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  1. 2,411 downloads
    io (0.0.1) Virtual File System
  2. 634 downloads
    io-access_lazy (0.0.1) This gem provide lazy access method like array to IO object.
  3. 1,727 downloads
    io-afc (0.0.4) Access to the file system of iOS devices from Ruby.
  4. 3,091 downloads
    ioblockreader ( Ruby library giving block-buffered and cached read over IO objects with a String-like interface. ...
  5. 138,695 downloads
    iobuffer (1.1.2) fast buffers for non-blocking IO
  6. 3,289 downloads
    ioc (4.1.0) Minimal inversion of control container for Ruby
  7. 1,596 downloads
    io-capture (0.1.0) easily capture writes to STDOUT, Files, or any IO
  8. 2,191 downloads
    iocheck (0.2.0) Make refactoring for legacy softwares safe.
  9. 230,231 downloads
    io-console (0.4.2) add console capabilities to IO instances.
  10. 510 downloads
    iocparser (0.0.1) Command line utility to query Mandiant IOC files
  11. 914 downloads
    ioc_rb (0.1.1) Inversion of Controll Container
  12. 993 downloads
    iode (0.0.4) Iode is a work in progress real language on LLVM. This Ruby Gem exists solely so the author c...
  13. 522 downloads
    iodized (0.0.3) Iodine rich feature toggling. Lack of iodine can lead to development delays, and stunted growth.
  14. 43,068 downloads
    io-extra (1.2.7) Adds the IO.closefrom, IO.fdwalk, IO.pread, IO.pread_ptr, IO.pwrite, and IO.writev single...
  15. 8,811 downloads
    ioffer (0.1.7) Very basic parser using Nibbler.
  16. 820 downloads
    io-grab (0.0.1) Adds #grab method to IO, which permits capturing all writes to that IO.
  17. 290 downloads
    iohub (0.0.1) a ruby client for
  18. 47,865 downloads
    io-like (0.3.0) The IO::Like module provides the methods of an IO object based upon on a few simple methods provi...
  19. 1,179 downloads
    io_mailer (0.0.3) IOMailer is a simple script for executing commands and shell scripts, collecting their output and...
  20. 2,162 downloads
    io-manage ( Some extra methods having to do with ::IO
  21. 1,324 downloads
    ion (0.0.1) Ion is a library that lets you index your records and search them with simple or complex queries.
  22. 674 downloads
    ion1-mischacks (0.0.5) Miscellaneous methods that may or may not be useful. sh:: Safely pass untrusted parameters to sh...
  23. 19,309 downloads
    ione (1.1.4) Reactive programming framework for Ruby, painless evented IO, futures and an efficient byte buffer
  24. 645 downloads
    ione-rpc (1.0.0) A toolkit for building RPC layers using Ione
  25. 915 downloads
    ionfish-stylish (0.1.6) A Ruby library for generating cascading stylesheets.
  26. 140 downloads
    ionfish-urlify (0.1.0) A small library for converting accented characters to their ASCII equivalents.
  27. 4,672 downloads
    ionian (0.6.8) A library to simplify interaction with IO streams. This includes network sockets, file sockets, a...
  28. 1,261 downloads
    ionic_git_scripts (1.1.6) These scripts are helpers for managing developer workflow when using git repos hosted on GitHub.
  29. 1,042 downloads
    ionicmobile-git-pair (0.2.3) A git porcelain for pair programming. Changes git-config's and settings so y...
  30. 3,313 downloads
    ionicons-rails ( Ionicons for Ruby on Rails