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  1. 147 downloads
    inspiredigital-engine_plugin_generator (0.0.3) Engine Plugin Generator generators an engine plugin skeleton.
  2. 676 downloads
    inspiredigital-rakismet (0.3.5) Rakismet is easy Akismet integration with your Rails app, including support for TypePad's AntiSpa...
  3. 8,837 downloads
    insque (0.4.2) Instant queue. Background processing and message driven communication tool. Faster and simplier a...
  4. 574 downloads
    insrc_devise_oauth2_providable (1.1.2) Rails3 engine that adds OAuth2 Provider support to any application built with Devise authentication
  5. 611 downloads
    insrc-oauth-plugin (0.4.0.pre5) Rails plugin for implementing an OAuth Provider or Consumer
  6. 4,449 downloads
    insrc-whenever (0.5.1) Clean ruby syntax for defining and deploying messy cron jobs. Support cron raw syntex.
  7. 486 downloads
    instadate (0.0.4) A library to format dates like Instagram.
  8. 925 downloads
    instadoc (0.0.1) A documentation generation tool for source code
  9. 6,481 downloads
    instafavs (0.0.5) Extract links from favourited tweets and send them to Instapaper
  10. 190,251 downloads
    instagram (1.1.3) A Ruby wrapper for the Instagram REST and Search APIs
  11. 1,920 downloads
    instagram_api (0.0.4) A wrapper for the Instagram API.
  12. 2,295 downloads
    instagram-fixed (0.8.1) A Ruby wrapper for the Instagram REST and Search APIs
  13. 1,479 downloads
    instagram_geo (0.8.8) A Ruby wrapper for the Instagram REST and Search APIs with geosearch
  14. 1,520 downloads
    instagram-innonate (0.8) A Ruby wrapper for the Instagram REST and Search APIs - adapted poorly but workingly by innonate.
  15. 1,778 downloads
    instagramjs-rails (0.3.1) A ruby gem that uses the Rails asset pipeline to include the Instagram.js plugin by Giovanni Capp...
  16. 533 downloads
    instagram-rss_generator (0.0.3) Create an RSS feed for an Instagram user
  17. 9,845 downloads
    instalatron (0.1.8) Tests graphical installers using VirtualBox, keyboard driven input and image recognition technics
  18. 291 downloads
    install_flash (1.0.0) This library is called install_flash
  19. 145 downloads
    install_gem (0.0.1) Used for GEM dev. It will uninstall the old version of the given gem, and install the new one.
  20. 3,282 downloads
    install_generator (0.0.2) Generates a web-based installer for Ruby on Rails applications
  21. 287 downloads
    installr (0.0.1) An API Wrapper for Installr (
  22. 692 downloads
    install_ruby_project (0.0.2) This library is called install_ruby_project
  23. 22,059 downloads
    install_theme (0.8.2) Use any HTML template as a theme generator for your Rails app. Installs an HTML template, and it...
  24. 659 downloads
    Instamojo-rb (0.1.1) Instamojo Ruby library - Assists you to programmatically create, edit and delete offers on Instamojo
  25. 655 downloads
    instance (0.2.0) Instance is a spin-off of Ruby Facets. It provides a simple convenient API for accessing an objec...
  26. 2,606 downloads
    instance_call (1.0.0) On Object#instance_call its possible to call Symbol, Proc, Block, UnboundMethod and Method
  27. 384 downloads
    instance-factory (0.0.3) Manage your FactoryGirl for create a unique instance of model associations and integrate with rspec
  28. 4,346 downloads
    instanceoptions (1.0.2) description of gem
  29. 9,539 downloads
    instance_selector (0.0.19) Retrieve cloud instance DNS names from metadata search
  30. 1,213 downloads
    instance_tracker (0.1.3) A Simple Ruby DSL for Instance Tracking