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  1. 2,545 downloads
    idregistry (0.1.2) IDRegistry is a generic object generator and identity map for Ruby.
  2. 432 downloads
    idris-auto_complete_jquery (0.1.2) This plugin provides a auto-complete method for your controllers to be used with Dylan Verheul's ...
  3. 300 downloads
    ids-converter-client (0.3.0) A library to access the ids-converter-client service
  4. 2,581 downloads
    id_service (0.3.0) IdService provides a client and server for setting up a sequential & unique id generation service.
  5. 489 downloads
    idservice_client (0.0.1) ruby thrift client for identity service
  6. 4,457 downloads
    id_shuffler (0.0.8) An efficient solution to use when it is undesirable to expose internal database ids, IdShuffler ...
  7. 1,481 downloads
    idsign-more (0.1.1) More is a plugin for Ruby on Rails applications. It automatically parses your application...
  8. 3,335 downloads
    ids_please (1.1.3) Helps to get ids or screen names from links to social network accounts
  9. 2,371 downloads
    ids_rules_parser (0.2.1) A PEG/Treetop Compatible Grammar for IDS/IPS Rules
  10. 848 downloads
    idstock (1.0.0) A list of Indonesian Stock
  11. 4,518 downloads
    id_stuffer (0.0.1) a way to efficiently store ids (i.e., possibly sequential numbers > 0), well suited for params-ec...
  12. 14,326 downloads
    idt (0.1.8-x86_64-linux) Information design tool
  13. 2,497 downloads
    idzebra (0.2.0) Ruby bindings for the Zebra open-source Z39.50/SRU server.
  14. 1,753 downloads
    ie (0.0.8) Description
  15. 1,797 downloads
    ie6_fixer (0.5.1) A Ruby on Rails gem with some Javascript en CSS hacks to fix some problems in IE6. Also allows yo...
  16. 640 downloads
    ie-compat (0.1.2) Sick of reimplementing `console.log` every time you have to support Microsoft Internet Explorer <...
  17. 5,794 downloads
    ie_conditional_tag (0.6.0) Provides an easy-to-use helper for generating multiple tags inside IE-specific conditional comments
  18. 1,148 downloads
    ieee-fpu (0.0.1) Control of IEEE compliant FPUs rounding mode and precision
  19. 6,008 downloads
    ie_handler (0.0.7) IE Handler enable you to handle IE using Ruby. It has simple syntax and strong methods. Currently...
  20. 25,587 downloads
    ie_iframe_cookies (0.1.6) Rails: Enabled cookies inside IFrames for IE via p3p headers
  21. 2,384 downloads
    iemodal (0.0.4) Makes it possible to interact with modal dialogs in Internet Explorer
  22. 143 downloads
    ienders-tastymenu (1.0.0) Tasty Menu generation. One stop shop for easy nested menus.
  23. 287 downloads
    ienders-tomcap (1.0.2) Capistrano tasks which allow you to quickly and easily deploy Java WAR files located in remote re...
  24. 1,709 downloads
    ie_phone_numbers (0.0.1) A Ruby library for validating and formatting Irish phone numbers.
  25. 3,399 downloads
    ierail (0.4.0) Irish Rail Train Schedule and Status API
  26. 20,152 downloads
    iesd (1.2.1) Modify Extensions, Kextcache and Packages on InstallESD.
  27. 1,190 downloads
    ie_snowman (0.1.0) For SEO purposes the snowman fix is only applied for the IE browser. Firefox, Safari, Opera or an...
  28. 968 downloads
    if (1.0.0) A heavily Smalltalk-inspired implementation of the if conditional without using keywords.
  29. 1,276 downloads
    ifad-munin-plugins-rails (0.2.14) Plugins for Munin that use passenger and Request Log Analyzer
  30. 3,363 downloads
    if_blank (0.0.2) If a string is empty return the passed in parameter (or block if given)