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  1. 284 downloads
    indmill-finder_filter (0.6) An easy way to add common finders to your Rails controllers.
  2. 1,410 downloads
    indoctrinator (0.2.1) Provides a Path style tutorial view for RubyMotion apps.
  3. 3,081 downloads
    indofaker (0.0.5) Indonesian Faker, cause "good" fakes are important here :). see http:...
  4. 501 downloads
    indonesian_currency_format (0.0.2) Conver integer into Indonesian Currency Format
  5. 898 downloads
    indonesian_province (0.0.2) List Indonesian Province and cities
  6. 2,315 downloads
    indonesian_stemmer (0.2.0) Stems Indonesian words based on Porter Stemmer, with the algorithm presented in "A Study of Stemm...
  7. 4,513 downloads
    induction_cannon_01 (0.0.5) personal suit, base on dragoon_system
  8. 3,942 downloads
    indulgence (0.1.0) Packages permission functionality into a set of permission objects.
  9. 1,605 downloads
    industrial_girl (0.0.3) Factory Girl factory creater
  10. 13,370 downloads
    indy (0.3.4) Indy is a log archelogy library that treats logs like data structures. Search fixed format or cu...
  11. 251 downloads
    indydoc (0.2.1) Generate source code documentation from source code + Polyrex file.
  12. 1,760 downloads
    in_enumerable (1.0.0) extends the Object type with the tasty 'in?' method, which returns true if an object is included ...
  13. 2,848 downloads
    inequal_opportunity (0.2.1) Adds mergable, stackable inequality statements to ActiveRecord conditions
  14. 383 downloads
    iNES (1.0.0) Manipulate iNES ROM files and extract trainer, PRG and CHR roms!
  15. 7,605 downloads
    inetmgr (0.7.0) inetmgr allows you to inspect/configure IIS configuration sections and elements.
  16. 1,056 downloads
    in_every (0.1.0) In every will randomly execute the supplied block of code randomly. It guarantees the code will b...
  17. 850 downloads
    inews_client ( This service works as a daemon that watches an iNEWS rundown while the show is on air. You can g...
  18. 3,014 downloads
    infect (0.0.5) Asset Pipeline for Pathogen.vim
  19. 1,010 downloads
    inferno (0.1.1) Gem gives object the ability to bind and trigger custom named events. Events do not have to be de...
  20. 3,361 downloads
    inferred_slug (1.1.1) Library for easily adding slugs on your Rails application without the need of database storage
  21. 7,014 downloads
    inferx (0.2.4) It is Naive Bayes classifier, and the training data is kept always by Redis.
  22. 2,318 downloads
    infinispan-ruby-client (0.0.2) infinispan-hotrod-client provides native ruby access to the Infinispan Hot Rod API
  23. 904 downloads
    infinite-loop (0.1.0) A command-line interface for HockeyApp
  24. 8,449 downloads
    infinitescrolling-rails (0.3.0) This gem provides the infinite scrolling jQuery plugin for your Rails 3.1 application.
  25. 1,234 downloads
    infinite_time (0.0.2) Provides a representation of a (positively or negatively) infinite time.
  26. 7,155 downloads
    infinity (0.0.8) simple lib to deal with infinate numbers
  27. 1,119 downloads
    infinity2008 (1.1.1) This gem makes Ruby sing along with you the Guru Project's Infinity 2008 (Klaas Vocal Edit) hit
  28. 14,551 downloads
    infinity_test (1.0.3) Infinity Test is a continuous testing library and a flexible alternative to Autotest, using Watch...
  29. 1,418 downloads
    inflame (0.1.1) Command line utility to send books to your kindle.
  30. 2,689 downloads
    inflation (0.1.3) Find out how much money was worth any year from 1800 to now.