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  1. 5,881 downloads
    interpreted_date (0.0.7) Human readable dates from incomplete dates
  2. 4,533 downloads
    interpreter (0.0.5) Use this to manage translations for different parts of application.
  3. 1,462 downloads
    interprocess_attribute (0.2.0) Attributes that persist between processes
  4. 3,346 downloads
    interrogate (0.0.3) String?("Hello") Interrogate attempts to bring Scheme-like class predication to Ruby. It provides...
  5. 8,820 downloads
    interrogative (0.4.1) A simple interface for keeping track of HTML-form-like questions without feeling like yo...
  6. 1,425 downloads
    interrogator (1.0.0) Ask an ActiveRecord class for details about the database columns and details about the defined as...
  7. 4,864 downloads
    interrotron (0.0.5) A tiny, embeddable, lisp VM
  8. 1,728 downloads
    intersect_rails_composer (0.0.7) A gem with default recipes to create rails application templates you can use to generate rails ap...
  9. 1,309 downloads
    intersect_rails_layout (0.0.3) Generates Rails application layout files for use with various front-end frameworks.
  10. 6,497 downloads
    interspire (0.3.2) Ruby library for the Interspire API.
  11. 3,389 downloads
    interstate (0.0.4) A command line utility for Interstate, in Ruby using Thor
  12. 541 downloads
    interswitch-rest-secure (1.0.2) A utility gem for generating Interswitch REST security headers.
  13. 7,736 downloads
    intersys (0.2.1) Intersystems Cache ruby driver
  14. 1,172 downloads
    interu-backup (3.0.16) Backup is a RubyGem, written for Linux and Mac OSX, that allows you to easily perform backup oper...
  15. 1,631 downloads
    interval (0.0.1) interval is a tiny library that provides simple musicial note pitch and interval arithmetic.
  16. 1,408 downloads
    interval-braining-ui-asset-pack (1.3.0) Collection of front-end vendor assets used by IntervalBraining
  17. 1,607 downloads
    interval-quiz (0.0.1) A gem that provides a quiz on musical intervals
  18. 8,904 downloads
    intervals (0.5.83) This library implements an interval system in the extended real set that is closed under arithmet...
  19. 2,323 downloads
    interval-tree (0.1.3)
  20. 872 downloads
    intervention (0.1.1) A simple proxy that can be configured to perform actions upon a request or response
  21. 988 downloads
    interview (0.0.8) Interview is a easy and simple frontend for Rails based on Ruby Objects and Bootstrap.
  22. 761 downloads
    interwetten (0.0.2) A Ruby wrapper for the Interwetten API
  23. 2,452 downloads
    intesys_asset_manager (1.2.3) An engine to manage your assets. It allows you to create/view assets
  24. 1,007 downloads
    inthenews (0.1.4) A little parser for Wikipedia's 'In the News' content
  25. 848 downloads
    in-the-zone (0.0.3) This is a simple gem that uses some simple tag generation helpers and some in-page javascript to ...
  26. 148,774 downloads
    in_threads (1.3.0) Execute ruby code in parallel
  27. 94 downloads
    intimal (0.0.1) Write a longer description. Optional.
  28. 182 downloads
    intinno-nifty-generators (0.2.5) A collection of useful generator scripts for Rails.
  29. 537 downloads
    intl-tel-input-rails ( A jQuery plugin for entering and validating international telephone numbers. This gem all...
  30. 7,916 downloads
    intouch-gcal4ruby ( GCal4Ruby is a Ruby Gem that can be used to interact with the current version of the Google Calen...