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  1. 15,371 downloads
    intentmedia-action_mailer_cache_delivery ( It's a gem
  2. 1,009 downloads
    intentmedia-activerecord-jdbc-adapter ( activerecord-jdbc-adapter is a database adapter for Rails' ActiveRecord component that can be use...
  3. 4,171 downloads
    intentmedia-capybara-webkit ( Headless Webkit driver for Capybara
  4. 361 downloads
    inter (0.0.1) An easy and simple way to keep track of interactions on an ActiveRecord model that would normally...
  5. 465,188 downloads
    interact (0.5.2) A simple API for command-line interaction. Provides a novel 'rewinding' feature, allowing users t...
  6. 170,182 downloads
    interactive_editor (0.0.10) Use vim (or any other text editor) from inside irb to quickly test & write new code.
  7. 2,900 downloads
    interactive_grep (0.0.5) grep for stuff in (optionally gzipped) files ...even before you fully know what that 'stuff' look...
  8. 3,103 downloads
    interactive_migrations (0.0.5) If your rails project has migrations, you are prompted to run each one, with a printout of the co...
  9. 12,037 downloads
    interactive_rspec (0.0.2) RSpec on IRB
  10. 18,287 downloads
    interactor (2.1.0) Interactor provides a common interface for performing complex interactions in a single request.
  11. 472 downloads
    interactor-copy_context (0.0.2) Copy interactor context on specified object's instance variables to allow easier interaction with...
  12. 10,945 downloads
    interactor-rails (1.0.1) Interactor Rails provides Rails support for the Interactor gem.
  13. 1,695 downloads
    interakthq_rails ( Import your users data into interaktHQ
  14. 1,229 downloads
    interakt_rails ( Import your users data into interakt
  15. 174,824 downloads
    interception (0.5) Provides a cross-platform ability to intercept all exceptions as they are raised.
  16. 1,141 downloads
    interceptor (0.0.1) Interceptor is a library for modifying calls to objects. You can change things as they come in or...
  17. 5,421 downloads
    intercession (3.0.0) Treat your sessions like models, not hashes. Intercession mixes a module into the session on each...
  18. 471 downloads
    interchange (0.1.0) Define interfaces for interchangable objects & interfaces
  19. 1,900 downloads
    intercity (0.0.4) Use this gem to set up and deploy your application on your server.
  20. 90,597 downloads
    intercom (2.1.2) Intercom ( is a customer relationship management and messaging tool for w...
  21. 106 downloads
    intercom_event_wrapper (0.0.0) This is a wrapper for Intercom ruby gem( that offers a ...
  22. 119,973 downloads
    intercom-rails (0.2.24) Intercom ( is a customer relationship management and messaging tool for w...
  23. 986 downloads
    intercooler (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  24. 4,656 downloads
    interface (1.0.2) The interface library implements Java style interfaces for Ruby. It lets you define a...
  25. 5,817 downloads
    interfacelift (0.1.1) Installs themes and other layout/interface related resources
  26. 615 downloads
    interfaces (0.2.0) This library provides a concept of Interfaces and abstract classes to the ruby language
  27. 7,624 downloads
    interfax (0.2.1) A ruby wrapper for the interfax webservice (SOAP)
  28. 754 downloads
    interfax19 (0.2.3) A ruby wrapper for the interfax webservice (SOAP). Just like the Interfax gem, except this one is...
  29. 846 downloads
    interfax-rest (0.0.0) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  30. 613 downloads
    interfax-ruby (0.1.2) Ruby wrapper based on savon for Interfax SOAP API