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  1. 283 downloads
    image_clipper (0.0.1) An easy ruby encapsulation for image processing. All functions are based on ImageMagick.
  2. 4,714 downloads
    imagecore (0.1.3) Determine the core of an image file, stripping any borders
  3. 1,081 downloads
    image_corrupter (1.0.0) Takes an image and corrupts it, inserting plain text in place of bytecode. The effect is basicall...
  4. 7,531 downloads
    image_downloader (0.2.4) A simple lib for downloading pictures from web pages. It can get and parse page with different op...
  5. 5,961 downloads
    image-dumper (0.7.4) A dumper to download whole galleries from board like 4chan, imagebam, mangaeden, deviantart, etc.
  6. 1,064 downloads
    imagefactory-console (0.4.0) QMF Console for Aeolus Image Factory
  7. 3,716 downloads
    image-file (0.1.2) A library for handling image files
  8. 294 downloads
    image_finder (0.0.1.beta) For models with images uploaded by PaperClip You can find corrupted ones
  9. 695 downloads
    image_fu (0.1.0.beta2) A client for ImageFu
  10. 3,101 downloads
    image_genie (0.4.0) ImageGenie - Simple Wrapper for command line ImageMagick
  11. 343 downloads
    image_holder (0.0.1) Upload image, resize, documentize with model name, without hassel.
  12. 420 downloads
    imagemagick-binaries ( Binary versions of ImageMagick for Mac and Linux
  13. 590 downloads
    imagemagick-identify (0.0.1) A wrapper around ImageMagick's identify command
  14. 3,395 downloads
    image_monger_client (0.0.12) Ruby client for image monger
  15. 96,620 downloads
    image_optim (0.13.1) Optimize (lossless compress) images (jpeg, png, gif, svg) using external utilities (advpng, gifsi...
  16. 3,878 downloads
    image_optim_bin (0.0.4) Statically compiled bins to make image_optim work on Linux x86_64 or Heroku
  17. 5,750 downloads
    image_optimizer (1.2.1) A simple image optimizer
  18. 6,983 downloads
    image-optimizer (0.2.2) Optimizes given JPEG and PNG images or images in given folder. Uses several encoders for achievin...
  19. 1,350 downloads
    image_optim_rake (0.0.4) Provide a little helper command to minify images
  20. 215 downloads
    image_optim_tolerance (0.0.4) verifies that images are within an acceptable compression tolerance
  21. 1,450 downloads
    image_picker (0.5) A simple, customizable image browser.
  22. 690 downloads
    image-picker-rails ( Image Picker is a simple jQuery plugin that transforms a select element into a more user friendly...
  23. 8,350 downloads
    image_proc (2.1.1) A no-frills image resizer, with pluggable backends. No extra software required on OS X
  24. 9,409 downloads
    imageproxy (1.0.0) A image processing proxy server, written in Ruby as a Rack application. Requires ImageMagick.
  25. 2,022 downloads
    imager (0.0.5) A remote storange and resizer client for images.
  26. 7,819 downloads
    ImageResize (0.0.5) Simple image resize library without external program.
  27. 5,704 downloads
    image_resizer (0.5.1) Image resizing gem (requires ImageMagick)
  28. 4,622 downloads
    imageruby (0.2.5) flexible and easy to use ruby gem for image processing
  29. 1,237 downloads
    imageruby-bmp (0.1.0) Provides the encoder and decoder for images in bmp format
  30. 2,071 downloads
    imageruby-bmp-c (0.1.1) Provides the encoder and decoder for images in bmp format (written in C)