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  1. 105 downloads
    i18n-tasks-mongoid (0.0.1) i18n-tasks extractor (scanner) for Mongoid models. Work in progress
  2. 1,022 downloads
    i18n_template (0.0.1) I18nTemplate is made to extract phrases and translate templates. Currently I18nTemplate can work...
  3. 9,003 downloads
    i18n-timezones (1.3.1) The purpose of this gem is to simply provide timezone translations. The gem is intended to be eas...
  4. 4,357 downloads
    i18n_toolbox (0.0.2) Provides a set of convenient helpers and active model additions for working with multiple languages
  5. 11,205 downloads
    i18n_tools (0.1.6) Tasks for extracting missing and unused translations from Rails projects
  6. 7,051 downloads
    i18n-tools (0.0.6) Tools for Ruby/Rails I18n
  7. 507 downloads
    i18n-translate-light (0.0.4) i18n-translate-light is a light-weight translation library without any frills, for JS apps in the...
  8. 16,302 downloads
    i18n_translation_spawner (0.0.18) Gem for automatic creation of i18n keys in your YAML files as you develop
  9. 1,106 downloads
    i18n_translator (0.0.1) Automatically create translated locales files of a rails project from source locales. ...
  10. 9,823 downloads
    i18n-translators-tools (0.2.4) This package brings you useful utility and library which can help you to handle locale files and ...
  11. 2,016 downloads
    i18n_url (1.0.1) I18n url module for Rails 3. Translate your routes easily
  12. 2,023 downloads
    i18n_utils (0.2) I18n utilities for Ruby on Rails.
  13. 961 downloads
    i18n-validator (0.0.1) Validats your I18n completness
  14. 5,338 downloads
    i18n-verify (0.0.5) It helps you find keys, undefined translations, duplicate keys, and more
  15. 8,308 downloads
    i18n_viz (0.3.2) Visualize i18n strings alongside their keys within the frontend of internationalized Rails/Ruby w...
  16. 1,503 downloads
    i18n_yaml_generator (0.0.1) Generates i18n yaml locale files for models and resources/views
  17. 7,894 downloads
    i18n_yaml_sorter (0.2.0) Allows you to deep sort YAML files that are mainly composed of \ nested hashes and string ...
  18. 4,076 downloads
    i2c (0.2.22) Interface to I2C (aka TWI) implementations. Also provides abstractions for some I2c-devices. Crea...
  19. 635 downloads
    i2c-devices (0.0.4) i2c-devices is a drivers for i2c devices
  20. 34,119 downloads
    i2cssh (1.12.0) csshX like cluster ssh using iTerm2 panes
  21. 7,802 downloads
    i2p (0.1.5) I2P.rb is a Ruby library for interacting with the I2P anonymity network.
  22. 1,605 downloads
    i2x (0.1.1) i2x: integrate everything. Automated real-time integration framework.
  23. 8,614 downloads
    i3-ipc (0.2.0) uses the ipc socket of i3 to send commands or get information directly from the window manager....
  24. 6,121 downloads
    i81n (0.3.1) I81n aims that make I18n easy to use.
  25. 1,540 downloads
    iab-ActiveRecordBDBXml (0.2.0) ActiveRecordBDBXml is a ActiveRecord RAILS adapter for the Berkeley DB Xml - BDBXml
  26. 1,536 downloads
    iab-BrokerAdapters (0.1.4) BrokerAdapters provides a mechanism for obtaining rates via supplier web sites and xml gateways
  27. 1,530 downloads
    iab-FinancialProductBuilder (0.1.8) FinancialProductBuilder is a series of scripts (and GUI) that allows new financial products to be...
  28. 2,925 downloads
    iab-InsuranceBizLogic (0.2.6) InsuranceBizLogic contains biz logic for stand four insurance processes of NB, MTA, Cancellations...
  29. 5,658 downloads
    iab-Oil (0.2.1) Oil is a RAILS based mini language for Financial Applications
  30. 1,517 downloads
    iab-RailsGlue (0.1.4) RailsGlue is a series hooks that allow other iab components to work atop of RAILS