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  1. 13,331 downloads
    i18n-sequel_bitemporal (0.8.0) I18n Bitemporal Sequel backend. Allows to store translations in a database using Sequel using a b...
  2. 3,234 downloads
    i18n_shoulda_generator (1.0.1) Generators which create tests using shoulda and HAML, fully i18nized.
  3. 1,252 downloads
    i18n_sort_keys (0.0.1) Sort locales keys in alphabetic order. Sort all locales if no path parameter given
  4. 33,903 downloads
    i18n-spec (0.6.0) Includes a number of rspec matchers to make specing your locale files easy peasy.
  5. 2,314 downloads
    i18n_strategy (0.0.4) Provides a very much simple way to detect and set locale in your Rails application
  6. 1,214 downloads
    i18n_structure (0.0.5) Create structure for I18n locale files
  7. 8,692 downloads
    i18n_sync (0.5.1) Gem to sync all locale yml/rb files based on a "master" one.
  8. 68,575 downloads
    i18n-tasks (0.7.8) i18n-tasks helps you find and manage missing and unused translations. It analyses code staticall...
  9. 301 downloads
    i18n-tasks-ar (0.1.0) Tasks for generate ActiveRecord model and attributes translations
  10. 304 downloads
    i18n-tasks-mongoid (0.0.1) i18n-tasks extractor (scanner) for Mongoid models. Work in progress
  11. 1,171 downloads
    i18n_template (0.0.1) I18nTemplate is made to extract phrases and translate templates. Currently I18nTemplate can work...
  12. 12,839 downloads
    i18n-timezones (1.3.3) The purpose of this gem is to simply provide timezone translations. The gem is intended to be eas...
  13. 4,986 downloads
    i18n_toolbox (0.0.2) Provides a set of convenient helpers and active model additions for working with multiple languages
  14. 270 downloads
    i18n-toolbox (0.2.0) This toolbox provides a tool to scan the system locales and generate a library from this data. Al...
  15. 14,978 downloads
    i18n_tools (0.1.6) Tasks for extracting missing and unused translations from Rails projects
  16. 7,775 downloads
    i18n-tools (0.0.6) Tools for Ruby/Rails I18n
  17. 999 downloads
    i18n-translate-light (0.0.4) i18n-translate-light is a light-weight translation library without any frills, for JS apps in the...
  18. 18,632 downloads
    i18n_translation_spawner (0.0.18) Gem for automatic creation of i18n keys in your YAML files as you develop
  19. 1,264 downloads
    i18n_translator (0.0.1) Automatically create translated locales files of a rails project from source locales. ...
  20. 10,960 downloads
    i18n-translators-tools (0.2.4) This package brings you useful utility and library which can help you to handle locale files and ...
  21. 2,312 downloads
    i18n_url (1.0.1) I18n url module for Rails 3. Translate your routes easily
  22. 2,954 downloads
    i18n_utils (0.2) I18n utilities for Ruby on Rails.
  23. 1,126 downloads
    i18n-validator (0.0.1) Validats your I18n completness
  24. 6,140 downloads
    i18n-verify (0.0.5) It helps you find keys, undefined translations, duplicate keys, and more
  25. 9,136 downloads
    i18n_viz (0.3.2) Visualize i18n strings alongside their keys within the frontend of internationalized Rails/Ruby w...
  26. 1,681 downloads
    i18n_yaml_generator (0.0.1) Generates i18n yaml locale files for models and resources/views
  27. 12,062 downloads
    i18n_yaml_sorter (0.2.0) Allows you to deep sort YAML files that are mainly composed of \ nested hashes and string ...
  28. 5,369 downloads
    i2c (0.4.0) Interface to I2C (aka TWI) implementations. Also provides abstractions for some I2c-devices. Crea...
  29. 1,271 downloads
    i2c-devices (0.0.4) i2c-devices is a drivers for i2c devices
  30. 40,505 downloads
    i2cssh (1.12.0) csshX like cluster ssh using iTerm2 panes