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  1. 1,758 downloads
    inherits_many (0.0.2) Example: "If a restaurant can have many menu items and a chain has many menu items, ensure all re...
  2. 1,959 downloads
    inherits_values_from (0.0.3) Allows a model to inherit values from another when its values are null
  3. 8,912 downloads
    ini (0.1.1) Ah yes, INI files. We love them. We hate them. We cannot escape them. Originally made popular by ...
  4. 211,278 downloads
    inifile (2.0.2) Although made popular by Windows, INI files can be used on any system thanks to their flexibility...
  5. 1,104 downloads
    ini_file (0.0.2) The INI file format is an informal standard for configuration files for some platforms or...
  6. 565 downloads
    inifile_alt (2.0.2) Although made popular by Windows, INI files can be used on any system thanks to their flexibility...
  7. 2,416 downloads
    inimit (0.0.3) Compares files in two directories using SHA1.
  8. 150 downloads
    inioperator (0.0.1) Operate ini file by calling methods
  9. 17,822 downloads
    iniparse (1.3.2) A pure Ruby library for parsing INI documents. Preserves the structure of the original document, ...
  10. 596 downloads
    ini-phile (0.1.0) Read, write, modify ini fils seamlessly.
  11. 1,716 downloads
    inireader (0.1.2) Simple ruby ini reader
  12. 7,952 downloads
    init (2.1.0) Init is a lightweight framework for writing readable, reusable *nix init scripts in Ruby.
  13. 2,608 downloads
    initforthe-cookies (0.0.4) The Information Commissioner's Office provide information as to how UK-based websites should hand...
  14. 2,760 downloads
    initforthe-roundabound (0.5) initforthe-roundabound adds navigation helpers and HTML5 data-* attributes for configuring the Bo...
  15. 1,025 downloads
    initforthe-routes (0.0.2) Allows evaluation of Rails routes outside of controllers.
  16. 361 downloads
    initialize_as_verbose (0.1.0) Boot Rails verbosely with initializer details.
  17. 1,520 downloads
    initializer (0.0.3) Initializer Library
  18. 10,835 downloads
    initjs (2.1.2) Initjs helps you organize your javascript to play nice with Rails' asset pipeline. Providing a si...
  19. 912 downloads
    init.js (0.0.1) Javascript loading gem
  20. 804 downloads
    inject (0.0.1) Inject arguments into methods. By name.
  21. 3,013 downloads
    injectable (0.0.5) Dead simple Ruby dependency injection
  22. 1,084 downloads
    injectable_dependencies (1.1.0) Lightweight Ruby Dependency Injection
  23. 100 downloads
    injectable_initializer (1.0.0) Initializer injection for all your colaborators, with a bit of magic. This would be usefull in yo...
  24. 778 downloads
    injectable_rails_env (0.0.2) Allows injecting the Rails env into a class for testing purpose.
  25. 403 downloads
    injected (0.0.0) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  26. 2,796 downloads
    injection (2.0.2) Injection is a simple dependency injection gem for rails3. It allows you to inject objects into y...
  27. 1,628 downloads
    injector (0.0.2) Injector loads model objects for controllers, it means that Injector takes care of initialization...
  28. 6,020 downloads
    in_json (0.0.6) JSON serialization for Rails. Straight-forward attributes. Only serialize what you want. Optimall...
  29. 5,297 downloads
    ink (0.1.3) Ink is a wrapper for Pygments, a nice Python syntax highlighting library and formatters like RDoc...
  30. 327 downloads
    ink3-rails (0.1.3) Ink Sapo 3.x for Rails 4