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  1. 6,338 downloads
    ingreedy (0.0.4) Natural language recipe ingredient parser that supports numeric amount, units, and ingredient
  2. 276 downloads
    inherit (0.0.1) Avoid the anti-pattern of `def self.included(base); base.extend …; end`, without getting lost in ...
  3. 501 downloads
    inheritable_attr (1.0.0) Creates a class-level attribute that is inherited (but modifiable) by subclasses
  4. 492 downloads
    inheritance_hash (0.0.1) A hash that can inherit entries from other normal hashes or other inheritance hashes.
  5. 184 downloads
    inheritance_integer_type (0.0.1) Use integers rather than strings for the type fields for single table inheritance
  6. 6,101 downloads
    inheritance_module_eval (1.0.4) Allows to create methods with same name inside particular class/object by pushing them down by in...
  7. 3,959 downloads
    inherited-hash (1.0.1) a module that allows you to specify hashes that are merged along the inheritance chain
  8. 10,609 downloads
    inherited_rails_views (1.2.2) inherited views for Rails > 3.1
  9. 2,152,111 downloads
    inherited_resources (1.5.0) Inherited Resources speeds up development by making your controllers inherit all restful actions ...
  10. 20,606 downloads
    inherited_resources_helpers (0.0.15) [description]
  11. 21,421 downloads
    inherited_resources_views (0.4.1) Using Inherited Resources is an excellent way to reduce the amount of repetition in your controll...
  12. 1,471 downloads
    inherited_templates (0.0.6) With InheritedTemplates you can create global default templates for your InheritedResources contr...
  13. 25,045 downloads
    inherited_views (0.0.2) InheritedViews brings the DRY principle to the controller and view layers within Rails applications
  14. 2,137 downloads
    inherits_from (0.0.2) inherits_from provides an interface that allows ActiveRecord models to access other ActiveReco...
  15. 1,968 downloads
    inherits_many (0.0.2) Example: "If a restaurant can have many menu items and a chain has many menu items, ensure all re...
  16. 2,281 downloads
    inherits_values_from (0.0.3) Allows a model to inherit values from another when its values are null
  17. 9,504 downloads
    ini (0.1.1) Ah yes, INI files. We love them. We hate them. We cannot escape them. Originally made popular by ...
  18. 298,785 downloads
    inifile (3.0.0) Although made popular by Windows, INI files can be used on any system thanks to their flexibility...
  19. 1,344 downloads
    ini_file (0.0.2) The INI file format is an informal standard for configuration files for some platforms or...
  20. 1,991 downloads
    inifile_alt (2.0.2) Although made popular by Windows, INI files can be used on any system thanks to their flexibility...
  21. 2,723 downloads
    inimit (0.0.3) Compares files in two directories using SHA1.
  22. 277 downloads
    inioperator (0.0.1) Operate ini file by calling methods
  23. 23,689 downloads
    iniparse (1.3.2) A pure Ruby library for parsing INI documents. Preserves the structure of the original document, ...
  24. 708 downloads
    ini-phile (0.1.0) Read, write, modify ini fils seamlessly.
  25. 2,027 downloads
    inireader (0.1.2) Simple ruby ini reader
  26. 8,703 downloads
    init (2.1.0) Init is a lightweight framework for writing readable, reusable *nix init scripts in Ruby.
  27. 3,241 downloads
    initforthe-cookies (0.0.4) The Information Commissioner's Office provide information as to how UK-based websites should hand...
  28. 3,172 downloads
    initforthe-roundabound (0.5) initforthe-roundabound adds navigation helpers and HTML5 data-* attributes for configuring the Bo...
  29. 1,239 downloads
    initforthe-routes (0.0.2) Allows evaluation of Rails routes outside of controllers.
  30. 103 downloads
    initforthe-thinking-sphinx (1.1.21) A concise and easy-to-use Ruby library that connects ActiveRecord to the Sphinx search daemon, ma...