3) Hyde lets you create static websites from a bunch of files written in HAML, Textile, Sass, or any...
  12. 6,777 downloads
    hydna (0.1.10) Hydna exposes a straightforward API over HTTP. It uses a single resource; sending messages is don...
  13. 105,665 downloads
    hydra (7.1.0) Project Hydra Stack Dependencies
  14. 1,155 downloads
    hydra5 (0.1.0) Load-balanced (multi-headed) SOCKS5 proxy
  15. 56,633 downloads
    hydra-access-controls (7.2.2) Access controls for project hydra
  16. 11,995 downloads
    hydra_attribute (0.5.1) hydra_attribute is an implementation of EAV pattern for ActiveRecord models.
  17. 27,039 downloads
    hydra-batch-edit (1.1.1) Rails engine to do batch editing with hydra-head
  18. 1,031 downloads
    hydra_cache (0.0.1) This gem provides a cache mechanism for Hydra to avoid hitting the same request multiple times
  19. 19,948 downloads
    hydra-collections (2.0.5) A rails engine for managing Hydra Collections
  20. 1,483 downloads
    hydra-console (0.1.0) Run tests repeatedly without rebooting your environment
  21. 51,704 downloads
    hydra-core (7.2.2) Hydra-Head is a Rails Engine containing the core code for a Hydra application. The full hydra sta...
  22. 19,264 downloads
    hydra-derivatives (0.1.1) Derivative generation plugin for hydra
  23. 12,829 downloads
    hydra-editor (0.5.0) A basic metadata editor for hydra-head
  24. 1,015 downloads
    hydra-ezid (0.0.2) A Ruby gem providing EZID services for Hydra applications
  25. 6,797 downloads
    hydra-file-access (5.3.0) Hydra-File-Access is a plugin Rails Engine containing the code for manipulating files in a Hydra ...
  26. 21,847 downloads
    hydra-file_characterization (0.3.1) To provide a wrapper for file characterization
  27. 78,249 downloads
    hydra-head (7.2.2) Hydra-Head is a Rails Engine containing the core code for a Hydra application. The full hydra sta...
  28. 5,117 downloads
    hydra-ldap (0.1.0) A gem for managing groups with ldap
  29. 101 downloads
    hydramata (0.0.1.pre) A placeholder for a foundation of a Institutional Repository
  30. 108 downloads
    hydramata-work (0.0.1.pre) A Thought Experiement on Modeling Hydramata::Work